16 Crucial YouTube Live Stream Statistics

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Key YouTube Live Stream Statistics

Here are the most interesting YouTube livestream statistics you need to know.

  • Viewers collectively dedicated over 1.1 billion hours to YouTube Gaming streams in 2022
  • In 2022, YouTube Gaming content creators contributed over 8.7 million hours of live streaming
  • In 2022, there were a total of 490 thousand distinct channels actively streaming on YouTube Gaming.
  • YouTube Live TV boasts a subscriber base exceeding 4 million.
  • SpaceX's live stream garnered the highest concurrent viewership ever on YouTube, surpassing 4 million viewers.
  • During the first quarter of 2023, YouTube Gaming witnessed a notable 13% growth in streams, constituting 17% of all live content watched on YouTube

1. Viewers Devour Over 1.1 Billion Hours of YouTube Gaming Streams in 2022

most important YouTube live stream statistics

As per Streamlabs, viewers consumed over 1.1 billion hours of streams on YouTube Gaming in 2022, demonstrating the platform's immense popularity and the substantial amount of time users dedicate to engaging with its content.

This statistic underscores the immense popularity of YouTube Gaming as a platform for consuming live streams. It reflects the significant amount of time users spend engaging with the diverse content available on the platform.

2. YouTube Draws Weekly Viewership from 30% of Global Audience

According to the Digital 2022: Global Overview Report, 30% of people worldwide tune in to at least one video live stream weekly on YouTube, highlighting the platform's significant role in providing real-time content to a substantial portion of the global population.

This statistic highlights the widespread appeal of YouTube as a destination for real-time content consumption. The fact that 30% of the global audience engages with video live streams on a weekly basis speaks to YouTube's significance in the digital landscape.

3. YouTube Gaming Hosts Over 8.7 Million Hours of Live Streaming in 2022

Streamlabs reports that live streamers collectively broadcasted more than 8.7 million hours on YouTube Gaming in 2022, showcasing the platform's vast and diverse content offerings.

Streamlabs' report on the extensive volume of live streaming hours on YouTube Gaming illustrates the platform's dynamic and vibrant content ecosystem. 

It showcases the diverse range of content available to viewers, contributing to the platform's attractiveness to both creators and audiences.

4. 490 Thousand Unique Channels Live Streaming on YouTube Gaming in 2022

In 2022, there were a total of 490 thousand unique channels actively live streaming on YouTube Gaming, as reported by Streamlabs, demonstrating the platform's robust creator ecosystem.

This statistic, also from Streamlabs, highlights the platform's robust creator community. With nearly half a million unique channels actively live streaming, YouTube Gaming offers a wide array of content genres and styles, catering to diverse audience preferences.

5. YouTube Gaming Attracts Average of 523 Thousand Viewers in Q1 2022

Streamlabs observed an average of 523 thousand viewers engaging with YouTube Gaming content during the first quarter of 2022, indicating the platform's consistent appeal and viewer engagement.

Streamlabs' observation of the average viewership on YouTube Gaming during the first quarter of 2022 indicates the platform's consistent appeal and viewer engagement. 

This statistic reflects the platform's ability to attract and retain a substantial audience base.

6. YouTube Live TV Surpasses 4 Million Subscribers

Fierce Video highlights that YouTube Live TV boasts a subscriber base exceeding 4 million

This highlights the platform's growing popularity as a live streaming service. It underscores the increasing trend of viewers turning to live TV streaming options offered by YouTube.

7. SpaceX's Live Stream Draws Over 4 Million Concurrent Viewers

Playboard's data showcases SpaceX's remarkable achievement, as their live stream attracted over 4 million concurrent viewers, setting a global record and demonstrating the platform's capacity to captivate large audiences.

This highlights the platform's ability to capture large audiences during significant events, demonstrating its capacity for audience engagement and global reach

8. 8% of Marketers Utilize YouTube Live in Marketing Strategies

Social Media Examiner reports that 8% of marketers utilize YouTube Live as part of their marketing strategy. 

This statistic reflects the growing recognition among marketers of the value and impact of live video content on YouTube. It indicates the platform’s effectiveness as a promotional tool. 

9. Apple's Live Stream Garners Highest Concurrent Views in the US

In the United States, Apple's live stream attracted the highest concurrent views, with over 2.7 million, according to Playboard

This statistic underscores the platform's role as a significant channel for reaching and engaging with US viewers.

10. 70% of Viewers Prefer YouTube Over Other Live Video Platforms

Vime's research indicates that a substantial 70% of viewers prefer YouTube over other live video platforms. 

This statistic underscores the platform's leading position as a preferred destination for real-time content consumption, highlighting YouTube's dominance and popularity in the live streaming space.

11. YouTube Boasts 2.6 Billion Unique Monthly Users Worldwide

Variety reports that the number of unique monthly YouTube users worldwide stands at an impressive 2.6 billion. 

PlatformMonthly Users (in billions)
YouTubeApproximately 2.6 billion
Twitch240 million
Vimeo170 million
Vevo150 million

This statistic reflects the platform's massive global reach and audience engagement. It underscores YouTube's status as a global media powerhouse with unparalleled scale and influence.

12. Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump Garners 8 Million Views on YouTube

The Wrap highlights Felix Baumgartner’s space jump as holding the record with 8 million views on YouTube. 

It showcases the platform's role in sharing and experiencing significant moments in history.

This statistic demonstrates YouTube's function as a repository for culturally significant events.

13. YouTube Gaming Live Averages 523 Thousand Viewers in Q1 2022

According to Statista and YouTube, YouTube Gaming Live reached an average of 523 thousand viewers in the first quarter of 2022. 

This statistic indicates the platform's consistent viewership and engagement.

14. YouTube Leads as the Platform for Viewing Live Content

Insider Intelligence confirms that YouTube is the leading platform for viewing live content. 

This statistic highlights YouTube Live’s dominance and influence in the live streaming landscape. It is the go-to platform for accessing real-time content across various genres and interests.

15. 37% of US Live Stream Viewers Aged 18 to 34 Prefer YouTube Live

YouTube LIVE is popular among younger demographics.

Statista reveals that 37% of US live stream viewers aged 18 to 34 use YouTube Live to watch live stream video content. 

16. YouTube Gaming Experiences 13% Growth During Q1 2023

Streams Charts data shows that YouTube Gaming streams experienced a notable 13% growth during Q1 2023, accounting for 17% of YouTube Live’s total Hours Watched. 

YouTube Live is increasing traction and audience engagement.

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