How to Increase Google Page Rank of your Blog

Are you new to blogging and looking to know the best way to increase your website page rank and authority?

Nowadays new Bloggers and Webmasters are always worried about google page rank or their blog/website.

Today in this article I am going to share you all how to significantly increase google page rank. Google Pagerank is the most important thing to get your site to the top of google search results.

Today’s Post is coming from a guest author  Jalil Mehar.

If you have more PageRank then you have more possibility to appear on the upper part than the sites of lower PageRank.

That’s why most bloggers and webmasters are always thinking and trying to increase their google page rank. But before we go ahead let me tell what google page rank is? So we go further after the introduction and benefits of google page rank.

increase google pagerank

What Is Google Pagerank:

Google Pagerank is a rank given by google to websites and blogs. Google ranks blogs and websites by high-quality backlinks or simply backlinks the website or blog has. The minimum number of Google page rank is “0. Usually, The sites which are recently created and they are new, so they get PageRank “N/A” means Page Rank not yet assigned.If you have higher PageRank, you will get better search results. The google rank starts from 0 to 10 to consider the ranking of a website in the search results in top keywords.

To check your website page rank, please go here.

Benefits of higher Google page rank.

  • More chances to gain the best position on the front page of google search results.
  • The more page rank you have, the more you get advertisers.
  • Give significant value to your blog.
  • You Will get more guest post request.

1) Quality Content:

As Everyone knows Content is the leader of blogging. If you have good content, then it would have more chances of getting more backlinks. Writing quality and unique content is the best way of creating backlinks to your blog or website without any additional effort.

You just need to write great content which will inspire your visitors, and they will automatically give you backlinks from their blogs.

Google gives an advantage to quality content because your quality content may be shared by others and also linked by others on their blog, so you will easily get free links to your content from other blogs.

2) Guest Posting:

Guest posting has the first position when you ask for building links.Guest posting is the best way to get totally free do-follow backlinks.

Many blog owners offer guest posting. You just need to find a good blog with good content and good google page rank. Make sure the blog owner accepts guest posts.

Some Quality blogs which accept guest posts.

3) Post Links on Forum Sites

Forums are a great source of getting quality backlinks. What you have to do is find a high PageRank forum and add your website or blog link in about me, Many forums offer signature, it is a great source of getting backlinks.

Whenever you comment on a post or post something on the forum, your signature is shown under your post or comment. So, you better use signature.

4) Commenting on Blogs.

Commenting on blogs and leaving you blog or website links in comments is also a great way to increase your blog/website backlinks but keep in mind that the blog much be Do-Follow and Warning do not go Link crazy.

Many bloggers hear that it is good to comment on blogs and they go crazy and always comment on blogs but I suggest you comment on blogs but not so much only 5 to 10 comments per day work on Forums and Guest Posting.

5) Submitting to RSS Directories

Every blog owners want to increase their blog exposure & also they want to increase their traffic.

The popular way to exposure, gain backlinks and increase traffic is to submit your blog on RSS Directories. Submitting your blog/website to RSS Directories will help you in increasing your backlinks and Google PageRank.

This is also a free way to gain backlinks and we already told backlink is the backbone of increasing google page rank. is one of popular RSS directories in the world today. Check more here.

6) Updating your Site Regularly:

Google keep an eye on websites to see is the owner updating it regularly or not. If you do not update your site for a long time. You will lose your Google Pagerank. So try to update your blog/website daily to gain a good google page rank.

7) Submit to Blog Directories:

As everyone knows good quality backlinks are very important for increasing your Google PageRank. That’s why you must submit your blog/website to high Pagerank Blog Directories. The blog directories have great page rank and authority that will help you to increase your page rank by submitting your blog to their directories. They will also help you to gain some decent referral traffic as well.

The blog directories have great page rank and authority that will help you to increase your page rank by submitting your blog to their directories. They will also help you to gain some decent referral traffic as well.

8) Linking your blog within your own Blog Posts:

This is a very popular strategy that I notice on every popular blogs. It is a good idea to Link you own blog posts in your own blog posts. I also use this you can see my many posts are interlinked with my other blog posts. It is also a good way of increasing Google Page Rank.

It is also a good way of increasing Google Page Rank.

I hope this tutorial helped you in the destination of google page rank, If yes then please don’t forget to share this post with your friends, family, and social media profiles.

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49 thoughts on “How to Increase Google Page Rank of your Blog”

  1. Good tips Jalil. Content is the juice that makes the Page Rank engine go. Even though I pay little attention to metrics I spotted an increase in all my ranking stats when I doubled down on creating quality, targeted content, designed to help folks who wanted smart blogging tips. By helping readers in a thorough fashion I reaped the rewards of my service.

  2. Hey, MR: Jalil
    Very interesting ways to boost Page Rank & SEO. These tips are really helpful. Thank for sharing this informative blog post, I’m surely going to follow your tips to improve the ranking of my website.

  3. It all starts with the content. I am a freelance writer of more than a decade and I can say with 100% certainty, if you don’t get the content part right, not much else will matter.

    I have helped clients get the content part right and followed piss-poor directions from others for content I knew wouldn’t do the trick. I HATE writing for clients that don’t do things the right way and want piddly 300-word articles about nothing but a handful of keywords. It’s not quality and I hate producing it.

    Today, I don’t write for those types of clients anymore and I am cutting clients altogether. I am creating my own quality content, which is the foundation of any good website/blog.

    If you don’t get anything else out of this article, get the content part right. Get that right and the rest might just happen accidentally. Master content and you’ll be light years ahead of the competition.

    All around, great tips found here for sure!

  4. Hey, Jalil
    This article written very well. This article is full of information. Thanks for shearing your valuable thoughts.

  5. Hi Jalil,

    You shared many top ways to increase your page rank.

    And as you say, page rank is so important to the success of your blog.

    I think guest posting might be one of the best ways to increase your page rank.

    But also, blog commenting is a mighty powerful technique.

    Both take time, but that’s the business of blogging 🙂

    Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.


  6. Hi Jalil,

    Great tips for anyone who is looking to improve their page rank. Personally, I don’t really pay any attention to these metrics on my blog.

    The content part is the part that I focus on for my blog. I’ve made it a point to set a blogging schedule that I stick with each and every week since starting my blog.

    I’ve now noticed that most of my traffic is coming from SEO. Which is awesome and I know that the more content I post on my blog, the traffic will just continue to grow.

    Thanks for sharing these tips have a great day 🙂


  7. This is just an amazing guide Jalil, I am looking for a long time what is google page rank and how to improve it. Finally I found it here, Thank you so much for shearing.

  8. Good job, Jalil.

    Content creation has a vibrant relationship with value creation. If your content is not giving value, I think it shouldn’t have been made open at the first place.

    However, I believe that writing a unique content is one of the best ways of creating relevant backlinks to blog.

    I’m taking some structures unveiled here, to practice.

  9. Thanks Prosper for sharing useful tips for ranking a blog. I will try to imply all the tips in my blog so that it can gain traffic and generate revenue. I do affiliate marketing on my blog and deal in coupons such as online shopping and antivirus offers.

  10. Wow, I am totally going to go through these and see what I find! My biggest issue is I am not suite sure who I should consider direct competition, so I tend to get “mind-blocked” when I start to think about SEO…I am really glad you wrote this, because I have been thinking a lot about SEO, and how it’s my next mountain to climb, so this will help me dip my toe in the pool and get started :o)

  11. It all starts with the content.I personally believe unique content is one of the best ways of creating relevant backlinks to blog. a quite nice article for beginners.


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