4 Reliable Websites to Buy Cheap Domain Names for your Next blog

When it comes to buying cheap domain names for building your websites or blogs, there are always questions as to which websites are best or reliable.

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Starting your new blog would always require you get a good domain name however the big question still remains. Are there any cheap domain names registrars out there on the internet that are trusted?

If that is your question, then you are on the right Post, here you are going to learn of the 5 trusted websites where you can actually get affordable domain names for your next project.

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you will know couple of topics have been covered on choosing good domain names plus the tips and tricks. Some of the articles are below for easy check through.


I always recommend you keep your domain name different from your hosting company. The reason is because you are on the safer side. If you happen to lose or have problems with your hosting company and lose your files. You can always get a new hosting while your domain name is still intact having all its link juice and backlinks. so incase anything happens to the hosting company and you happen to lost your files, you won’t lose your domain name too if its with another registrar.

This does not mean you should’nt register your domain name with thesame hosting company but a headsdup as to advantages of having your hosting and domain in two different companies.

Choosing a good domain name registrar can be confusing at times. It shouldn’t be anyway. Let’s take a look at the best websites where you can actually buy cheap domain names featuring their quality service, pricing and plans.

The 4 trusted Websites to Buy Low-Cost or Cheap Domain Names

We at tipsonblogging share with you the top sites below.


Checkout Namecheap Pricing and Plans

namecheap domain registrar

Namecheap has been in operation for the past 17 years as at the time of writing this post. They are generally loved for their quality service and as you can see in their domain name they offer cheap domain names registration as low as $8.88 [.com] for first year and $10.99 for renewal. .org and .net  costs around $12.88 yearly. You are always given a % for the first year to help you save.

Namecheap is one of the best when it comes to customer support via email as compared to Godaddy and other domain registrars. You are assured of full customer support 24/7.


Checkout Godaddy Pricing and Plans

godaddy cheap domains

It’s no doubt that Godaddy is one best places to buy inexpensive domain names. Godaddy is an american traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of May 2017, GoDaddy has approximately 17 million customers and over 6,000 employees worldwide. The company is known for its advertising according to Wikipedia.

Whenever I have sites to design for clients on freelance, godaddy is my go to place. I can always buy buy domain names and save up to 75% also noting the quality service they provide.

When buying domain names you want to make sure you don’t buy because it’s cheap but how reliable the registrar is, fortunately godaddy has all of the qualities you need in a good domain registrar. yo can register domain names for as low as $1.17 for the first year, around $10-15 renewal as a new customer coupled with lots of other ways to help you save as an existing customer too.


In the real word, they still are the best in the domain registration industry.


Checkout Name Pricing and Plans

name.com domain registrar

Name.com was founded in 2002, an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company based in Denver, Colorado. The company currently has more than 320,000 customers and 1.9M domains under management, and employs 37 people in 6 departments according to wikipedia

You can register your domain names for as low as $12.99 for .com, $11.99 for .org domains, and .net. They are a good domain registrar but I cant really tell of the hosting as I haven’t used it. Compared to above listed registrars, they are not so cheap but have a nice management and good support  that an handle your issues 24/7.

You can register lots of  TLD (Top level Domain) cheap apart from .com, .org etc.

You should consider checking out name.com for your next domain registration.


domain.com cheap domain registrarDomain.com is a secure and reliable domain registrar. As seen in above screenshot, you can actually get cheap domin names from domain.com website. If you are looking for inexpensive domain names then you have domain.com to your advantage.

You can get .com domain names for as low as $9.99 .com, $11.99 .net, $14.99 .org yearly and a whooping $2.99 for a .info domain name. However I don’t recommend .info domains as chances of getting ranked on search engines is questionable.

You should always go with .com or. net Top level domains, they work well on Serp (Search engine result page).

While these domain registrars offer you cheap domain names registration services, there are few things you should always take note of before buying

  • Can you transfer the domain names after registration? if yes, what is the duration?
  • Customer support: It’s covered here on the post
  • Always take note of extra charges yo may not discover easily such as Ican fee or privacy charges

Wrapping up

Buying cheap domain names from trusted websites should not be a problem after reading this article. However choosing a good domain still matters a lot.

I have something Important for you (about 100 more words)

Want to know the best cheap domain registrars I recommend for complete newbies?  There it is below.


The best domain registrars for Complete Newbies ?

If you are a newbie and wondering which one I recommend among the four listed above, to start your blog then you should go with Namecheap or Godaddy. They are cheap and flexible for newbies.

Note: Godaddy is very strict when it comes to security so make sure you register with your correct details as you may be required to supply the later. If you are not able to, you may get locked out of your account as well as your domain.


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