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Try Our Blog SEO Services to Increase Your Traffic & Sales

If you are looking to increase your website traffic and conversions with SEO then you should check out our blog SEO services.

No doubt, one of the best ways to get free targeted traffic is through SEO. This is exactly what we use on this blog.

It's easy;

    1. Find easy to rank keywords that your audience is searching for on Google.
    2. Create helpful content
    3. Rank page 1
    4. Get traffic and
    5. Finally make sales.

In full transparency;

We're not that big of a brand yet but we've been able to increase our traffic tremendously.

results of our blog seo services

We now do over $500-$1000+ monthly from products we promote.

Most are recurring commissions.

Not bad for a blog that we started blogging properly on since July 2022. (That's only 7 months as at the time of creating this page).

This is sales from only 1 product:

tipsonblogging earnings report

Here are some recurring commissions sales from another product:

sales 2

This is possible because we find out the keywords our audience are searching for on Google and create quality content targeting those keywords.

and amazing, with zero links we still rank on the first page of Google.


Because we only target the keywords that are super easy to rank.

In return; Page 1 rankings and more traffic and sales.

How Can We Help You Get More Traffic with our SEO Blog Services?

#1. Keyword Research

It's simple.

We'll help you find super easy to rank keywords for your website or blog with our Keyword Research Service.

Here's how we'll conduction the research process:

(1) We'll do a complete competitor analysis

With this you can get keywords that your competitors are targeting. If they are ranking page 1, you can also rank.

We'll check for your top 10 competitors and steal their easy keywords for you.

If you create quality content on these keywords, you'll rack in massive traffic in a short period of time.


Because this is already tested.

Your competitors are already ranking easily! The food has been set on the table, all you do is literally eat.

Use it to your advantage.

(2) Keywords your competitor aren't targeting

This is another way we'll find you the best keywords

One of the top secrets to ranking your website fast is by escaping the competition completely.

All you do here is find keywords that no one has written on BUT is actually getting a lot of traffic

So instead of having to compete with other websites, you'll end being the only one who has written on this keyword.

This ensures only you get all the traffic.

This contributes to the fast success of Tipsonblogging.

We find keywords that our competitors ignore completely meanwhile these keywords actually get a decent amount of traffic daily.

(3) A complete analysis on your Google Search Console 

If you have been publishing content for a long time, you can increase your traffic by 10x-20x by properly utilizing your Google Search Console.

We'll analyze your search console and find keywords that you can rank for easily.

When we send these keywords, just create quality content and you'll rank in no time.

This is because Google has literally done the Job for you. It has shown you keywords your website is capable of ranking for.

#2. SEO Content Writing 

This our second service that you can combine with keyword research to get massive results.

We create any type of content

It doesn't matter what niche, of course, excluding adult and gambling.

Let's face it

Only keyword research won't cut it.

You need high quality content that is SEO optimized to rank higher in Search engine results pages.

  • It has to be better than your competitor's and cover the topic completely
  • Not forgetting; including relevant keywords, LSI, and images strategically.

This way Google can understand what your page is about and rank you at the Top.

If you want we can write content for you along with the keywords or you can hire other writers.

Either ways, we'll provide you with the best keywords to use.

#3. Link Building? Nope!

You may be surprised to hear this but we don't offer backlinks services.

90% of the keywords we research do not need links to rank on page 1

The reason? because they are super easy to rank keywords.

You may need only internal links to push them to spot 1 of Google's first page.

The hack is pretty much simple: Good Keywords + Quality Content.

Our Blog SEO Services Charges

Want to get started with the services above? Then check the details below on our pricing and conditions.

  • For every 10 super easy to rank keywords for your website/blog in any niche with good search volume, we charge $70 only.
  • Our content writing service costs $50 for 1000 words
  • Payment method is PayPal or Crypto (USDT)
  • You will make payment in advance

Once the payment is made, please send a screenshot of the payment and we'll confirm it.

When this is done, we will start working and your service will be delivered in 72 hours max.

How to Order our Service?

If you are ready to let us improve your traffic with our services, please send us an email to noah [at] tipsonblogging [dot] com

Who should be using this service?

If you fall into any of the following categories, then the services is a perfect fit for you.

  • You are a blogger who is not getting any traffic
  • A website owner looking to increase sales by utilizing their blog
  • You're struggling to create content for your business

In fact, this is perfecto for anyone looking to boost their traffic and sales with content marketing.


Here are some frequently asked questions from readers looking to try our blog services. This could be helpful to you too.

Fortunately we've answered everything in full details.

When can I expect delivery?

If you order keyword research, you'll get all your keywords in 72 hours max.

As for content writing, it takes 7 days to complete. This is because we only write high quality articles.

Do you use AI tools for creating content?

We do not use AI for our content writing. You can always detect if an article was written using AI tools like Jasper and ChatGPT with Originality.ai

We'll do in-depth research to create the best content for your topic.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer any refunds, plus you wouldn't have a reason to do so. We only offer high quality services.

Will I get results and how long?

Yes, we can promise you that, however, you should know that SEO takes time and is an ongoing stuff.

If you want to get consistent results, you need to put in the work and this includes:

  • Creating new content
  • Updating your existing posts
  • Doing more keyword research, etc.

With that being said, if you are looking to get rich quick, please DO NOT use our services.

But if you're going to approach this as a business, then you're we'll be happy to work with you.

Want to give our blog seo services a try? Then send an email to noah [at] tipsonblogging [dot] com