Blogging Traffic 101: The Evergreen Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic Permanently

When Prosper asked me to write this guest post I thought about writing the ultimate guide to driving your blog traffic.

The old me? That guy would have written a 5,000 word post with 20 plus tips.

The new me? This guy has learned over the past 9 years that driving a steadily increasing volume of blog traffic is not dependent on following a complex matrix of multiple strategies.

I drive more traffic to blogging From Paradise weekly by doing a few simple things persistently.

The beginner blogger’s mind desperately says, “I gotta do 1,000 different things today to drive traffic to my blog!”

The veteran blogger’s mind calmly and clearly says, “I will do a few simple things today multiple times to drive traffic to my blog.”

It’s not the number of things you do. It’s not the volume of things you do. It’s the effectiveness, the leveraging of each act and the energy behind your actions that determine how much traffic you drive to your blog.

Let’s dive into this simple but incredibly powerful blog traffic boosting guide to help you succeed with your blog.

1: Blog Your Passion

This is the most important tip on this list. By far.

All the practical tips on earth aren’t worth a hill of beans if you lack the passion to write, to blog and to practice diligently to develop your blogging skill set.

At 9:48 on a Saturday night I am writing these words. Because I love to write.

If I did not love writing or blogging I would be out on the town, enjoying New York City tonight. But since I love writing I am posting while other folks are out partying.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not a workaholic. I enjoy my offline life, circling the globe, having fun while I travel. But I put in the time to hone my craft to build my blog and to increase my blog traffic.

Most bloggers build traffic guides but totally forget this passion tip. If you don’t have fun blogging, you won’t follow proven, practical tips to build your traffic. You will quit when times get tough. You will throw in the towel after not making a dime over 6 months.

Blog your passion! What can you talk about all day long? Blog about it. Fall in love with blogging by covering a topic you love talking and blogging about.

This is the prime secret to my blogging success. I love what I do. I blog predominantly for fun. So I keep blogging, persist like heck and follow the below tips to increase my blog traffic steadily.

2: Stay on Topic

Stay on topic every single post to patiently grow traffic over time.

A few folks refer to me as “The Blogging From Paradise Guy.” This is smart branding at work but also the result of me choosing to blog about blogging tips every single post on my blog.

This is a major league traffic builder. Readers who observe you blogging about the same topic week in and week out see you as an authority or expert in that niche. Authorities or experts drive the most traffic to their sites because folks see them as the Go To Guy or Gal in their niche.

Resist the urge to go off topic. Stay on point. Be a specialist, not a generalist, and you will drive more traffic to your blog over the long haul.

3: Solve a Problem

I used to post whatever came to mind, related to my niche.

Now I solve a specific reader problem through each post.

I ask my readers about their blogging problems. Or I observe emails, social media questions and comments on my blog to tune into blogging problems. I post to solve blogging problems. Simple as that.

Solving specific problems related to your niche is about the most effective traffic builder I know of.

4: Post Consistently

Post at least 2-4 times monthly to drive a steady amount of traffic to your blog.

No need to post daily unless you have something thoughtful, in-depth and valuable to say daily. Few folks have this level of insight.

I post 2-3 times weekly on Blogging From Paradise to increase my blog traffic week over week.

I’d rather publish 2-3 posts weekly on my blog and and write 2-5 guest posts daily to drive traffic from new sources through the principle of leveraging.

Consistent posters grow on their readerships.

5: Build Your List

Email list traffic is traffic on demand.

I publish my new blog post. 10 minutes later I email the post to my list. Instant traffic.

Building your list is an easy way to drive a hefty amount of traffic to your blog quickly.

I use a pop up form, PUSH opt in button, sidebar opt in form and a slide in form as you scroll halfway down my blog to grow my email list.

Don’t be bashful guys. If you give people ample chances to opt in you will grow your list pronto. Be bold! Have posture.

6: Guest Post

Guest posting on blogs within my blogging tips niche helped me double my email list subscriber base in a few months.

I seek out all types of blogs; from super popular to lesser known gems, I enjoy building friendships with fellow blogger and driving traffic through the medium of guest posting.

This is a powerful form of leveraging.

I may have 60,000 community members but when I guest post on Pro Blogger I expose myself, my blog and my brand to 300,000 community members.

Follow a few top blogs in your niche. Get a feel for the writing voice used on the blog. Build friendships with these blog owners through blog commenting and by promoting these blogging big dawgs.

I am usually invited to guest post by my blogging buddies but if I do pitch a fellow established blogger, the friendships I built and my ability to mimic the blog voice helps me land guest posts on rocking blogs regularly

7: Comment Effectively on Blogs

I enjoy posting 1-4 paragraph long comments on blogs, both to make friends and to drive traffic.

Effective blog commenting is a traffic building tool for newbie and veteran bloggers alike. Anybody can share a helpful, authentic thought on virtually any blog. No barriers to entry as long as you stay out of the spam folder.

Personalize all comments. Address your fellow blogger by name. Be polite. Note a point made in the post. Expand on that point.

Your Turn

How are you building your blog traffic? What tips can you add to this list?

About the Author

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who’s been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you build a successful blog at Blogging From Paradise.

76 thoughts on “Blogging Traffic 101: The Evergreen Tips to Increase your Blog Traffic Permanently”

  1. Wow! That was awesome.

    You have just corroborated what I have in mind as to the frequency of posts one should make.

    You know I often get angry when I hear some self-acclaimed experts say they make 2 to 3 posts everybody. I kept telling myself unless it is copy and paste or a shallow write-up, it is practically impossible.

    What I lack and sincerely hope to build on is email list building. I once had a pop-up on my blog but yanked it off when I got complaint that it was interfering with readers accessibility to articles on the blog.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Francis,

      Am the guest host here.

      Trust you are doing great, glad you loved Ryan’s tips.

      Definitely email list is a must have, it helps build your loyal blog readers from scratch.

      Well, Pop ups to me works especially when its displayed when the visitors are about to leave your site.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation.

      Do have a nice day and share with friends.

  2. Kuddos to the “Blogging From Paradise Guy” *lols

    Thanks for the wonderful insight you just dropped, never found anyhow to day.

    l must say this, several individuals employ different traffic generation measures but I never heard you mention about social media. Never a traffic curating technique?

    Thanks once more for sharing these tips and to Mr Prosper, am seriously going to employ these tactics you gave up their for a try.

  3. Hi Ryan,

    Even while I dream the name “Ryan” keep coming to me. Hey man you gotta wake up and work!! Ryan is awake and is building his brand all day. Little by little, you are becoming a great source of motivation.

    I’m learning the commenting strategy. While doing this I learn that it creates a mutual relationship between the author and you. I post on my blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday of every week. I once took guest posting serious sometimes back, but, I think from this post I will need to bring it back hot alive again.

    The name Ryan is synonymous with the word Traffic. I know you just unveiled a few tips here (and more coming from Blogging Traffic 102). However, passion is one of the key reasons why even when things never work first, we persist.

    Thanks for sharing and being a source of Blogging Motivation. Mr Prosper, keep up the good work. Take care 🙂
    ~ Prince.

  4. Hy Ryan,

    Good Morning to you. This are all in one tips you’ve shared.

    Am glad you are leaving this here on my blog and I believe readers are going to find it alot helpful!

    Do have a nice day 😀

  5. Hi Ryan,

    Great tips especially for someone who is trying to build their blog from scratch or improve it all together.

    I totally agree with you about the importance of blogging your passion. Back in the day, I started a blog in a niche I didn’t like. In fact, I had no clue about anything about it.

    Fast forward several years later, that blog no longer exists. Now I blog in a niche I love and work in day in and out. I love it and it no longer feels like a chore to grow.

    Now I just need to get better at solving people’s problems.

    Thanks for taking the time to share, I love reading about your journey and seeing you everywhere.

    Have a great day 🙂


  6. Simple, precise and proven tips!

    It’s not easy especially when one is starting off but everything gets better with great tips like this!

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Hello Ryan,

    Thanks for sharing this post on Prosper’s blog.

    Blogging is a passion. Then from passion to business. Anybody who wants to start blogging must have the passion first. Anyone who wants to make money from it must be patient.

  8. My first applaud is ” thanks for not feeding us with SEO and Social media” that’s all we hear all day.

    Blogging your passion is what your goal should be and while doing so, you would also try to be consistent at it.

    I attained my first 4k page views daily when I started writing on series articles which required me writing 1 post in 2 days.

    Thanks once again. I really loved this post.

  9. You have totally changed my blogging idealogy, I always feel I have to write and post at least 3 articles each day and to be sincere it has not been easy at all.
    I have lost hours of sleep and fallen sick most timesmecn
    from now on I’d focus on writing quality articles and making sure they are relevant not just for search engines.
    I need help on growing email list…. Do you have concise tips on it?
    I blog at

    • Hi Gospel Caster,

      Yea, we all had that ideology on startup but we come to learn of the real ways to drive traffic as time goes on.

      Glad you found Ryan’s Tips helpful!
      Do share with friends.

  10. Wow! I learned a new thing I can call a secret! That’s “guest posting”. I have not been taking it serious since I started blogging. But I think hearing it from another traffic expert would make me focus more on writing guest post.

    Thanks for these tips Ryan.

  11. Hi Ryan and hello Prosper…
    I keep looking for tutorials like this and hoping to get better, Currently I have a very poor traffic rate, hope it grows someday.. thanks for the post Ryan.

    And Prosper, you’ve got an amazing blog design here, this is my first time visit but am already another subscriber!

  12. And just like that, I’ve become a daily visitor of TOB. Always great things to share. This is a wonderful posts. I love the idea of posting 2-3 posts weekly or even monthly. It gives room for on-page seo and linking practices. I find myself doing that more when I post less often than posting on daily basis. And also allows saturation of a post with enough traffic before bringjng another to the table.

  13. Hey Ryan,

    Great post on Prosper’s blog here.

    “Post at least 2-4 times monthly to drive a steady amount of traffic to your blog.” I definitely don’t do this. And since I started my new blog I made it a habit to NOT write so consistently … and yes it made traffic suffer early on, but I rely heavily on building backlinks and guest posting. In fact, I’m ramping up my guest posting now, and in the past month of so, I’ve seen a tremendouns increase in traffic from it.

    I like your other points, Ryan. The point about commenting on sites is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I remember on my old site, Shade of Info, that was one of the things I did religiously … and I drove a consistent amount of traffic from it. I started to get back in the habit of it these past few months on my new site.

    Great share.

    – Andrew

  14. Hey Ryan

    Not again!

    You’re not a traveler but also an blogpost traveler as I’ve seen your contribution on blogs

    I don’t have any more tips to convey as you’re already done

    But I need to add one point you can add Q&A sites like yahoo , quora and ask

    we can drive good amount of traffic via it

    Between let me know where you have contributed next so let me meet you there 😛

  15. Hi Ryan,

    Awesome blog post, and as always, practical and easy-to-follow tips. I think for me what works best are consistency and networking. Consistency in terms of blogging regularly, and networking in terms of guest blogging, making meaningful comments and helping other bloggers to share their content.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,


  16. Thanks for the wonderful post! Useful information encapsulated in a single piece of content. Really helpful for those who wants to increase their blog traffic in effective ways.

  17. Hii Ryan!!

    Wonderful stuff I must say..
    Couple of months ago, I had started my own blog where I write about Digital Marketing. Though some of my posts had gone viral in the past, some of them lag in terms of traffic. I will try to implement the things you articulated above and will report you the result.

  18. Hi Prosper,

    As always an interesting read. I agree with your points & appreciate your efforts that you have selected this topic to write an article.

    By the way, It’s always pleasure to read your posts and comment.

    ~ Donna


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