Namecheap Affiliate Program Review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL etc

If you want to make money from Webhosting Companies, then Namecheap Affiliate Program is definitely one of the best and easy way.

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You are here on this post definitely indicates you are looking for a well detailed review of the namecheap affiliate program featuring.

  • How it Works
  • Applicati0n Procedures
  • Legit or Not
  • Add yours

and Yes,

I would be explaining in details how this Affiliate program works and how you can leverage it and make more money doing affiliate marketing.

Just to let you know that this Program is worth promoting on your website or blog, here is a detailed information on Namecheap.

About Namecheap

Namecheap Webhosting and Domain Registrar is a well known and known to be one of the best webhosting companies right now on the internet.

According to Wikipedia.

Namecheap, Inc. is an ICANN accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona. Wikipedia
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States
CEO: Richard Kirkendall (Aug 2001–)
Founder: Richard Kirkendall
Founded: 2000
While you don’t really need this information, it’d do a whole lot of good to know about this awesome webhosting company before promoting it with visitors to your blog or website.
What’s the Big Deal?
With such a trusted webhosting company, you are opportune to promote them and make some good commission.
Products you can Promote include;
  • Domain names
  • Web hosting Plans
  • SSL Certificates
  • Etc

This is the second affiliate program am sharing here on this blog that actually earns you money even for sales of its domain. Ofcourse many webhosting companies only pay you for hosting purchases.

It’s not so with Namecheap.

Am going to show you exactly how to do it in just a few minutes.

How to Make Money with Namecheap

 Every company wish to make more sales. As a result of this, they love honest publishers like you who can promote their awesome products on your blog and in return.
  • They make more sales
  • Offer you Some % Commission for taking the time to help promote
  • A Win Win for the both of you

Having known this you may be asking “Prosper, how do I get started right away?”
I will show you but before then;

How Much can you actually Earn as a Namecheap Affiliate?

In every business for sure. You need to Work Smart to Make it Big however let me show you how much you can likely earn from the namecheap affiliate program.

15% Commission is Dead

This post is the most updated on the internet right now and count yourself lucky right here.

Back then when namecheap affiliate program was launched, they had a system which is now outdated as the new system is live.

The Old system actually pays you

  • 15% for whoever you refer to namecheap through your link. This applies to Domains, Webhosting etc..

Well, I guess the commission was kinda low compared to other webhosting affiliate programs and as well affiliate link tracking issues.

It’s now shutdown and a new system released. Better and Easier.

The New Namecheap Affiliate System is Better and Live.

My Blog here is hosted on Namecheap and as a customer or an affiliate of Namcheap i get regular emails on latest news from the site.

Recently I received a mail from Namecheap concerning the new Affiliate System. This new system is now connected to the world leading affiliate platform that connects Publishers (you)  with advertisers (Namecheap).

The New Commission Rate

  • Domain Registration: 20%
  • Hosting Purchases : 30%
  • SSL Certificates : 30%
  • Etc

Wonderful, isn’t it?

Now you can make your calculation and know how much commission you can earn from this awesome affiliate program.

Ok! “Enough of the Explanation, take me to the Registration Procedures you say”

How to Apply for Namecheap Affiliate Program

The Registration procedures involves just few steps.

  • Signup
  • Apply
  • Accept and get Approve
  • Promote
  • Make Sales.

I will break them down for you. It’s way very easy: even a complete beginner can signup and start earning right away.

Follow below steps to get started

Step 1: Visit Impact Radius

But Wait:

What is Impact Radius?

Just as said earlier, Impact radius is an affiliate management platform. When you register for impact radius you not only promote namecheap but as well lots other webhosting companies such as Hostgator.

This is one of the best platform for managing affiliate and they keep correct track of your clicks and conversion.

Similar Websites to Impact Radius are:

  • Commission Junction
  • Vglinks
  • Rakuten Affiliate
  • Etc.

So the first step is to sign up for impact radius. If you are already have an account with impact radius, you should click on the I already have an account link on the website.

namecheap affiliate registration

Step 2: Apply to the Namecheap Affiliate Program. If you follow the link above, Impact radius will take you through the application.

Fill in your correct details. Accept the terms and you just applied to the affiliate program.

Step 3: Wait for Approval

Within 24hours, you should get the approval email from namecheap welcoming you into their affiliate program.

Now that you have successfully applied What Next?

How to Promote Namecheap Domains, Hosting, SSL Certificates etc.

You have applied, been approved and the next question is “how do I effectively promote and make money?”

Get your Affiliate Links

First you need to login to your impact radius dashboard and there you have a range of banners to put up on your blog as well as the general affiliate link.

Just look up any banner of your choice and click on the get code.

affiliate links of namecheap

How to Withdraw your Namecheap Commission via Impact Radius

Of course you are not working for free. You need to withdraw your commission when it reaches threshold.

From your Dashboard, click on the the add bank Account information and get ready to receive your payments.

Important thing to note about this Program

I had a live chat with the namecheap support and here are things you should know about the affiliate program

  • The customer may not have register using your affiliate but must use your link to order their first product on namecheap. If he or she has registered long ago and have purchased a product already. Then using your affiliate link is useless and will not earn you a dime.

Best ways to Skyrocket your Earnings Promoting namecheap

If you want to make more commisson, then

  • Write “How to Start a Blog” Posts featuring Namecheap
  • Include your banner in content
  • Write reviews of Namecheap and have your affiliate link in place
  • Get more targeted traffic to your blog

Checkout: Tips and Tricks for an affiliate marketer

Now you know that the Namecheap Affiliate Program can earn you much commission if you followed the steps in this post.

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If you just read this post, I will advice you to not just read, but read and take action. That’s the best way to make it work well for you!

Have any questions? Drop them in the comment section and I will reply as soon as i can.

Share it with friends on social media and have a great time.

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15 Responses to “Namecheap Affiliate Program Review: Earn Money for Domain Sales, Hosting, SSL etc

  • Hi Prosper,

    I actually just updated my links to the new Impact Radius platform. I did it because Namecheap sent me an email saying that the old affiliate links would no longer work.

    I really like the new platform. It’s easy to find your way around and find what you need.

    Personally, I get all my domains from Namecheap. I even purchased my SSL certificate from them.

    I’ve never really got my domains from any other place. Thanks for sharing how to get signed up with the new Namecheap affiliate platform.

    Have a great day 🙂


  • Hey noah!
    Nicely written up. As a new learner I must say your article will help a lot to understand the things quickly. Great article indeed.

  • I will try as a beginner and see….. Nice article

  • i will really try

  • Great i love your post, Thanks for such a informative i will sign up and see how it goes 0

  • Does the 20% commission just for first time purchases, or does the 20% commission payment apply for each renewal of the domain as well? It seems this would be an obvious thing to mention, yet I can’t find this info anywhere. Heck, Namecheap’s own website doesn’t even mention how much they pay in commissions. At least I can’t find that info on their site. Thanks for an answer to my question.

    • The 20% commission is meant for first purchase only, doesnt apply to renewal.

      Its “NOT recurring commission”

  • nice article boss… This article is very educative.

    shopify affiliate program is another affiliate program that pays well.

  • Nice article boss… Actually I want to look forward toshareasale affiliate program..

  • very nice boss… can’t believe when I saw this on first position in first page of Google..

    Well explaned

  • Very insightful post and in-depth. But would it be advisable to start affiliate marketing on a 3 weeks old blog?

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