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How I Pulled 4,175 Page Views in a Day (Case Study)


Traffic is every blog's must have to increase income and as well build up following.

Here am sharing with you The One-Exact Strategy I used to get a huge 4,175 page views in a day.

When I started Blogging, I used to get at about 20 page views daily “ON A GOOD DAY” I was never happy about this result compared to the Quality of my Contents.

Everyone experienced that at one time of their blogging career.

Is there no one reading my blog posts? I would ask myself. Little did I know I was missing something very Important which if I knew, could help bring in 5,000+ page views daily and as well build my audience.

Its certain you have witnessed this too ; that's why I have created this post to help you replicate thesame strategy I used in achieving this.

When I say 4,175 page views, kindly note that I don't mean my total page views for that day. It's from this 1-strategy am about to show you here alone.

But before then, let me share a little fact with you

Through my Blogging Career, I never came to know about this strategy until few weeks back;

What's this Fact?

There's one rookie mistake most bloggers make; the mistake of not promoting other bloggers or the feeling that they don't need to promote other blogs due to one reason or the other, if you are among then stop it immediately.


I'm going to share why with you shortly why you must promote other bloggers.

If you ever want to build Audience and huge followers for your blog it's through other blogs. How true is this?

Now pay attention;

The Magic in Promoting other Bloggers Plus How I pulled 4,175 Page Views doing it and How I'm Repeating thesame steps.

When you have less followers and less traffic on your blog, check an influencer's blog. Do these three things

1. Read His Recent Blog Post
2. Leave Comments
3. Tweet it

I would break this three down for you to understand what I really mean and the Tips to effectively do it but before then;

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer Is that one blogger who tend to be in the same niche with you (He publishes similar articles as you do) but one thing makes him more diferent, what is that? He gets more followers and Traffic, He has been in the journey for so long and tend to know more about the game.

Am sure you already know influencers in your niche if not, its very easy, just look around for a famous Blogger in the same niche (he's an Influencer). Easy right?

#1 The Power of Blog Commenting

Now that you've identified that influencer in your niche, it's time to connect with him or her which is through Blog Commenting. This works till date infact that's what every professional blogger did to increase his or her Audience.

What kind of comments should you leave?

Leave the below comments and you ruin everything

  • Nice Post
  • Great Article
  • Thanks for sharing
  • Loved the Post

The comments above are useless and spam. Why? It shows you didn't read the post and all you came for was to get the link to your Blog.

So how do you leave comments that influencers love and that do not look as if you are there for spam or just to get a link to your blog? In a moment you are going to learn how.

The only way to leave such comments is to actually read the Post. Now one mistake you do is you are not ready to skim through the whole of that post, if you don't then sorry I disappointed you this time, there's no way you are going to leave a thoughtful comment without reading the Post.

If you are a Blogger who wants to build relationship with other bloggers you need to develop first the habit of reading alot because when you read the post you have idea of what it's all about then you can leave your Opinion in the Comment Box.

Now I'm going to show you how to leave comments that gets your influencer and his followers pondering

Let me introduce you to “Mini Guest Posting” I got to know about this from a great blogger Chris DeeWaard

Ever heard of Guest Posting? Am sure you have, but am not talking about Guest Posting this time but “Mini Guest Posting”

Mini Guest Posts are those comments you leave that tend to standout among other comments on a blog.

These comments are based on your opinions on the post; it shows you actually read the Post and contains about 4-5 paragraphs

These are the kind of comments that influencers would want to approve immediately because of three things

  • It shows them you took time to read the post.
  • You are adding value to the post
  • You share your experience or opinions with their readers

This way you not only attract the Influencer's attention but the readers too, they would love to click on the link to your blog to see other things you have to offer for them just because of that comment you've made on the blog.

When you do this; you've taken the first step.

This is just the power of blog commenting and the first step you should take.This brings us down to the second step which is the tweeting or sharing aspect.

#2 What is behind tweeting an Influencer's article?

When you leave comments, you get noticed by influencers and readers, but when you take the extra step to tweeting that post on your Twitter handle, you catch the influencer's attention the more.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language” quote=”Remember that a person's name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”]

Now let me show you something about Twitter and tweeting (the magic it does)

When you tweet a post from a blog there's always a “via username” attached to that tweet, what it does is mention the blog owner of that tweet.

So when you tweet his or her article, he or she gets notified. it gives him more reason to appreciate by

  • Either tweeting your post to his huge followers
  • Retweeting your articles
  • Or Mentioning you in his or her next post

This way you get three things

  1. More traffic to your Blog
  2. More Exposure
  3. More Brand Mentions

Now I saved the best for the Last;

You need to pay attention in this aspect am about to share with you

#3 Take an Extra Step: Tap into the Readers

You don't have to stop on this one influencer; he gets load of comments; now you need to click through each of those comments and also repeat the step 1 and 2.

By doing this, you get to meet with this influencers' readers and build relationship through reading their posts, commenting and sharing; many in turn would do the same and that means more traffic for you, more relationship with them and their readers, more brand mentions, more audience and more connection.

When you leave comments on each of this blogs, you not only get traffic and others I mentioned above but as well get targeted followers to your blog as well.

Two more Mistakes you should avoid

  1. Don't feel you've gotten to the level where you feel promoting other bloggers is useless, I know of influential bloggers such as Donna Merril, Ryan Biddulph etc. with huge following who still regard promoting others as one of the best ways to stay connected in the blogosphere.
  2. Don't go all for the purpose of driving traffic; go with the sole aim of adding value, Add More Value and building relationship

This is what professionals use to build followers, when you discover what works for you continue repeating thesame step and expect results.

After reading this, you may want to develop the Habit of promoting other bloggers and get results.

Now this is the strategy you are using

1. Read the Post (Always read first)

2. Comment, Leave even more comments

4. Share (tweet more)


Quick Tip


I recommend you put down the list of those sites you've commented on in an excel spreadsheet, you can title it “Blogs to Visit” or  if possible subscribe to get their next blog posts.

Didn't I tell you? 

That was the exact strategy I used to Pull 4,157 page views in a day. At the end of this post, all I could say is its a WIN WIN!

Yes, we both win.

Now over to you;

Are you going to start using this strategy? What do you feel about this? Let me know in your comments

47 thoughts on “How I Pulled 4,175 Page Views in a Day (Case Study)”

  1. Nice post Bro.. Always giving solutions to traffic Issues.. I will practice all the tips

    1.commenging on influencing Blog
    2.Retweet post
    3.probably tap in the readers

    Traffic is the blood of a blog.. Thanks for the info!!!

    • Hi @osha
      Welcome to my blog and thanks for leaving your thoughts!

      Hope you practice them and get results.
      Share with friends.

  2. I must said that you’re doing a great work here. Keep it up.

    One strategy I used among the listed tips is leaving valuable comments on blogs with high domain’s authority….I really do see good results because apart from sending traffics to my blog, it also served as a good backlink.

    • Hi @Sammy!

      You are welcome to my blog, thanks for adding to the conversation.

      Of course, it gives you quality backlinks as well.

      Hope you share with friends

  3. Hello Prosper,
    Thanks a bunch for this tips that u are sharing… This one got me… Traffic is a major problem and u are really killing it with these u posts nowadays.. Am a great follower of ur posts.
    Thanks for this cos it opened my eyes.

    • Hello @Sam!
      Thanks for being a follower and adding to the conversation!

      I have come to discover so far that traffic is a major problem just as you have said and am making sure I share all working tips you need to get it!

      Thanks for coming, hope you share with friends.

    • Hello there @Lawrence

      Welcome to my blog and great you decided to leave a thought!

      Just as said in the post, Leave more comments and expect results.

      If possible, subscribe to the blog so you can receive updates on New posts.

      Repeat thesame steps and you are sure to get even more results.

      I’d recommend you read this post and understand so you can start applying the steps.

      Welcome once more, make sure you share with friends.

  4. This is amazing, thanks for this eyes opener, always profound solution to a certain problem. May your days be long and success in the blogging spare. Traffic has been a common problem among bloggers, if I should reveal to you how many traffic i got on Seweni in a day, you’ll definitely laugh out loud lol. I hope to improve it with this strategies.

    Special request.
    I’ll be glad if you can put together blog list, so we can easily access it. Specifically for the comment.

    • You are welcome @Mr. Amodu
      Thanks for being a part of the conversation

      I would see what I can do to the List as requested.

      Sign up to my mailing list to stay updated
      Thank for coming.

  5. Yeah! Everyone experienced the ‘disappointment’ of low page views in thier blogging journey.

    Most times we’re adamant, hoping, sitting and just praying for things to change like it’s ‘Nollywood’ or maybe – for Google to smile at us like that like that… Without doing shi shi…

    If anybody still does that, then he’s on a long thing.

    In my own journey so far (even though I haven’t gotten to the level when I’d open my google analytic and shout HOLY FVCK!!!!!). Hehe.. Trust me, I’m working tirelessly and I’d definitely shout , but not with the F-word

    I’ve come to understand that just as I am struggling to drive more traffic on daily basis, there is someone, somewhere behind his computer working and trying to achieve same or better result.

    The competition could at times be discouraging, most especially when you do not have the right tool or fund. That kind thing dey pain nah!

    I’ve felt such pain before, but there’s no point having pity for myself. I’ve trained my subconsciousness that I’m not competing with anyone but TIME!

    Though you could argue with me on ……. I don’t mind. (hehe) You’re free to come over to my little blog.

    P.S. I’m leading an army; and if you didn’t know before, know today. We’re creating an army stronger and larger than BokoHaram. We’re taking Africa Down! (I know you want to see our arsenal. Oyah come over to Techkibay. (Hehe)

    No time for ‘serenre’….

    I remember the first time I pulled 1,800 + page views from NairaLand, I felt I was making an improvement, but when the views stopping coming, I knew I had missed something.

    What am I even saying?????? I don’t even think I had that ‘something’, how much loose it.

    Though It’s still coming (but it’s not impressive for my 2 years in blogging)

    Today is today!!!! Prosper (heheh). Unlike the previous times, am behind my laptop today and my fingers want to speak their mind but my head is telling me that I’ve got some work to do.

    ……… Get behind me O Head………… (Shaking my head)

    I’d start by concuring to all you put up there! I’m guessing it took you time to compile it, but something tells me it wasn’t a big deal for a CONTENT BEATS like you! (Hehe).

    There is power in blog commenting but HEY! chairman, I was in church on sunday and pastor said “There’s nothing as powerful as the NAME OF JESUS”

    …… Halleluja Somebody….

    I feel like preaching but…. ah ah! Maybe not today.

    Only an idiot would see great content and say: Nice Post, Great Article and blah blah blah….

    Common! Give honour to what honour is due.

    Prosper Oh! Shebi blogging have 10 COMMANDMENTS? If there isn’t any yet…. Let’s start doing something about it oohhh.. Before repture (Heheh)

    Something like “Thou Shall Not Comment Nice Post, Loved This Post, Useful Post”
    And this one tooo….. “Thou shall not Steal People’s Content Without Due Credit and Authorization”

    ……. If not, the God of blogging will send you to the lake of fire, where there’s no WI-FI! (Chaii…. see suffer)

    Back to the matter!

    I also discovered that Folks love Twitter like mahdt… I never see.

    I was on a tech blog and a topic was raised “Which App can you do without for a day”. The author after mentioned that he couldn’t go a day without his beloved “Twitty”

    Influencer’s love for this platform gives us an opportunity to get their attention.

    Creating a brand isn’t bread and fish or Akamu and Akara, it’s ……. abegi, the English I want to use is too big, you might not understand itself… (Hehe).

    …. It doesn’t happen overnight.

    Even with the incoming traffic, some folks still end up not creating a lead or driving sales. (I must confess, I’m in this category).

    You would make me smile again if you could do another wonderful write-up on how to keep the traffic coming or better still, how to turn mere traffic into leads and sales.

    Prosper, You’re my main nigga. If I don’t see that write up ehhhh!!!!


    I reserve my comments, till that time!

    I’ll sign out here,
    Philip Samuel

    • 😂Lol @Philip.

      This is such an article-comment you’ve made here.I skimmed it whole down and must say a very bring thanks for adding to these conversation.

      I hope you share it with friends.
      Have a Nice day!

      • I had to bookmark this page and come back to read this comment, oboy i hail you oooh
        If you write all these as a commeny, i just wonder how lengthy your blogposts will be, your readers are trying.

        • Hehe….

          I try my best to add value whenever and whatever way I can.

          For my readers…………. Well, If I don’t take care of them…

          Who will??? Lol…

  6. You know one thing Prosper? I’m a big fans of sharing blog posts, i do this to my twitter account as well as my facebook.

    It makes me feel connected to those i shared their post, i could remember how i won the heart of an influencer to feature her on my blog with an interview. I don’t comment or share posts because i need traffics(although traffics is included), i do it to win them.

    I’ll really try out more ways as you have outline above – traffics is not something to joke with o, we all need it.

    And guess what? I’m sharing this post! Well done bro.

    • Hi Emmanuel!

      Thanks for adding to the conversation; re ally we shouldnt do it just for the case of traffic.

      Doing this helps promote other bloggers and as well build relationship

      I appreciate the share!😊

  7. hi Prosper,
    today maximum IT field people know the power of blog commenting. But then have small knowledge of how to apply it, and you have helped many people for sharing this great Post.

  8. The essence of blogging is defeated if you dont get people read what you have written. This post just solved that problem to an extent.

    But i have a two questions:
    1. What if you are an entertainment or sports blogger, Writing a 2-3 paragraph for a post that is less than 1000 words (most entertainment blogs especially linda ikeji dont write much) would definitely be a bit hard, How do round that?

    2. If you are not an active twitter user, meaning the post wont get much traffic from your share, would the person still pay attention to it?

    Ill appreciate if my questions could be answered.

    • Answer to question one!

      Find Established Blogs related to Sports or Entertainment as that is your Niche. You will definitely make out of it.

      Answer to question 2.

      As a Blogger, you need to be active on social media networks such as Twitter. Twitter is a very noisy place and you need to take advantage of it.

      Thanks for coming, hope you share with friends.

      • I hope i am not disturbing too much, please can i have samples of search strings i can use to find good influencers in the sporting niche.

        I have started implementing your tips and i am hoping that it will work out for me, and on the issue of twitter i am not really a fan do you have tips of how to make a twitter account active.

        Thanks in anticipation.

        • Hi @ Dhrays!

          Concerning the Twitter Account, I would be making a detailed post on that soon, but one strategy you can use to make it active is actually staying online and tweeting others’ articles.

          That way, you get noticed, you get mentioned in tweets and you get more followers. I use these exact tips and it works great for me.

          A hashtag search on Google is one best way to find influencers. Be sure to use specific hashtags

          Ex: If you run in blogging niche; you could head in to google and type in #blogging blogs.

          Go through their posts and look through how many followers they have.

          That’s it.
          Thanks for coming and hope you share with friends.

  9. WoW, This particular post made my day, i must confess that I fall in all the category you mention, most especially the part of blog post commenting, bro i must tell you that you open my eye to another journey of blogging.. I have many influencer blogs i subscribed to some i even bookmarked just to get update whenever they update their blog, Off course their post are encouraging but i never try the move to drop just a “THANK YOU” comment on each post… OH! Pity on me.. I owe those guys a lot for not dropping a Thank You on their post, From now on i’ll start doing as you said.. Once again bro.. Thanks….

    • You are welcome @Ossai and thanks for adding to the conversation.

      Hope you practice the tips and expect results!

      Share with friends.

  10. Hi Prosper.

    Thanks for the mention in this post. I must be honest and tell you that I first heard about the “mini guest post” reference from Ryan Biddulph, when he talked about leaving great comments on blog posts. It really does work, as you are aware from reading my post on the subject.

    I was fortunate enough to be mentioned in a blog post on the Huffington Post blog because of that comment. That led me to writing the blog post I mentioned, to show others that it truly does work to help you get noticed.

    Sharing of the posts is also very important, as it gets you noticed by the author on the different social media platforms like Twitter, as you mentioned, as well as Facebook, G+, LinkedIn, etc. The more venues that they have followers, the more of their followers will have the opportunity to check out your blog, thus increasing traffic exponentially, if they share or retweet your original share or tweet.

    Of course, checking out the people who also comment on their posts can be beneficial to both the author and us. It shows that the author is being noticed and also that we, as commenters, are not just in it to make a buck, but really do want to build relationships with as many people as we an, by helping them to get noticed.

    Thanks for this very informative post.

    Have a good one…….Chris

    • Hi @ Chris Deewaard!

      Thanks and welcome to my blog!

      Of course the mini guest posts is proven to Work wonders and mention and as you have said; sharing to social media networks.

      Thanks for contributing to the conversation. I do appreciate and have a nice day😀

  11. Hi Prosper,

    Thanks for the shout buddy 🙂 Congrats on those heady numbers! Goodness; promoting others freely to help them boost their traffic is one of the quicker, easier ways to boost your traffic. It’s literally something I learned from Donna and helped me drive folks to my site when I was inexperienced, like 300 years ago when I started blogging 😉 Thanks again and enjoy your weekend.


    • Hy @Ryan!
      Welcome to my blog, glad you dropped by to add to the conversation.

      Really promoting others work great.

      Thanks for coming and have a nice day!

  12. Hello Prosper,

    Some great advice and tips to generate fair number of page views to the site. Traffic is the need of every kind of websites, so reading such articles is always a fun 🙂

    And, congratulations for getting those massive page views.

    Good work.

  13. Hello Prosper

    I was aware of the fact that long sensible comments do drive some attention of readers but now i know it is called mini guest posting. This is quite promising so I will definitely do it.

    After reading your article I can say that you are putting in so much efforts in creating a wonderful post that can be of help for fellow bloggers. It seems that you have been visiting places and observing steps of others too as you mentioned about RyanBiddulph. I noticed that too..:) It was my first visit to your blog and couldn’t stop myself from commenting. Thanks for the wonderful post.


    • Hi Ashutosh!

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for adding to the ongoing conversation!

      Yea, it’s called Mini Guest Posting, got to learn about that from Chris Deewaard and it’s helped alot.

      Thank for dropping by!

      Have a nice day

  14. Hi prosper, thanks for sharing your success story on driving massive traffic to your site. This is one biggest challenge to every blogger. These tips are really proven to have worked as I have been practicing blog commenting and public guess posting. But to be honest I have not been able to share regularly people’s posts, but after this tips shared am going to start this practice.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

      Sharing others’ posts shows we appreciate their hard work.

      Thanks for coming and have a nice day😁

  15. This is an exceptional piece.Its been long I came across a detailed and comprehensive article which lots of tips to take away and put into action. Based on your experience and what really worked for you, I guess you need to connect with probably top bloggers in your niche to get an exact or more result as yours.

    Meanwhile, I was thinking you would make mention of Social media shares which you never did because Facebook alone can scale in almost a thousand view as I do use on my blog.

    Not dicing away your technique though because I will start implementing it for a better blogging experience.

    Less I forget. Here is my first time on your blog and I have no choice than to bookmark into my to read tech blogs. Thanks for the share…. 🙂

    • Hi John,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for adding to the conversation.

      Yea, I carryout experiment and share it as techniques to my Readers and this Is one of them and to say so far; this is far and more than an experiment because it really works.

      Ofcourse Facebook and other social media networks are good sources to drive traffic too.

      Thanks for coming and hope you share with friends

      Have a nice weekend buddy😁

  16. Well prosper I didn’t read everything on this post… I only read the first part and skimmed through the others.

    One thing I always practice is connecting with top influencers on my niche.

    Especially on twitter. I have done this with a lot of them and I must say it did boost up my blog, some of them were even retweeting my posts.

    But I stopped for some time and decided to do in house work on my blog. This your post just remembered me of it and am going back!

    Thanks for such a nice post and I can see you are learning well. – long post no be here!

    • Hi Prince,

      Glad to have you here once more. Thanks for adding to the ongoing conversation.

      Connecting with top influencers definitely work wonders especially if you are connecting with those who love to return the favor of sharing your articles too.

      Take care and have a nice day!

  17. Hi Prosper,

    These are definitely great tips for anyone who wants to improve their blog traffic. I follow Ryan and Donna. I know that both of them believe in sharing the love to build relationships.

    I’ve been using these methods for my blog for about 2.5 months now and I love it. It’s much easier than the way I used to build traffic in the past, several years ago.

    In the past, I focused 100% on SEO and avoided social media. I guess I was just scared of learning how to use it.

    Now I love it, although I am not a social media expert. It’s definitely easier to build relationships with others.

    Blog commenting and sharing other people’s posts has definitely helped me start growing traffic to my blog. While I don’t focus 100% on the traffic. I do it to build the relationship with others.

    After all, we know how important it is to build up online relationships. If I get traffic, that’s a great bonus.

    Thanks for sharing how you managed to get 4,175 page views. I have no doubt as you continue doing this, your page views will continue to improve. You’re definitely doing everything right.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Sure Suzan,

      Blog commenting is what I learnt from Donna and Ryan and have seen much improvements since then especially in the area of buiding relationship.

      Thanks for coming here once more. I appreciate your share in advance too.

      Stay cool!

  18. Leaving comments on blog is 1 of the most powerful and crusial part of seo that most bloggers neglect bcos apart from the traffic it gives backlink and the more “do follow”links and referring site u gt the higher you rank.

  19. Thank u Mr.prosper am really glad to be part of d people that read this great posts.. And I will practice d procedures u provided.thanks man!

    • Hi Mhizta,
      You are welcome to my blog and glad you found the post helpful!
      Do share with friends on social media!
      Have a nice day!


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