PiPiADS Pricing 2024: How Much is PiPiADS? (Plus Save 20%)

So exactly how much is PiPiads? Looking for the PiPiAds pricing plans as well as features that come with them? want to know what plan you should pick or which is best? then you're in the right place at the right time.

Pipi ads has been getting a lot of buzz lately among content marketers especially in the eCommerce industry.

There is only one reason; it's the best tiktok ads spy tool there is right now in the market that let's you spy on competitors' winning ads on the Tik-tok platform.

No doubt Tiktok has finally taken over; with a tool such as pipi ads, advertisers & eCommerce marketers can make hell loads of sales by spying and getting insights on what is already working in their niche.

They can also see what product is going viral and lots more.

How much does pipiads cost and is it worth your money?

In this post you're going to discover;

  • Pipiads cost with the different pricing plans they offer
  • Features of each of these plans
  • What plan to go for and who it is best for, etc.

To sweeten everything, we're also going to give you a coupon that will help you save 20% off your pipiads purchase. 

Sounds interesting? 

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By the end of this post you should find a plan that suits you + as we said earlier, we'll be giving you access to a discount coupon to get 20% off all the plans.

Let's get started right away and show you everything you need to know ranging from the pricing plans, features, cost and much more.

Pipiads Pricing 2024: How much is Pipiads? [Reviewed]

pipiads pricing plans

Pipi ads offer the following pricing plans

  1. Starter
  2. Vip
  3. Pro

We'll now go into more detail, what comes with each of these features as well as their cost + discount to save money for you to know which is best to pick.

1. Starter Plan Review

The pipiads starter plan is suitable for people who are just getting started and are on a low budget but looking for a powerful and effective tik tok ads spy tool to find best opportunities for their business.

With the starter plan, you can do a lot of things from from viewing over 200 ads to getting unlimited winning products.

Who should use starter plan?

If you are just getting started with advertising on Tiktok and looking for an affordable plan from Pipi Ads, the starter plan is a great choice for you.

Start plan is suitable for :

  • Complete beginners
  • Dropshipping/store owners with low traffic
  • Advertisers who are just getting started with running ads

How much does Starter plan cost?

Here’s the discounted price if you go with the annual package of the Starter plan.

  • Only $54 per month if you are paying yearly (that's saving 30%)
  • If you want to pay monthly, it costs you $77 per month 

What features come with Pipiads Starter plan?

Here are all of the features you get with the starter plan

  • Access to 200 ads monthly 
  • View 50 ad details per day such as impressions, popularity of ads, etc
  • 50 advertiser query results (spy on your competitors' advertising strategy such as their ads location, target audience and more) 
  • 50 product details per day
  • 50 advertiser details per day 
  • Access to Unlimited winning products 
  • Unlimited ad searches per day
  • Unlimited categories per day
  • Use on 1 Computer 

Quick Note: You can also try the starter plan for 3 days with only $7 to decide if it's a good fit before committing to it. 

So what are you still waiting for ?

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2. Vip Plan Review

If you are professional advertiser, the vip plan is a no-brainer for you. This plan is used by majority of users on pipiads and it also gives you an option to opt-in for 3-days $7 trial. 

pipiads trial

So with only $7 you can try VIP for 3 days and if you like it you can continue paying for monthly. 

With the vip plan you get access to an increased number of the features starting at 2000 ads per month (this is x10 the starter plan).

Who should use Vip plan?

This plan gives access to an increase in number of the pipiads features which is definitely best suited for professionals.  

It's great for; 

  • Advertisers
  • Dropshippers
  • eCommerce marketers 

How much does VIP plan cost?

Here’s the discounted price if you go with the annual package of the Vip plan.

  • Only $128 per month if you are paying yearly (that's saving 30%)
  • or if you want to pay monthly, it costs you $155 per month 

What features come with Pipiads Vip plan?

Here are all of the features you get with the vip plan

  • Access to 2000 ads monthly 
  • View 200 ad details per day 
  • 200 product details per day
  • 1000 advertiser search query  
  • 200 advertiser details per day 
  • Unlimited winning product monthly 
  • Unlimited ad searches
  • Unlimited categories  
  • Use on 1 Computer 

3. Pro Plan Review

The Pro plan from Pipi Ads is suitable for high end advertisers, agencies and marketers who have very good budget and are looking to run ads on a large scale for businesses to boost sales without limits. 

With the Pro plan, you'll get access to all of the features (in large quantity) and most importantly, 5 persons can use it. 

You can also try Pro plan for $7 for 3 days. 

 Who should go for Pro plan?

If you are looking to run ads on the Tik-tok platform on a large scale and want all of the necessary spy tools needed for success, the pipiads pro plan is what you should go with.  

If you’re an agency or have a huge number of clients/subscribers you work with, this is the perfect plan.

This plan is best for:

  • Agencies
  • Business Owners 

How much does Pro plan cost?

Here’s the discounted price if you go with the annual package of the Pro plan.

  • Only $181 per month if you are paying yearly (that's saving 30%)
  • or if you want to pay monthly, it costs you $263 per month 

What features come with Pipiads Pro plan?

Here are all of the features you get with the pro plan

  • Instant Access to 5000 ads every month
  • View 1000 ad details daily 
  • 1000 product details daily
  • 3000 advertiser search query   
  • 1000 advertiser details per day 
  • Unlimited winning products every month 
  • Unlimited ad searches
  • Unlimited categories  
  • For 5 Person (Use on 5 Computers)

Does Pipiads offer a refund policy?

Unfortunately, Pipiads does not offer any refunds on their pricing plans. But you can try their plans for 3 days for only $7 and decide if it is good for you. 

Is there any Available Discount Coupon to Save Money on Pipiads Plans?

Yes, If you use the following special button link, 20% off will be applied to your purchase, or use the pipiads coupon code TIPSONBLOGGING on checkout to get 20% off all plans on pipiads 

Step-by-Step Guide to Signing Up for a Pipi Ads Free Trial

Pipi ads offer a free basic plan that allows you to try the tool before upgrading to a paid plan however it's limited

It comes with access to: 

  • 12 ad details 
  • 10 winning products
  • 8 product details daily
  • 0 ad details daily
  • 5 advertiser details daily
  • 5 Query results show for the number of advertisers
  • No customer support
  • Search 10 times per day
  • 10 categories per day
  • No CTA button
  • No Ecom platform

Follow the below quick step-by-step tutorial on how to get the free plan from pipi ads

Visit this special link to visit their website and you should be taken to the page below; 

pipiads free trial signup page

All you have to do to get started is enter your email address in the box as seen in the above image. 

and click the “Get started – it's free” button to signup for a free account.  You don't even need to enter your credit card details. 

With the free plan you'll get access to most of the tools you need to test out the platform. The only downside is that it is very limited.  

So it's recommended you upgrade to a paid plan as soon as possible to enjoy pipiads to the fullest. 

Want to get started right away?

Explore Pipi Ads Now (No credit card required)

If you want more details, we also have an in-depth post on how to activate PipiAds free trial account 

FAQs | Pipiads Pricing Plans

Here are some of the frequently asked questions surrounding Pipiads and it's pricing plans. We've answered everything in detail, so feel free to go through carefully.

Is Pipiads offering a discount?

Yes, there is a 30% discount if you pick the annual package of pipiads plans and you can also use the coupon code TIPSONBLOGGING to get 20% off all plans regardless of package. 

Does Pipiads have a free plan?

Pipiads has a free plan that gives you access some features to test the tool before committing to a paid plan. 

Final Thoughts on Pipi Ads Pricing 

No doubt, Pipiads is currently the best tiktok ads spy tool in the market used by thousands of advertisers and dropshippers. 

It offers a wide range of features and lots of value for your money. Everything that is needed for a successful eCommerce business ranging from top performing ads, advertisers, winning products and much more. 

Go ahead, signup for an account and upgrade to start enjoying this tool and use it to make lots of sales. 

What pipiads pricing plan are you going to pick? Please let us know in the comments section and leave your questions if any. 

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