Linkcollider Review 2018: How I Ranked #1 of Google in 30 Days

Watch me rank this page #1 of Google for the keyword “Linkcollider review” in 30 days.

But wait;

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I would be doing a linkcollider review right here on the post and how it can help boost your seo efforts with it’s social signals.

So basically on this post you will learn how to get #1 Page Rankings with Link collider Social Signals and few free backlinks.

Want to get more social signals but your blog is still new? or have your blog running already and still have no readers yet? No more worries.

If you are really ready to rank #1 Page of google for low competition keywords you need this.

These social signals make your backlinks building look as natural as possible as it proves your article’s gone viral already and ready to get enough backlinks.

  • go here to see how I made $205 from seoclerks affiliate

This way, if you build backlinks, google sees it natural and won’t get you in their sandbox for building backlinks too early to your articles.

So on this linkcollider review I would show you exactly how you can get more social signals; even without readers fast.

What you are going to Learn

  • A honest Linkcollider Review: Pros and Cons
  • How to Get More Social Signals using Link collider tool
  • Step by Step Strategy to Rank #1 Page using Linkcollider

What is Linkcollider?

LinkCollider is a website ranking tool that uses social media sites to improve SEO and increase website traffic.

With Linkcollider, professional blogs can increase backlinks free for their websites or get social signals on autopilot i.e. with little effort on their part.

Below are some seo tools on Linkcolider:

  • Backlinks Generator
  • Article Rewriter also known as content generator
  • Dropmylink: For building Edu and Gov backlinks
  • Social Bookmarking: You can submit your contents to digg, pligg, etc… for higher indexing rate
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Linkshortener
  • Etc

My Linkcollider Review: Does link collider work?

I’ve been using link collider for quite some time especially the social signals aspect.

I must say it’s a great tool and am still looking for a good link collider alternative which I’d share with you.

However, here are some pros and cons.


  • Completely free if you are ready to work
  • You can use to get backlinks for any website
  • Free seo tools


  • As a free member you are limited to some tools
  • Backlinks not so high quality but you can tweak things

So let’s get some social signals using Link collider.

How to use Linkcollider Social Signals to Rank on Google FAST.

There are different ways to use this awesome seo tool however, I want to show you how to effectively use linkcollider social signals to skyrocket your rankings.

But just before then; here is good explanation on social signals

What are social signals and their Effect on your Blog?

Social Signals are the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus LinkedIn or other social media sites that filter out to the various search engines.

Social Signals proves to be very important in the Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. The more social shares, likes,  +1’s etc.. the more google ranks a blog.

Now that you know the importance of Social Signals, how do you get and or boost them?

How to Get Social Signals with Zero Readers on your Blog

You’ve shared quality posts, you’ve shared to social media networks a lot.

It’s unfortunate you can’t like your own posts or +1 them that’s why am going to share with your how to get social signals with little or no Readers.

Should in case you have enough readers on your blog already, keep reading to learn how you can boost your social signals.

We are going to be using the Ultimate Link Building Tool called Linkcollider.

How to get Social Signals using Linkcollider

Step 1. The First Step you are going to take is Signup with Linkcollider. Its free and Premium

Features of Free Plan

1. You Signup free

2. You add your post url (if you want to get social signals for the post alone) or your blog homepage (if you want social signals for the blog url itself)

3. You need to generate tokens by sharing or liking others’ posts

4. The more tokens you generate by liking or sharing others’ posts the more shares you also get.

Features of Linkcollider Premium Plan

1. You signup Free
2. You upgrade with $19.99
3. Get more social signals 20% faster unlike free plan
4. Autobacklinks for your websites every day for 30days etc.

I would suggest you go for the premium, it starts from $19.99 monthly and  would help alot in increasing your blog ranking with other amazing tools included.

Now that you have decided on which Plan to go with, it’s time to share with you on how you can get the social signals. Follow next steps below;

Step 2: Signup for Linkcollider

Step 3: Add your URL:

Add your url by clicking on the Add Website Tab >> Include the Title, URL and Description

Step 4. In the field for Reward; Set how much tokens you will give to the other users of LinkCollider every time they gave you activity. (e.g. like, tweet, followers, subscribers, web traffic, etc.) you can start with 17 tokens for a start.

Step 5. Click on Submit and you are almost done.

Now that you have submitted the url, its time for you to to relax only if you opted in for premium plan while you get shares, likes, google+1’s etc…

but in case you are still using the free plan and have not upgraded to premium, you need to collect more tokens.

You can get more tokens by clicking on the Collect Tokens Tab, from there, select what activity you would like to carryout e.g. Share, Likes, Google+1, to get tokens.

You can also see the amount of tokens you have presently and as well buy tokens. You can as well buy tokens

Get social signals (tokens)As time goes on, linkcollider informs you the activities i.e. shares, likes, tweets, google+1’s etc.. you have gotten so far as seen below

The more tokens you collect, the more social signals you are likely to get.

How to Get #1 Rankings with Linkcollider

Now I would show you exactly how to rank #1 with linkcollider.

Am going to rank this Page for the keyword Linkcollider Review

This is what am going to do in order to rank this Page for my selected keyword.

1. Find Low Competition Keywords

If you need to make your ranking a success on Page #1 on Google you need to find easy to rank keywords.

If you need my complete guide to finding low competition keywords, then click here.

The keyword I have selected for this Article has a keyword difficulty of 21 using Kwfinder.com

linkcollider review

It has a search volume of just 70, though it’s still worth the time if I rank First Page (Top 10) google.com

Also all the Top 10 websites for this keyword have almost 0 backlinks, 0 shares for the keyword.

Am definitely going to rank this keyword easily.

2. Write an In dept Content

The next step I took here is write an in-dept content of about 1500-2000 words.

The best way to beat your competitor is to make your own article more better and trust worthy.

Google gives more light and trust to articles that explain well in details and if your article tend to have more relevant words, then you gain that trust fast.

So I have written a 1500+ words blog post right here.

3. Perfect your onpage seo

This step is very simple and a must if you really want to rank.

Some times, just onpage seo can get you #1 rankings. so how do you do this?


  • Your keyword close to beginning of your article
  • In Permalink
  • First and Last 100 Words
  • In a Heading
  • In atleast Alt tag of one of your images.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing, keep your keyword density around 0.5-1%. The keyword density for this post is 0.4%

IF you need a complete ranking course, get the keyword ranking beast from the seo store here.

I have made sure my keyword linkcollider review follow the above instructions.

4. Get Social Signals from Linkcollider

Now that you’ve published your post you need to get these social signals immediately.

So follow above steps to submit your article for signals.

When you get enough or some social signals already, start building backlinks.

5. Get Quality Backlinks

Now that you have some social signals, you need to build backlinks.

The best way to actually build backlinks is to do it yourself and there are many ways to do it.

Backlinking Strategy

For this Article:

  • I will build 10 high PA web 2.0 backlinks including weebly, tumblr.
  • 10 High PR Profile Backlinks
  • 10 Social Bookmarking Backlinks

Step 1: 10 High PA web 2.0 Backlinks

Web 2.0 backlinks are very effective in rankings.They are backlinks you get from DA 80+ Authority domains, you are going to create web 2.0 backlinks from below websites.

  • WordPress.com DA 99
  • tumblr.com DA 99
  • weebly.com DA 93
  • Blogspot.com DA 89

For this article am going to use just 5 weebly and 5 tumblr to build backlinks.

This web 2.0s will have a Page Authority (PA) of 27+. This is the best because they already have a good PA too which will pass link juice to this article.

I would have created brand new blogs on this web 2.0s but it will take a lot of time to build their Page Authority.

Although you can scrape expired tumblr and weebly with softwares like Gscraper or Scrapebox but it takes loads of time. I would teach you how in the upcoming posts.

Here is a video just in case you want to scrape these expired domains yourself.

But the best thing to do right now is to buy expired tumblr and weebly that have good PA already.

For this Post, I got 5 high PA tumblr and Weebly from this guy on seoclerks here for just $10.

Now after ordering, they are registered for you and login details will be provided too.

Each having atleast PA of 27+ ready to send link juice.

  • I will write unique articles for these web 2.0s around 300 words is ok for this and link to my original post here.
  • I want to make sure I don’t use my exact keyword as anchor in all the articles

You want to make sure these articles are unique to get picked up quickly by google.

If you don’t have enough time to write these articles like me most of the time. I use spinbot, to make some few spins. Don’t forget to modify and make it readable.

So I use keyword variations like:

  • My Keyword
  • Random word like: “Check out”
  • Brand Name: “Tipsonblogging”
  • Naked URL: “https://tipsonblogging.com”

This is to make things appear natural and mixed.

Make sure the articles are well optimized for search engine considering the onpage seo.

After writing these articles, make sure to index them at least two daily.

2. 10 High PR Profile Backlinks

High Pr Profile Links are those high quality links you get from sites like Mozilla, Java, TEd etc…

For this article am going to build 10 of it.

So basically, what you want to do is create a profile on these sites below; when done go to profile settings and you will be provided a field for your homepage url.

Some times it can be labelled homepage only.

Input your article URL there and write a few words in the Bio.

high pr backlinks building

High PR Profile Backlinks List


If you can’t register on all these sites yourself, you can get it done for you in our seo store right here.

So I will register on the 10 high PR profile backlinks sites above and pop in my article url.

If there’s a field for bio, make sure to write a brief info about your keyword. Let the keyword appear once or twice.

3. 10 Social Bookmarking Sites Backlinks.

My third backlink strategy to rank this page top 10 in Google serps is through social bookmarking sites.

What you need to do right here is submit the articles to the below social bookmarking sites.

Am going to submit this article to top 10 social bookmarking sites for backlinks.

These are the social bookmarking sites I will use.

  • pinterest.de
  • ttlink.com
  • plurk.com
  • facebook.com
  • twitter.com
  • redd.it
  • stumbleupon.com
  • myspace.com
  • bagtheweb.com
  • pearltrees.com

So I will submit this article to the top 10 social bookmarking sites above.

Lastly; you want to Index this Backlinks.

If you don’t index your backlinks, google may never get to know about it, if  they don’t then all these effort become useless.

If they index the backlinks and crawl those web 2.0 articles, high pr backlinks and your social bookmarking then link juice will be passed to your money site.

My Money site in this case is this article on linkcollider review.

How to Index these Backlinks

One of my all time favorite indexing service is Google webmaster and Pingbomb.

So how do you index your backlinks?

  1. Firstly make sure you don’t index or build all these backlinks in the same day. I suggest you do build just 2 backlinks a day and index it. This is to make things as natural as possible and won’t get you into google sandbox.
  2. Now head in to www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and submit the article where you built your backlink.
  3. Go to pingbomb.com and ping your article too, this will make google index it faster in their database

How do you know your backlinks are indexed?

Go to google.com and pop in your full article url, if you see it there, then it’s indexed.

If it refuses to index, then give it some time and check regularly.

This is exactly what am going to do for this post to rank it Page one of Google.

Day 1:

I get social signals from Linkcollider

Day 2:

1 Tumblr and 1 Weebly Backlink (Articles around 300 Words +)

Day 3.

2 Weebly 1 Tumblr

Day 4:

2 Tumblr 2 Weebly

Day 5:

2 Tumblrs [My Web 2.0s will be finished)

Day 6:

2 High Pr Backlinks

Day 8 (I jump a day to keep things natural)

4 High Pr Backlinks

Day 10:

2 High PR Backlinks

Day 15:

2 High PR Backlinks (My 10 High PR backlinks will be complete)

Day 18:

5 Top 10 Social Bookmark Submission

Day 20:

5 Top Social Bookmark Submission

While doing all these, make sure to index the backlinks gradually.

I advice you to keep record of all the backlinks that are indexed or not indexed yet, in an excel spreadsheet.


As at the time of publishing this Post I discovered for my target keyword linkcollider review am already ranking 16th Position immediately after publish.

Which is the second Page of Google.com United States.

link collider result

I use sheerseo rank tracker to track the position of the keyword linkcollider review on google.com

It’s free for 2 months.

Here is how to Track your Keywords on Sheerseo

  • Visit sheerseo.com and
  • Signup for 2 Months free trial on single domain
  • Click Rank Tracking and Add your keyword
  • Submit changes and lastly
  • Check your current rankings

Over time while I build backlinks, I’d share you more results too.

UPDATE: April 2018 Results

In just 30 days, this article had gone from the 16th position to 3rd Position as at April 2018 and began pulling great traffic.


Google.com US = 3rd Position [First Page Made]

Isn’t this awesome?

In summary:

This is the ranking strategy with Linkcollider

  1. Find Low Competition Keywords in this article 
  2. Write a Perfect Onpage SEO article
  3. Get Linkcollider Social Signals
  4. 10 Web 2.0 Backlinks (5 weebly, 5 tumblrs) from this guy on seoclerks
  5. 10 High PR Backlinks
  6. Top 10 Social Bookmark Sites Links
  7. Index Gradually
  8. Rank

If you are looking for a best linkcollider alternative, then I suggest you read this post on tipsonblogging about seo clerks.

If you need my step by step and #1 Recommending ranking course, then make sure you grab your copy of the keyword ranking beast from our seo store.

Hope this linkcollider review would definitely help you achieve #1 google rankings and as well skyrocket your seo efforts.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to drop in the comment section and I will reply you almost immediately.

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    Now I have two questions only.
    1. Is it possible for me to rank with only onpage seo? I stumbled on one of my competitors blog sometimes ago and when check I realized they don’t have any back link to their blog yet they rank the very first page.

    2. My domain is not up to a month yet. the URL is http://suremedicaltips.com, now the question is is good to build much backlink? I heard you say something about google sandbox..

    • Yea onpage seo alone can get you to google’s first page immediately after publish.

      I have used it many times and have seen great results however don’t rely solely on on page seo as you may be outranked by your competitors.

      Concerning your new domain, i will advice you build backlinks gradually.

      Don’t build backlinks and index them in bulk too early.

      Google would notice and penalize your article, thats when you notice your article has been pushed from 1st page to 100th Page or from google search engine.

      It will stay in the sand box for a long time then gradually come up.

      So take things easy.

      Don’t forget to ask more questions if you have any.

  • @jessica.. yea! Google sandbox. Prosper is a fantastic guy I must commend and for someone to be this relevant and vast in seo field.

    Building back links must be done systematically, to avoid raising dust. There are times, days and processes building back links take, but when its not natural and initiated by us(bloggers) you have to take things cool, to make it look natural and real.

    follow the steps given by Prosper to build your back links and you’ll be the chairman of your keyword

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    • Yea scraping of expired tumblrs and weebly with high Page Authority.

      You can either scrape them using softwares like gscraper or scrapebox (this takes time) or buy them.

      As mentioned in the post, $10 will give you 5 weebly and 5 tumblrs with high PA and ready to build backlinks to rank your money site.

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    I have read about that from other SEO authorities and it feels like cheating if you own a bunch of sites just to have links, no?
    I surely will give this a test drive though, I do like what it can do. Thank you Prosper and have a great day!

    • Hey Lisa,

      Sure the free plan is very ok too!

      Concerning the web 2.0 backlinks, there’s literally nothing wrong with em as they are grey-hat and not blackhat seo.

      They just need to have unique quality contents.

      I would have introduced the SUPER web 2.0 where you need to build a kinda authority-like site but they all do the same thing!

      So why waste the time doing so when you can actually get the same aim [build backlinks]?

      Since this web2s have good PA already; then there’s really nothing wrong getting backlink!

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