Godaddy Affiliate Program 2018 Review: Bloggers can Make Money even for Domain Sales

Affiliate Program still remains one of the best ways to make money from a blog with low traffic but targeted traffic. Looking for more ways to monetize your blog? then try Godaddy Affiliate Program.

This is one of the best domain name affiliate program right now.

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Right on this Post, you are going to be  learning how to signup with godaddy affiliate program and make some decent money promoting its webhosting, domains, SSL Certificates, etc.

About Godaddy

Godaddy Affiliate Program

Godaddy is the world’s most popular domain registrar and one of the cheapest but quality webhosting company founded 1997.

Almost everyone heard about this company in a good or a bad way, but in general GoDaddy reviews are pretty positive. ”

How to Make Money with Godaddy?

Godaddy has an affiliate program  that promises publishers 15% per sale.  When you signup with the program and refers anyone  to purchase any of it’s products you are paid 15% as commission.

Products you can promote are:

  • Domain Names
  • Webhosting/Wordpress Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • Lots more

The Amazing Part;

Many of the Popular Webhosting Affiliate Programs only pay you when a user purchase their webhosting package through your affiliate  but its not thesame with Godaddy. Godaddy pays you even for referring customers to purchase its domain names.

Who Can Promote Godaddy Affiliate Program?

There’s no niche that would not be allowed to promote Godaddy’s Affiliate Program but there’s always a Niche that would do better, have more sales than the other which is those blogs who are solely into blogging, Website Design, etc.

Why would those on the Blogging Niche do better?  This is because they talk more on how to start a blog and make it successful which definitely requires readers purchasing a Domain Name and as well Webhosting Packages to start their own blogs.

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Other Niche can as well succeed in Promoting Godaddy Affiliate Program by creating a guide to starting a blog on their blog. This could be a page or post on the blog, but should be kept where readers can get to see it easily!

How Can you Promote Godaddy Products and Make Money?

Every Affiliate Program requires a Platform for promotion and Godaddy Affiliate Program is not an exemption. Godaddy Products would be promoted through your blog with the help of Commission Junction.

What is Commission Junction?

Godaddy Affiliate Program

Ever heard of Commission Junction? Commission Junction popularly known as CJ is an Affiliate Marketing Company that serves as a middleman for Publishers and Advertisers. This would bring us down to what it really is;

An Advertiser has a product it wants to promote >> It looks for a channel through which that product can be promoted which is Commission Junction >> Publishers promote the products (YOU are the Publisher)

Commission Junction’s job is to ensure a sale was made through your affiliate link with the help of its tracking tools and you get paid commission for the sale.

As a godaddy affiliate you can actually promote either with commission junction or zanox.

In the upcoming post I’d be making a commission junction vs zanox review.

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How Can you Signup with Commission Junction?

Before you can signup with Commission Junction, you’d need a blog that target what you want to be promoting as an affiliate of CJ (Commission Junction). That is what advertisers would check before you are approved to their affiliate network.

You need a well designed blog with cool and professional look to impress an advertiser.

When you know well that your blog fulfils the requirements of a professional blog you can follow the below steps to signup for Commission Junction.

Step 1:

Visit the Commission Junction Website and hit Signup today as seen in the below screenshot.

Fill in your correct and necessary details into each field available and hit signup. Verify your email by clicking on the link that would be sent to it.

Godaddy Affiliate Program

Click on Create my Account with CJ link in the email sent to you and you should be redirected immediately to where you fill your full account details. Make sure you fill all necessary fields with the correct details and agree to all the terms and agreements.

Finally click on Accept Terms. You’d be taken directly to your login page and to Dashboard if you login.

The Dashboard looks similar to below screenshot

godaddy affiliate program

Finally, you need to setup how you can receive your godaddy affiliate earnings. Godaddy Affiliate Program lets you withdraw your earnings when it reaches a threshold of $100 via Paypal or Payoneer.

How to Get Paid your Earnings from Commission Junction

Now that you’ve setup an account on Commission Junction, its time you add your Bank or Paypal Details generally known as payment details.

In order to be eligible for Payments on Commission Junction, you need to edit your Tax Information which can be done by going to the settings tab >> Administrative Settings

For Non US Residents 

Click on Edit beside Tax Information. You will be prompted to Enter your Password, Do so and select the first option for Non US Persons as seen in the below screenshot.

Withdraw Earnings from commission Junction

Now all you need do is fill in your Payee Name and Signature and hit Submit Form.

Now you Can Edit your Payment Details.

How to Apply for Godaddy Affiliate Program via Commission Junction

Now that all is set, you need to apply for Godaddy Affiliate Program from your Commission Junction Dashboard. Follow the Below steps.

Click on Advertisers, in the field for Keywords Input Godaddy and hit Search

From the Search Results, checkout for Godaddy and when you see it Click on the Plus Button to apply for it.

That’s all. Now you need wait for Approval within few days.

There’s More;

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Tricks to get Approved Faster for Godaddy Affiliate Program

Most times you may not get attention on time. So you need to send a mail to the Affiliate Program’s contact mail stating your Email Address and Website you would like to promote their Products. You can  get advertiser’s email when you click on the details.

They May Likely reply you within 24hours stating if you are approved or not into their program.

When approved, you’d be provided with a range of godaddy referral codes also known as Banners and Links you can promote on your blog to earn money.

So this is all about Making Money with Godaddy Affiliate Program.

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Over to you;

Would you give the Affiliate Program a try? Have you been promoting Godaddy Products and earning extra money with your blog? Let me Know in your comments.

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22 Responses to “Godaddy Affiliate Program 2018 Review: Bloggers can Make Money even for Domain Sales

  • WOW! Prosper i never knew about this. Thank you so much for this post. I’ll try them out.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Glad to have you here once more.
      Yea a very few know about Godaddy Affiliate Program and it’s pay even for Domain sales.

      Give it a try and share with friends ☺

  • Thanks, I will like to give a try!

  • Hi Prosper,

    I actually applied to the GoDaddy affiliate program a while ago but never heard about them. I guess I need to email them to see if they can approve my application.

    I think this will be a great way for me to earn some extra money. A lot of my WordPress clients use GoDaddy for everything.

    It wouldn’t hurt to join their program and see if I can increase my commissions while doing client work.

    Thanks for sharing, have a great day 🙂


    • Hi Susan,

      Glad to have you here once more and thanks for adding to the conversation.

      You may not get a reply from them for a long-time that was why I shared an Extra Tip in the article to get approval quickly which is emailing them.

      I believe they would definitely approve your application, on seeing the quality of your blog 😄.

      Thanks for coming and have a nice day!

  • When i checked on my bookmarked pages and saw tipsonblogging on the list, I clicked and only to see that I have missed a lot.

    Thanks a lot prosper, I will surely give this a try.

    -Sylvester Chidi

  • Hi Sylvester,

    We miss your presence here too;
    Stay in touch!

    You can subscribe to the newsletter to get all posts in your email

  • Hasan Raza
    4 years ago

    Web Hosting Affiliate Program of Godaddy seems good, but I would suggest to have a look at Cloudways affiliate program with which one can earn upto $4,140 per month, Cloudways also give a straight bonus of $25 when a referral first signup’s and becomes a paying customer, the best of all is the 10% recurring commission per year for each paying referred clients.

  • Hi hamza,

    You are welcome to my blog and thanks for the suggestion.

    Do share the post with friends and have a nice day!

  • i actually applied for this and didnt get approved, my niche then was news and entertainment. i later reapplied with my ne tech blog and was approved the next day.
    thanks a lot prosper.

  • I need to try out this affiliate program. Didn’t know that a great blog like this existed at all. Happy you found it

  • Now a regular subscriber to this blog

  • As I know that Godaddy stopped paying commission for “Bulk Domain Name Registration” sales on CJ affiliate network. It means that if you have sales $10,000 through “Bulk Domain Name Registration”, then your commission is $0. I think It affected to revenue a lot. Many people have huge sales through Bulk domain name registration and they earned nothing.

  • Hello,
    Curious, if the customer buys a hosting package, the commission goes to the affiliate. What happens when the hosting package is then renewed? or the Domain name is renewed? Is there a recurring affiliate commission?

    • No Kim,

      There’s no recurring commission.

      You could check the Semrush affiliate program instead, it gives recurring commission!

    • No Kim,

      There’s no recurring commission.

      You could check the Semrush affiliate program instead, it gives recurring commission!

  • What is commission rate for godaddy affiliate on hosting purchase

  • Awesome info, this will be very helpful for me, Noah!

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