Promo Codes (May 2024): Grab 60% Discount

Are you looking for a promo code that's working even in May 2024? Want to save money on CopyAI, one of the best AI copywriting assistants? You're definitely in the right place. 

Yes, CopyAI has two live coupon codes right now.

One will give you 40% off while their black Friday discount gives 60% Off.

UPDATE: The Black Friday offer ended November 30th, 2023 which is last year so it is no longer active.

Black Friday is the one to go for right now because it is better and ends on 30th November.

Copyai introduced their black Friday offer which started on the 7th of November.

Here's it below; Black Friday Coupon – 60% Off.

Use the following link and coupon to activate.

Activate Black Friday Discount
(Use Coupon 60BF2023 on checkout)

Here's a screenshot of the code being applied;

Claim Copy ai Black Friday Deal Now

We've been using CopyAI for more than a year now to create unique articles for our blogs and for generating marketing copies.

One thing is certain; It's very POWERFUL. 

In this post today we are going to show you how to claim up to flat 60% off your first year annual subscription of

Below is how to claim 40% off but you can also apply the same technique to claim the black friday deal of 60%. All you need to do is change the coupon code. 

40% off coupon code is STARTCOPY
60% off coupon code is 60BF2023

40% Off

Click on "Activate Promo Code", create your free copy ai account and apply the code STARTCOPY on checkout to automatically get 40% off all premium plans.

More Less

How to Activate the Promo Code

You can get this activated in few minutes and start using copy ai as soon as possible, just follow below step by step instruction

Step 1: Visit this special partner link and it will take you directly to copy ai website page where you can signup for a free account and activate your 40% off coupon registration page for coupon activation.png

Step 2: Now all you have to do is click on any of the signup button on the page and you’ll be able to create your trial account

Step 3: Create an account with your correct details such as email address.

Copy ai’s registration process is very easy and simple.

On the page that opens, just enter your email address and a code will be sent to complete your registration.

Yes, and you don’t even need a password to signup and also login.

When you’ve signed up and you want to login anytime, a magic link is sent to your email and you can access your account with ease.

enter your email for copy ai registration

So enter your email as seen above and click continue.

A link/button will be sent to your email to complete your registration and login as seen below is exactly what you’ll see.

a screenshot of copyai login email

Click on that button and you should be in your CopyAI account dashboard.

Step 4: Then you will be asked a few welcome questions (you can skip or answer this)

It’s optional

welcome to! questions
let's get started with copyai

Step 5: Finally, it’s time to upgrade your account with the 40% off copy ai promotion code deal.

At the top right, Click on Upgrade Pro and your 40% off will be applied automatically because you used the special partner link in this post, you don’t even have to enter any code.

Hit Upgrade now 

and boom, here’s your 40% off applied right before your eyes.

Haha Promo Code applied automatically

That’s it.

As simple as that.

You don’t need any code, just go through the special partner link and everything will be applied automatically for you.

However, you can enter the coupon STARTCOPY if your 40% off is not applied automatically.  

Why Choose Copy.AI in  2024?

Below are the top benefits you are getting with Copyai for your content creation and these makes the tool a very powerful writing assistant.

1. Supports Over 25+ Languages

CopyAi is not limited to english alone, so if you plan to create content in other languages, it has you covered.

There’s over 25+ languages that you can work with, CopyAi will translate them for you.

Just choose a language and type in that, then select the language that will use to write your copy

2. Writers Block “No More”

With CopyAi you no longer need to spend hours writing content and if you’ve been struggling to come up with what tow write, it’s finally come to an end.

You can now create unlimited copies, get ideas, etc… using copyai

3. Over 90+ tools & templates included

Already made templates and tools are available for you to chose from and use to create your copies easily and fast

Some of them include:

Blogging Tool

CopyAI is one of the best long form ai writer tools. It makes blogging very easy, you can create full articles with the blogging tool which helps you generate  blog intros, titles, outlines, ideas, bullet points to full blog post.

Using these tools, creating a 1000-3000 words article can be done in minutes even in a niche you have no knowledge about.

This is what most niche site bloggers use for their blogs.

Social Media Tools

At CopyAI you’ll get access to different tools for creating compelling social media posts such as captions, instagram posts, brainstorming topics etc.

eCommerce Tools

If you’re into ecommerce, this tool will make your work 10x easier/faster as it will help you write better product descriptions that’s guaranteed to increase sales for your store.


  • Digital Ad Copy (for writing compelling Facebook Ad copies, Google Ads Copies, Linkedin ads)
  • Etc..

4. Write Quality & Unique Content Easily and Faster

No spending hours anymore, you can now create highly optimized content in a matter of minutes. Copyai makes these possible for you.

With all of these, generating high converting copy shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Want to get started with Copy.AI right away? Take advantage of the 40% off Offer

So how much does it cost? Pricing 2024 Review: How Much Does it Cost?

On Copyai there is mainly the Pro Plan which is used by 99% of the customers unlike other ai writers like jasper which offers different pricing plans.

Copyai offers just the Pro plan and you can get access to everything you need.

However there is also the custom plan, which is designed only for agencies. 

If you are an agency and or a team, it makes sense to go with that instead. 

As seen below: pricing screenshot free, pro and custom

Pro plan costs $49 per month but you’ll pay only $35 per month if you pay annually and gives you access to;

  • Unlimited credits
  • Unlimited projects
  • 25+ languages
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Blog Wizard Tools
  • Access to newest features
  • Priority Support
  •  and lots more

This is all you need.

The custom plan for agencies start from $98 per month. 

Looking for discount and or a promotion code to save money on CopyAi? You’re covered.

Just use the special partner link in this post and you’ll get 40% off discount automatically on Pro or Custom, no need to apply any code.


Here are questions other readers are asking about the promo code that you may have in mind too.  Fortunately, we’ve answered everything and hope it helps.

Is there any live Copy ai coupon code available?

Yes, there is a special coupon code “STARTCOPY” to get 40% off, however you don’t need to enter  it. You just need to signup through a partner’s link and it will be applied automatically on checkout.

Does Copy ai offer any lifetime deal?

No, Copy ai does not offer any lifetime deal at the moment. I will let you know when there is any lifetime deal available or you can keep an eye for their black friday offers.

Conclusion on Promo Code

That’s it for this tutorial on getting and activating the huge 40% discount on copy ai writing tool. 

Am sure by now you’re well on your way to writing high quality and sales pulling content with Copy ai.

I mean; why waste a lot of time creating content when a highly advanced tool like CopyAi will make the work 10x or even 100x easier and faster?

Just signup for a copyai free trial account using the special link in this post and automatically you get 40% off.

Then let this content generator take care of the rest. 

and don’t forget, deals like this are only for a limited time. So grab as soon as possible. 

Hopefully this promo code helps you save some money. 

Let me know if you have questions in the comment section I’ll be here to reply as soon as possible.

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