PiPiADS Review 2023: Is Pipiads Worth It?

Are you looking to try out the pipi ads Tiktok ads spy tool or want to know exactly how it works? Want a detailed pipiads review? Then you’re definitely in the right place at the right time.

Is pipiads worth it?

In shorty summary, hell yeaaah! we have been using PipiAds since 2022 (close to a year now) and from our research so far, no other TikTok Ads spy tool comes close. It’s simply and unarguably the best Tiktok ad spy tool for dropshippers, eCommerce marketers and advertisers.

You can even try it for free yourself to decide.

If you are into the business of dropshipping, advertising or eCommerce in general,  you know that there are many channels and platforms to run ads such as Facebook and Instagram however, Tiktok is booming right now for driving lots of traffic and sales.

In fact, It’s the trend RIGHT NOW.

You can pretty much launch an ad campaign on tiktok and start getting traffic and sales as soon as possible if you know what you’re doing.

Truth is if you don’t do it the right way, you’ll end up wasting thousands of dollars.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of money on advertising you have to see what is working for others, what product is trending and going viral, what kind of ads advertisers are running, their winning strategy, etc.

How do you do this?

It’s where a tool such as pipiads come in.

In a matter of minutes you can spy on your competitors’ winning products, ads, audience and much more so you can replicate and get good results.

Want to give it a try?

In this review we are going to show you:

  • What is pipiads?
  • Pipiads Pricing and how to get free trial
  • Who should use Pipi Ads and what are the benefits and features of pipi ads
  • The pros and cons
  • How to claim 20% discount coupon and many more

Pipi Ads Review 2023: Is this TikTok Ad Spy Tool the Best? Worth it?

You’re in the right place, if what you are looking for is an in-dept. review and tutorial.

No doubt, there are a lot of spy tools currently in the market for spying on your competitors’ winning strategies and pipi ads is just one of those many tools. And because there is huge spike in using Tiktok for eCommerce advertising a lot of marketers are going all in for it.

It’s a better alternative to Minea and BigSpy.

What is PipiAds?

Pipi ads is a Tik Tok ads spy tool that helps advertisers and eCommerce marketers discover their competitors’ ads and the best viral and winning products on the tiktok platform.

Pipiads analyzes hundreds, thousands of tiktok ads daily automatically to get you what works so you don’t have to go through the stress of wasting precious time researching to try and come up with ads, creatives,  and winning products.

Using Pipi Ads you can instantly be the first to find trending and viral products, get access to: winning products, advertisers’ ads, creatives, tiktok ad examples and much more all from one dashboard.

The BIG reason most people (Over 50,000+ dropshippers and advertisers) use pipi ads is this: features and benefits offered by Pipi ads is better than all other tiktok ads spy tools combined.

pipi ads testimonial

So if you’re looking to find viral and trending winning products on tiktok, proven ad creatives and more, you should try Pipiads. Pipi ads also offer a free plan to test their tool before committing to a paid subscription.

Try Pipiads for FREE

Pipi Ads Features List

Here are some of the wonderful features offered by the Pipi ads ad spy tool;

  • Provides dropshipping winning products
  • Finds viral and trending products
  • Offers “Ad Library” to choose from plenty of tiktok ads examples
  • Analysis Tool to find advertisers details such as ads, creatives, audience and more.
  • Etsy spy tool to research Etsy products and stores
  • E-com platform (Find ads for different ecommerce platforms such as shopify, bigCommerce,etc)

Who should use Pipi Ads?

So who should be using Pipi ads’ spying tool?

  • Dropshippers who are looking to find winning products
  • Advertisers who want to try Tik Tok for traffic and looking for what is working in terms of ads, creatives and more
  • eCommerce marketers who are looking for high converting traffic
  • Anyone who wants to spy on high performing ads and products on Tiktok

In a nutshell, If you are looking to run high converting tiktok ads for your eCommerce business and do not want to waste time on research and trial & error, you must try Pipi ads.

Top 4 Benefits of Using Pipi ads

What are the benefits of using a tiktok ads spy tool like pipiads? Here are 4 major reasons to use pipi ads in 2023.

1. Pipi ads shows you winning products in seconds

One of the headaches in dropshipping business is finding what product is the right one – one that is proven to sell easily. You have to do a lot of research manually which is really time wasting.

Thanks to pipi ads – now you can find these winning products at the click of a button and in seconds.

Once you’ve hit a few filters, enter a word and click search, and you’ll be able to find the best tiktok ads dropshipping winning products right there in your pipiads dashboard.

Have a look;

tiktok winning products 2022

You can filter these products by release date, ad impressions, comments and likes etc.

2. Pipi ads makes the entire process of tiktok advertising much easier

We all know it; advertising on the tiktok platform comes with a lot of hassles ranging from knowing what ad creative to use, audience to target, location as well as what strategy is giving advertisers the best ROI.

You need to have all it takes to run a successful tiktok ad campaign so you don’t end up wasting money

That is why you need something like pipi ads as it takes care of all of this for you automatically, it obviously makes everything easier and faster for you to start running tiktok ads that convert.

Click of a button is all you need.

Take a look;

pipiads tiktok ad search

If you are looking to get better at tiktok advertising, try Pipi ads

3. Pipiads helps in effective eCommerce marketing

Making sales in eCommerce business is not easy. Take it or leave it, Tiktok is currently the best advertising platform for ecommerce marketers.

eCom marketers are utilizing Tiktok as a channel for making huge sales on a daily basis. If you want to sell more of your products easily and fast, you have to go with the flow, use Tiktok.

If it’s getting others tremendous results, it will work for you too.

PiPi ads will show you in real time, the performance of eCommerce ads that are currently running with details such as number of likes, popularity, the ecom platform, and more.

Here’s what ecommerce ads on Pipiads looks like;

pipiads dashboard

4. All-in-one Simple Dashboard 

Pipi ads has a simple and neatly organized easy-to-use dashboard where you get access to all of the tools needed to spy on winning products, ads, and much.

Want to see how it looks like? check out the interface below:

  • TT Ad Search: This is where you search for high performing tiktok ads with filtering options such as country, ad impressions/likes/comments, ecom platform, etc.
  • Product Search: Search for products
  • Winning Products: Obviously, you get all of the currently winning products on tiktok here

The other includes advertiser analysis for checking out what strategy advertisers are using, strategies, etc.

As you spend more time, you’ll get to understand better what each tool does. The dashboard is beginner-friendly.

How to Use PipiAds Tool to Spy and Find Winning Products on TikTok

Pipi ads offer a wide range of tools to help you spy on competitors and find the best products to send traffic ranging from ad and product search, advertiser analysis and much more.

Want to see, take a look at some of the spy options offered by Pipi ads;

As seen above, Pipi ads gives you access to spying options including:

  • Ad search
  • Product search
  • Winning products
  • Advertiser
  • Etsy product and store research
  • etc.

They all come with very helpful filters to give you exactly what you want.

Here’s a quick tutorial on using Pipiads

Before we get started, you need access to the tool.

Click here to try PipiAds for FREE

When you’ve signed up and inside your dashboard, open the “TT Ad Search”

1. TT Ad Search

This option gives you access to see all of the ads on tiktok that are popular and you can filter by popularity, region, eCommerce platform and much more.

You can also see what categories these ads are running, be it eCommerce, Games, Brand and Dropship.

All you need to get started is enter a keyword and filter as much as you want. Pipiads will go ahead and display all of the top performing ads based on your search and filters.

2. Product Search

This is the second spy option and it’s a great alternative to the first one.

Quick Tip: It’s best to use if you have a few products to work with already. Simply enter the keyword and it will display all similar products that are performing really well.

It’s the same procedure with winning products.

When the search results have been returned, you’ll be able to see products that are proven to make you sales.

You can then go ahead to run your ads.

If you want to learn more, here’s a quick video that shows how to find winning products using Pipi ads

Pipi Ads Pricing Plans

Pipi ads offers three pricing plans as seen below:

  1. The starter plan (useful for beginners to start getting opportunities)
  2. The Vip plan (useful for professionals)
  3. The Pro plan (multiple users for scaling big)

Let’s talk about each of these plans and their pricing along with what comes with them so you can pick one that suits you best.

1. The Starter plan

The starter plan is great for complete beginners who are new to tiktok ad spying tools. If you’re just getting started and need an affordable tool to find the best opportunities for your eCommerce business, the starter plan from pipi ads is a great choice. 

  • Cost: The starter plan costs $77 per month ($54 per month if paid annually)

Features of Starter Plan:

  • Access to 200 ads per day
  • View 50 ad details per day
  • 50 advertisers query results
  • 50 product details per day
  • 50 advertiser details per day
  • Unlimited winning products
  • 1 user

2. The Vip plan

The vip plan gives you access to the same features from starter but increase in the numbers of ads, product details, and more and is most suitable for professionals. 

If you are an advertiser, dropshipper or eCommerce marketer looking, this is the perfect plan for you. You can also try this at $1 for 3-day trial.  

  • Cost: The vip plan costs $155 per month ($128 per month if paid annually)

Features of Vip Plan:

  • Access to 2000 ads
  • 200 ad details
  • 200 product details
  • 1000 advertisers
  • 200 advertiser details
  • Unlimited winning products
  • 1 user

3. The Pro plan

This is the last plan from pipiads which is a perfect choice for advertisers, agencies, business owners and marketers who are looking to scale their eCommerce business. 

If you are looking to take tiktok advertising to the next level while getting access to all of the available spy tools without limits, go for the pro plan.

  • Cost: The pro plan costs $263 per month ($181 per month if paid annually)

Features of Pro Plan:

  • 5,000 ads
  • 1,000 ad details per day
  • 1,000 product details per day
  • 3,000 advertisers
  • 1,000 advertiser details per day
  • Unlimited winning products
  • 5 users

So, the starter plan gets you started with spying on tiktok ads using pipi ads as a beginner while Vip and Pro plan is for professionals who are looking to do even more plus scale their business.

Quick Note: If you want to save more on Pipiads, pick their annual package as you can get flat 30% discount.

pipiads discount offer

The following is the pricing for annual package on Pipi Ads;

  • The Starter plan costs $54/mo instead of $77/mo (billed yearly) 
  • The Vip plan costs $128/mo instead of $155/mo (billed yearly)
  • The Pro plan costs $181/mo instead of $263/mo (billed yearly)

Want to get started right away?

Try Pipiads for FREE

Pipi Ads 3-day $1 Trial

If you want to try pipi ads full features without limits, they offer a 3-day trial for only $1 to all users. This means you can enjoy all of the pipiads features in any of the plans you pick for only $1 for 3 days.

If you’re happy with the tool you can commit to it.

You can visit the following link to get the trial.  

Try Pipi Ads 3 Days $1 Trial

If you want to try it for absolutely free then activate your Pipiads free trial account 

Pipi Ads Refund Policy

Pipi ads does not offer a refund but you can try the vip plan for 3 days and see how it goes for you. You can cancel at any time during the 3-day period. 

Pipi Ads Spy Tool Pros & Cons

No doubt, pipiads is a great tiktok ad spy too. Are there any setbacks? let’s see this in the pros and cons

Pipi Ads Pros:

  • Best Tiktok ads spy tool to find winning products and competitors’ analysis
  • Helps you find trending, viral products
  • Track competitor’s Tiktok ads winning strategies
  • Offers easy-to-use dashboard interface
  • Helps you become a better advertiser
  • Spy on ads, ad creatives, etc
  • Generous free plan 
  • Find Dropshipping products in seconds

Pipi Ads Cons:

  • Expensive pricing (but definitely worth it) 

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Top 2 Pipi Ads Alternatives

Looking for Pipiads alternatives? Here are two options you can give a try. 

1. BigSpy

BigSpy is a very good alternative to pipi ads and one of the best tiktok ad spy tools in the market presently. It offers spying on 6 other platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

BigSpy costs around $300 per month to get access to it’s tiktok spy option where you’ll be provided with;

  • Unlimited ad searches per day
  • Search filtering
  • Unlimited daily queries
  • Charts
  • Trending tiktok products
  • Audience analysis
  • Unlimited ad ideas
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Special team support

Start searching with BigSpy

1. Minea

Minea is another ad spy tool for tiktok advertisers and eCommerce marketers/dropshippers. It is a very affordable alternative to pipi ads as it costs only 99€ per month and gives you access to the following: 

You can only get Tiktok Ad Spy in their premium pricing plan. 

  • Instant access to 10,000 research credits
  • Search analysis
  • Chrome extension for ease of use
  • Ad and placement details
  • Influencer placements
  • Shop analysis 

Minea has a free trial to test the tool with 300 research credits

Try Minea for FREE Today

FAQs | PipiAds Review 2023

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by readers about the pipi ads tiktok spy tool

How do I spy on Tiktok ads?

Use a tiktok ad spy tool like pipi ads. Enter a keyword in the search button and hit search, the tool will go ahead and display all the ads along with it’s likes, comments, landing pages, etc.   

What Pipiads can do for you?

Pipiads can help you spy on competitors’ winning tiktok products such as the ads, ad creatives, stores and advertising details in order to create a winning ad campaign for your eCommerce business.   

Can I see Tiktok ads?

Yes, you can see all tiktok high performing ads in the official Top Ads library or with the help of ad spy tools.

Final Verdict on Pipi Ads TikTok Spy Tool

So is the pipi ads spy tool worth it for spying on competitors’ tiktok ads and finding winning products? The answer is a BIG YES.

In a matter of minutes you can find viral and trending products on tiktok as well as the ad details and so much more. 

If you’re looking for a tool that will get you tremendous results in your eCommerce/dropshipping business or advertising at a whole, give pipi ads a try. 

What do you think about our pipiads review? Will you give it a try? Did you find the post helpful? Have any questions? Please let us know in the comments section.  

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