How to Find High CPC Keywords for Google Adsense in your Niche

Do you monetize your blog with Google Adsense? Then you need high cpc keywords to make more money while doing what you love.

Did you also know you can get a Cost Per Click up to $40?

On this post titled “high cpc keywords” I will share with you how to get super high cost per click adsense paying keywords easily and fast.

I want to get you prepared, earning from your Blog.

Let’s face the truth:

For you to make more revenue from your blog especially if you are the type that uses google adsense for monetization. You must have heard that “You don’t need just much traffic” to earn with Google Adsense.

You need these high paying keywords in google to start making money as soon as possible.

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Here is what I Don’t Like;

Most websites tell you to go into a niche before you can start making money with adsense. They list blog niches like

  • Domains
  • Gadgets
  • Google Products
  • Microsoft
  • Real Estate
  • Jobs
  • etc…

What about your own niche? Can’t you find these keywords yourself?

You don’t have to open a new blog just for google adsense, you can find keywords with high cpc right there in your niche.

But hey:

I don’t disagree with their opinion, if you really want to make a fortune with Google Adsense. Having other niches is damn ok too.

But Just in case you don’t feel comfortable going into other niche then this post is for you!

But just before then, I’d like to take you on a few explanation.

What are high cpc keywords and Why them?

I made a post back then that readers fell in love with. A Post about increasing google adsense earnings.

I made it so simple  but I checked through the article again and noticed i made mention of targeting

adsense highest paying keywords as a method to increase adsense earnings.


I didn’t really explain how readers can get these keywords themselves to the fullest. I want to emphasize solely on that.

They are those keywords advertisers are spending a whole lot of money on and if you are able to target them in your article.

You should expect a boost in adsense revenue. But the affiliate marketers like me.

When you find a keyword that has good cpc. You should know immediately; that keyword has a really cool product to promote and earn good commission.

But the big issues still remains how you can lay hands on these gold keywords with potential.

And Here’s One Mistake you Make!

You don’t do keyword research before writing your articles. Then after spending a whole lot of time writing high quality articles you end up not getting high cpc on Google Adsense.

When you guess and write, you never get traffic from google search [which is what Google AdSense really needs] and that’s why you are faced with low cpc adsense earnings.

You need to find keywords you can easily rank for and one that has good and potential cost per click to increase your Google Adsense Earnings.

That’s exactly what am about to reveal to you right in this post.

All i need from you is follow all of the tips and take action. That way you can expect results.

So let’s get started.

How to Find High CPC Keywords (Easily and Fast)

I’d be showing you how I found the keyword am targeting in this post whose Cost per click is $5.43. Plus other keywords i Use for my other Blogs.

I make use of semrush pro for my regular keyword research and am showing you the exact and proper way to find adsense high paying keywords.

But before I show you this;

What is SEMrush?

Semrush is a complete keyword research cloud based software and tool. Idea for bloggers, Internet Markters and Website Owners

If you want to rank high on google for keywords with high traffic and good CPC then SEMrush is the best tool. It’s a paid tool but you can get 7 days free trial

Because I’d be using it for this tutorial.

Continue learning how to do it yourself below.

Using Semrush to Find high paying AdSense Keywords

Step 1: Identify your Competitors

The easiest way to find these lovely keywords is to actually be able to know who your competitors are and what keywords give them the most traffic. Is it profitable? Does it have a high cost per click?

There are 2 best ways I find who my competitors are.

  1. Put in your niche keyword into google, websites that appear on google’s first page for that keyword are your competitors
  2. Using the semrush tool to find your competitors

This will be used to find keywords with high cost per click in the step 2 below.

  • If you are using the 1. above then after entering your keyword into google search, copy the top 10 websites ranking for your keyword into a text editor like Notepad.
  • If you are going to use semrush to find your competitors then skip 1 above.

Step 2: Signup for SEMrush 7 days free trial

a. Using the No. 1 above

When done signing up pick the websites you saved in notepad. One after the other.

Use these to analyze the website ==>

Replace website in red with the website url you want to analyze and you should see something similar to below.

I’d be using as an example to find keywords with high cpc

Lookup the Organic Keywords as seen below

high cpc keywords

Click on the View More Report 

This will bring up a list of keywords is actually ranking for as seen below. Click on the CPC Tab and it will automatically sort the keywords with high cpc first.

See below image.

keywords with high cpc

You can see the Cost Per Click for the keywords in the above image.

Export or copy the keywords that suite your blog contents and ones with low keyword difficulty and use them to write your articles.

B. Using the Semrush tool for finding your competitors

You can as well find your competitors without entering any keyword into google search [This is not so recommended but works too]

Follow the same procedure above. This time, enter in your OWN blog URL in thesame format.


Now when it loads, scroll down to see your Main Organic Competitors as seen below.

organic competitors

Now you can click through each of them and repeat the process above to find keywords with hight cost per click.

As simple as that.

Final and Most Important Step

Now that you have these keywords there’s this last step you need to follow to start seeing them take maximum effect in increasing your adsense revenue.

You need to rank them on google.

It’d all be a waste if you get these keywords and not able to get organic traffic to them.

One thing, is writing and another is getting traffic, then more clicks.

There’s no use targeting these gold keywords that can make you lot of money when you can’t rank them on google’s First Page for maximum traffic.

How to Rank High Cpc Keywords

If you want to rank these keywords on google search, then check my post on how to use SEMrush for keyword research and get #1 ranking Following this Post, you’re able learn how to find high cpc keywords for google adsense, use them and rank to your success.

Have questions? Drop them in the comment section and have a great time!

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