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5 Best Long Form AI Writer Tools + Features (2024)

Are you looking for the best long form AI writer to help you create long-form content like blog articles? Want a good list along with their features? You've arrived at the right place.

Writing is hard, we all know that.

This is why AI copywriting assistants have come to the rescue. With their tools and templates you can end writer's block.

The only setback is that few of them offer long form content creation. Most AI writing tools only let you create short form content. 

You want an AI writer that will help you create full articles at the click of a button?

A tool you can give your article's title and outlines and it will go ahead and generate a full blog article?

One that can even generate article ideas, outlines, titles and full post for you?

All correct?


Okay, let's be real

If this isn't what you're looking for then please feel free to leave the page right now. No hard feelings but if it is, keep reading.

We write a lot of articles on Artificial intelligence blog writing. From AI content writer lifetime deals to best alternatives, etc.

Its hard making decision online, this is why we take that load off our readers and do all the hard work instead.

We do all the research, comparison and much more. So feel free to pick anyone of your choice.

Enough bragging already haha… let's not waste your time.

In this post today we are going to show you the best AI writing tools that offer long form content creation.

In fact, we are also going to list their unique and key features along with pricing.

First we'll list the best 5 and then go into more details on each of them.

Sounds good?

Then let's get to it right away.

If you don't want to waste a lot of time reading, here is our top picks after a lot of research.

Our Top Picks

(1) CopyAI (Most Recommended) 

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(2) JasperAI (Best Alternative)

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5 Best Long Form AI Writer Tools 2024

  1. Copy.ai
  2. Jasper AI
  3. Writecream
  4. Rytr.me
  5. Writesonic

Let's go into more details on each of these AI writers and their features as well as pricing.

1. Copy.ai

copy.ai the best long form ai writer

CopyAI is going on top of this list of the best long-form AI writing tools.

Why? because it's what we use to create content on a regular basis. We recommend our readers to use exactly what we use.

Copy.ai is one of the best AI copywriting assistants. Over 4,000,000+ professionals and teams use it for content creation.

You can use it to create long form articles for your blogs.

It comes with over 90+ copywriting tools and templates. It can also create ad copies, social media content, and much more.

What's amazing?

You can try it's pro plan for 7 days for free.

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Want more details and how copyai can help you create long form content? then let's see the features.

CopyAI Features List 

CopyAI comes with amazing features that help you with long-form content creation. It includes the following;

  • Blogpost Wizard (For creating long blog articles) 
  • Blog ideas generator 
  • Generate meta descriptions for blog posts 
  • Write in over 25 different languages
  • Access to 90+ copywriting templates and tools 
  • Write blog posts, ad copies, social media content, product descriptions, etc. 

Copy AI Pricing Plans

Copy Ai has three pricing plans and they include free, pro and custom. 

  • Free Plan: This plan from Copyai lets you use the tool forever to create content. You can also use the pro plan free for 7 days.  
  • Pro Plan: It costs $49 per month ($36 per month if you pay yearly). If you want to create long form content this is the plan you need. 
  • Custom: The custom plan is best for agencies and teams. You can contact the team to request it. 

If you want to save money, you can check our copy ai promo code article. 

So what are you still waiting for? Use the button below to try Copyai free trial.

2. Jasper AI

jasper ai

Jasper is another long-form AI writer to create content for your business. In a matter of minutes you can generate long articles, product reviews, stories, and much more. 

Here are a few things you can use JasperAI to create;

  • Blog articles 
  • Books
  • Emails
  • Facebook and Google Ads copies
  • Product Reviews and descriptions
  • Stories and much more. 

Jasper.ai Features List

Jasper comes with very good features for long form content creation. They include the following.

  • Over 100 copywriting tools
  • Jasper recipes (Repetitive commands to help you create full blog posts)
  • Blog post editor (Edit your long content)
  • Surfer SEO (for keyword research)
  • Write in over 25+ languages
  • Speech-to-text
  • Grammarly
  • Plagiarism checker tool

Try Jasper for 5 days

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Jasper offers three pricing plans which include starter, boss mode and business. 

  • Starter Plan: This plan costs from $29 per month ($24/mo when you pay yearly). Starter pricing goes way up to $399 per month if you want to generate more content.
  • Boss Mode Plan: The most popular plan from Jasper which lets you create lots of content. It costs $59 per month ($49/mo if you pay yearly). Like starter, it goes as high as $600 per month if you want to create more content.
  • Business Plan: This plan is best suitable for teams and agencies. You can see its price on support request.   

Jasper also has a 5-day trial for you to try the tool for free. It comes with 10,000 credits to use for content creation. 

Use the button link below to try Jasper Free. 

3. Writecream

writecream AI

Writecream is best known to generate personalized cold emails, podcasts and YouTube voice-overs. But when it comes to long-form content creation, it's an industry leader. 

In fact, when we compared Writecream vs Jasper we found out it offered more features. The text output is also high quality. 

Writecream comes with writing tools and templates to help you create long-form content. They include the following; 

  • Long form editor (for editing your long articles)
  • Article writer (generate complete blog article in minutes)
  • Blog Ideas
  • Paraphraser for rewriting your text
  • Text summarizer etc. 

These tools make it easy and fast create long form content. 

Want to give it a try?

Try Writecream for Free

If you want more details, then read our Writecream AI review to find out more about this amazing AI copywriting tool

Writecream Features List

This AI writer comes with amazing features for content creation. They include the following;

  • Access to generate content in over 75 languages
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Create blog posts, product reviews, social media captions, ad copies and much more. 
  • Chrome extension
  • Answer Quora questions Etc.

Writecream Pricing Plans

Writecream offers four pricing plans and packages. They include Free, unlimited, standard and extended. 

  • Free Plan: This plan gives you access to all features and 20 credits per month. You can create 2 long and short articles. 
  • Unlimited Plan: A limited time plan that lets you create unlimited content. It costs $29 per month. With this plan plan you can create many long blog articles. 
  • Standard Plan: This is the first paid plan from Writecream. It costs  $49 per month and lets you create 20 long and 40 short blog articles. 
  • Extended Plan: Extended costs $69 per month. It is the most expensive plan and gives you access to create 75 long and 150 long blog articles. 

You can check out Writecream lifetime deal to grab a huge one time offer discount on Appsumo. 

4. Rytr.me

rytr image

Rytr is an AI content writer that helps you create high quality content. One of the features that make Rytr.me stand out is it's generous free forever plan. 

Over 3 million copywriters, marketers and entrepreneur use Rytr. It has an excellent 4.9 out of 5 rating on popular review platforms such as Trustpilot and G2

Below are the writing tools that make it possible to create long-form content using Rytr;

  • Blog Ideas and Outlines
  • Text generator tools such as Paraphraser, improver, expander and more
  • SEO integration (create SEO optimized content with target keywords) 
  • Chrome extension to make creating articles easy and fast

Try Rytr for Free 

Rytr.me Features List

Rytr wins when it comes to the many features that AI writing tools offer. You can see the features below;

  • Create content in many languages (over 30+)
  • Choose from over 20 tones 
  • 30+ use cases to create content
  • Plagiarism checker
  • WordPress plugin
  • Create blog articles, social media content, ad copies, emails and more. 
  • SEO analyzer

Rytr Pricing Plans

Rytr pricing starts from $9 to $29 per month on it's saver and unlimited plan. 

The packages include free, saver and unlimited. 

  • Free Plan: Generous free forever plan from Rytr.me that lets you test the AI writer for free. You get access to 5,000 characters per month for content creation. 
  • Saver Plan: Saver gives you access to generate up 50,000 characters worth of content per month. You can also create your own custom writing tools (also known as use cases). It costs $9 per month (with 2 months free)
  • Unlimited Plan: As the name sounds, with this plan you can create unlimited content. It costs $29 per month (with 2 months free)

5. Writesonic

writesonic long-form content writer

We saved one of the best for the last. Writesonic is a powerful AI writing assistant for bloggers and freelancers.

A truly underrated and definitely one of the best long-form ai writer tools.

If you're looking to create long blog articles at the click of a button, Writesonic is what you need. 

Give it's AI Blog Article Writer a keyword or topic and it will go ahead and generate a 1000-1500+ words blog post in one go. 

The articles written will be SEO optimized and free from plagiarism. 

It also comes with powerful writing tools such as;

  • Paraphraser 
  • Text expander
  • Blog outlines and ideas  
  • SEO Surfer and Semrush integration (for Search engine optimized articles)

What are you waiting for? Visit the link below to try this AI writer. 

Try Writesonic for Free

Writesonic Features List

The following features come with Writesonic AI 

  • 70+ writing tools and templates
  • Write in 24+ languages
  • 1-click WordPress export 
  • Browser extensions
  • Google docs like editor for editing content
  • Zapier integration 

Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic AI writing tool comes with three plans and packages and they include;

  • Free Plan: This is best for complete beginners who want to try Writesonic. You get access to create 2,500 words of premium quality content. 
  • Short form Plan: Best for short form content such as social media captions, ad copies, stories, and more. It costs from $15 to $40 per month 
  • Long form Plan: The best plan for bloggers and those who want to create long form content such as blog articles. It costs from $19 to $999 per month depending on number of content you want to generate. 

You can also grab the writesonic annual discount to claim 33%  off all plans. If you want more details about this free account, then read our Writesonic free trial article.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of AI copywriting tools that you can use to generate long-form content for your business. We've gone ahead and listed only the five best ones.

They have high quality content output plus many unique features.  So go through the list and select which one fits your content demands.

Don't forget to check our top two picks CopyAI and Jasper.

If you want a final verdict on which is the best long-form ai writer go with copy.ai as it's cheaper.

So what do you think about this list of the best Long form AI writer tools? Which one would you go with? Have any questions? Please let us know in the comments section.

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