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10 Super-funny Blogging Memes Every Blogger Need to See

Are you searching for blogging memes? Count yourself funny and lucky because you've just arrived at the right place and at the right time.

As bloggers we need to have fun too right? We need something to keep us going in the never ending journey of blogging because it is never easy;

Yes, it is not easy.

You have to keep up with complicated things like traffic, SEO, backlinks, creating content and lots more.

It's hard but we can make it very entertaining and enjoyable; when you enjoy something you're doing, it motivates you to keep going hard.

This is why today I've created from scratch some blogging memes that every blogger out there can relate with and you are welcome to laugh out your lungs.

You can also share with others in your blogging facebook groups, online communities, fellow blogger friends and more.

Before I fill you with these hilarious memes, let me quickly explain how I came about this article and the process in creating the memes.

I didn't create all of this from my head, I admit I'm one of the funniest guys out there but I needed help coming up with some of these memes so I employed ChatGPT.

I told it to create me some funny blogging memes which I converted to image using another AI tool. I can mention names right now because I've forgotten. I'll try to remember and let you know.

So without wasting time lets quickly jump into the list.

10 Hilarious Blogging Memes That Will Crack You Out

Here are the memes, plus I also go into some description on each of them and the humor behind it.

Meme 1: The Content Creation Process

How it started vs. How it's going

blogging memes about content creation

You think it is easy to create blog posts? You're excited and enthusiastic at the beginning. You already know what you want to write, you're highly motivated ready to create a highly engaging content.

And then it dawns on you; the dreaded writer's block hits. You have to research and do endless edits.

Meme 2: Writer's Block

When you sit down to blog but end up on social media

Social media is very distracting. You've finished your chores, taken your bath, eaten and turn up your laptop to write a new blog post but guess what? you notice you've spent hours scrolling TikTok and Instagram.

I am a very good example of this, I turn on my laptop to start the latest blogging business of the day but then I end up on X (formally twitter) scrolling newsfeed looking for some football transfer news.

The “Distracted Boyfriend” is a perfect illustration of bloggers and social media distraction. The blogger also referred to as the distracted boyfriend is supposed to be focused on his blog (the gf) but he can't get the woman in red which is social media out of his head.

This humor focuses on how easily we can get distracted by Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and more.

Meme 3: SEO Struggles

SEO is very important if you want to build a successful blog but to be honest it is hard and can be very confusing. It is diverse and have a pretty much too many things you need to be familiar with. The “Math Lady” meme is a perfect illustration of SEO in the journey of a blogger.

blogging memes featured image

There are just too many things to consider in SEO such as keeping up with algorithm updates, keyword research, link building. This all often feels like you're trying to solve further maths as a beginner.

This meme acknowledges the challenges when it comes to master SEO. If you're currently battling with this, you're not alone.

Meme 4: Publishing Day

There is this feeling, and defo' nothing like it when you finally publish a blog post. Leonardo DiCaprio toast perfectly represents this. It feels like you've just won a trophy.

After spending hours upon hours (or sometimes days) of hard work and then you finally hit the “publish” button, like man, it's worth celebrating and be merry.

All that dedication, creativity and effort finally paid of. Now, you have a brand new article.

There is just the satisfaction and pride that this meme provides when you publish and share your work with the world.

Meme 5: Traffic Expectations vs. Reality

Your first blog post traffic: Expectations vs. Reality

So you've just published your first blog post and you are expecting thousands of traffic. You're vividly imaging the many people from all over the world flooding to read your masterpiece of a content.

Little did you know it wasn't that easy, if it was everyone would be bloggers and getting traffic that'll shutdown their webhosting servers.

Reality kicks in, Day 1, Zero traffic. Day 10, still zero traffic and maybe a few of your own visits.

This meme is a reminder that building an audience takes a lot of time and dedication and hardwork.

Talent (Writing) alone is not enough, you have to put in the work of building an audience base, probably an email list for your blog.

As a new blogger, you should keep pushing forward no matter what, it starts slow but as you don't give up, you'll reach the level that you deserve and want.

Meme 6: Comment Section

When you get your first positive comment

When I started blogging newly in around 2016, It took more than 5-10 articles an then BOOOOM, the miracle happened.

I got my first ever blog comment.

You could imagine the excitement and a sense of achievement.

If someone left a comment on your post, it means the article was valuable to them, so it's kind of a validation that someone sees your hard work and made the time to let you know about it.

The hard work is finally paying of.

You have to celebrate the small wins and victories in your blogging journey.

Be motivated by positive feedback.

Meme 7: Blogging and Procrastination

Procrastination is any enemy of productivity and it is also in the blogging space.

When you've created a spreadsheet of articles or things you can do to improve your blog but then you start finding numerous excuses to not do it.

You clearly know the urgency of what you need to do but procrastination just doesn't allow you.

If you really want to succeed in blogging, time management is a must. Procrastination will definitely want to kick in but if you have time set up to complete different tasks in your life, it will have no strong hold of you.

For example; Personally I have my time lined up for everything in my life. I don't even have time for procrastination.

To manage my time effectively I have schedule that goes like this as a currently single guy;

  • 11-11:30pm I've gone to sleep
  • Wake 7am and do my chores, bath and eat
  • 8am till 12 noon I'm writing my article, then publish.
  • 12-2, I get some needs
  • Then a 1 hour 30 minutes nap to recharge
  • 4-6 I go outside to socialize and engage in hobbies
  • 8 I'm done preparing food to eat, and 8 till 10 I work on my second blog.
  • 10pm I play some games on my phone
  • 11pm-12 I sleep again

You have to be organized or else procrastination can kick in and disrupt your productivity.

Meme 8: Blog Post Ideas

Having blog post ideas vs. Actually writing them

Generating ideas for blog posts is very exciting and super easy but go write the articles and see. Creating the content is a night mare. Turning those ideas to blog articles is the main hard work.

You have to come up with outlines, do countless edits, ask for feedback and lots more.

There are lot of ideas but the struggle is bringing those ideas to life.

It can be challenging.

Meme 9: Grammar Check

When you rely on spellcheck a bit too much

Many bloggers rely too much on the spellcheck tool to the extent that it leads to humorous and most time embarrassing mistakes.

The lesson from this while technology can definitely help us with writing, we still need to pay a lot of attention to grammar and proofreading. In blogging you have to be professional and you have to be serious, and to do that you need to main quality.

Meme 10: Google Analytics

When I started blogging newly I would refresh my blog analytics almost every minute counting each visits. It is really exciting because you get to see how people visit and read your articles.

You want to know how well your content has done, so you visit your Google Analytics regularly.

At a time this became an addiction, but as I became more learned in the blogging game that stopped.

I still do it up till this day but it is with moderation and mostly because I now run a blog where I have to track some of my visitors behavior. This helps me know about the important areas to increase conversion.

Final Thoughts

Let's be honest; blogging can be very rewarding and can at the same time be very challenging.

There are ups and downs but most times jokes and memes can keep us entertained thereby improving our motivation to keep going no matter the struggles we may face.

It doesn't matter, whether you are finding it hard to write articles, or you've not got a single comment so far, or you are constantly checking your analytics for traffic, you can laugh it all out with these blogging memes.

So what do you think about the memes? Can you relate with some of them? Which one? Let me know in the comments section.

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