Why you Should not apply for more than 1 Payoneer Mastercard

Have you ever considered Why you Should not apply for more than 1 Payoneer MasterCard?
Payoneer Mastercard allows you receive payments online in your country  thereby making it look as if you have a bank in the United States of America. This is just short summary of what a Payoneer Mastercard is incase you have not heard of it before.
It offers three currencies in total, the germany’s Euro, Pounds and US Dollars. Payoneer Makes it look as if you have a bank account on one of these countries.
Payoneer Account (Overview)
Payoneer being free has its disadvantages too. Yea, Payoneer Mastercard is free but also has a way it charges you which means its not totally free.
On a post published by Oscar Lee, he wrote an article on his blog about his first experience with Payoneer Mastercard. It covered questions  like how much is being charged when you insert the Payoneer MasterCard card into your Local ATM machine. When you make a withdrawal and  when you check your Payoneer Account Balance.
He also gave some recommendations as to what you should take note of while using Payoneer Mastercard to avoid mistakes especially if you are new to using the card.
On this Post am going to be sharing with you “Why you shouldn’t apply for more than one Payoneer Mastercard.

Why you Should not Apply for more than 1 Payoneer MasterCard

1. Verification Issue

I have seen so many who are so desperate to have a payoneer Mastercard use fake IDs when applying not knowing it’s totally a mistake that can not be repaired. Now why do I say so? When applying for a Payoneer Mastercard and using an incorrect ID, consider below.
Do you know you would be required to provide that ID later for verification?
Little did you know that you’re going to provide that ID you used for verification later on. Now you say oh! really?

Yea, If you apply and are approved then later on you activate your card and let’s say you receive your first payment successfully. You would be asked to provide a scanned copy of the ID Card you used when applying.

Now this is where the problem comes in. You used an incorrect NIN (National Identification Number) and now you are asked to provide a scanned copy of the ID card for verification. If you fail to provide this you would still be able to receive payments. But the money would not be available for withdrawal at your Local ATM Machine.

Now this is one reason you should not apply for more than one Payoneer Account because you may not be able to verify it later.
Suggested: It is always recommended that before you take on anything online. you should look out the end product of it.

2. Its against Payoneer’s Guidelines

If you read Payoneer Guidelines for application. You would come across where it is stated that you are not allowed to have more than one Payoneer Mastercard.
I remember when I applied for my payoneer Mastercard. After applying for several times I got my card safely on last attempt. But I got a warning from Payoneer that am only allowed to have one Payoneer Mastercard that they have  noticed that I have applied more than twice.
Now what am I trying to say? Payoneer are working hard to make sure that no one gets more than one mastercard by manually reviewing the details of applicants carefully.

3. You risk losing your Payoneer MasterCard Permanently

So if you are the type that already have one and is still applying for another then they may eventually block your payoneer account and you will lose all available funds in it.


If you are one of those bloggers who help fellow bloger in getting his/her own Payoneer MasterCard. You should not use details such as your own name and or ID. If not, you risk terminating your own payoneer account and also that of the person you are helping.
So I recommend you only give him or her your address to use when applying. This way the both of you are safe from Payoneer’s Violation.
In summary of the above post;
  • Do not use an incorrect ID when applying for a payoneer MasterCard
  • You should not do so because you would be asked later on to provide your Real Identity Card which must contain the Id  Number and Name you used when applying.
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Hope this post passes out the information as the title implies. If you have any question and or contribution please do not forget to relay them in the comment box.
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