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Beehiiv Affiliate: Earn 50% Commissions + How to Promote

Looking to join the beehiiv affiliate program to earn 50% recurring commission and you are looking for details on how it works? Then you've arrived at the right place at the right time.

So how do you get started? how do you join? and what are some very effective ways to promote the software?

This is why I've created this detailed tutorial

In this article you're going to learn;

  • What Beehiiv is all about
  • A few details on the Beehiiv partner program (also called the Beehiiv affiliate)
  • Commission rates and how to receive your payment
  • How to Join
  • 3 SUPER powerful ways to promote and more.

Just before this, here's  a short story on how I found out about Beehiiv

So I joined the beehiiv partner program January this year while doing some research on what Beehiiv was all about.

Actually I went home for my Dad's burial in December and returned in January (having spent a lot of money) and returning to full work.

I was recording and posting some videos on my YouTube channel and noticed a fellow YouTube affiliate marketer has been making and publishing daily videos about Beehiiv.

It picked my interest. If he was posting daily about a particular platform then there must surely be more to it. He's definitely benefitting something from it, may be making some money somehow.

Knowing I've made a lot of plans this new year 2024 and wouldn't let any money making opportunity pass me by. Yes, I have need for many things this year ranging from owning a car, investing in real estate and more.

So if you are currently reading this article right now and know about some cool business opportunities ensure you tag me (LOL)

So I watched one of his videos about Beehiiv

and then went to Google to learn more about the platform.

Fellow bloggers on Google were also promoting the platform too then it piqued my interest more.

Turned out it is a trending newsletter platform where people can setup, grow and monetize newsletters.

A powerful platform features/benefits wise compared to top competitors like Substack.

and it offers amazing affiliate commissions.

A mouth watering 50% commission.

and nice straight forward pricing plans ($49 and $99).


Finally, it is not saturated yet.

It is a low competition product that only a few affiliates are promoting right now.

This means with very little to no backlinks you can rank, outrank and bank.

Great time to hop in I said to myself.

And it is quite popular and getting more popular (Over 13,000 monthly searches according to Semrush)

This is the kind of affiliate products I love to promote.

  • Powerful product with lots of good customer testimonials
  • Attractive affiliate commission rate and decent pricing
  • Low competition but good search traffic (which allows me create cluster content that ranks and get views)

If you want to promote a product, those are some good filters you want to use for finding the best ones.

Let's get into the deets of the program.

Beehiiv Affiliate Program Review: What it is, Commission Rates, & More.

First let's see a few details on what Beehiiv really is.

What is Beehiiv?

Beehiiv is a newsletter platform built by newsletter people for newsletters. It offers you a blog + newsletter functionality and powerful growth tools to build your list faster plus three monetization models to make money from your newsletter.

It is a great platform for literally anyone who wants to setup and monetize newsletters.

If you want to learn more about this amazing newsletter platform, you can also read my Beehiiv review where I show everything you need to know.

It is also good to know a platform's in and outs before applying to promote as an affiliate. If possible, sign up to it and use it.

About the Behiiv Partner Program

Beehiiv has an affiliate program that pays 50% commission per paid subscription for the first 12 months. All you have to do is drive traffic that converts to customers and you get paid up to $49.5 commission per sale.

If you send 10 customers, that's $495 recurring commission every single month.

Imagine earning around $500 from a single product for 12 months (From only 10 customers).

How about driving 100 customers? that's over $5k per month and $60k per year.

Of course, easier said than done, but hard work and dedication should do it.

Why You Should Promote Beehiiv

It is hard to know if to promote a particular product or not. Here are some very good reasons you should go ahead and promote Beehiiv

  • Not a lot of people are promoting it right now, so you still have the chance to be among the first ones and rank your articles easily
  • Great product with mouth watering features and benefits
  • It is new, trending and a product that will become very popular overtime
  • The beehiiv pricing plans that starts from $49-$99 per month is a decent catch for an affiliate

To me this is a perfect fit.

How to Become a Beehiiv Affiliate

It is very easy to become an affiliate of Beehiiv and is 100% free.

I noticed most software/tools use the Rewardful.com all-in-one affiliate management software to manage their affiliate programs including Beehiiv

Maybe because It is very easy for affiliates to sign up.

Honestly I've signed up to more than 50 affiliate programs and they all use rewardful.

All you have to do is enter a few details such as your full name, email and password.

Then verify your email.

You will be taken to your dashboard to enter your paypal email for receiving your affiliate commission payments.

Finally, you can copy your affiliate link and start cloaking to use wherever you want such as blog, YouTube, etc.

NO, I'm not saying all this randomly, it is the same process with Beehiiv.

Well, here's a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to sign up if you want it.

Step 1: Head over to or click partners.beehiiv.com/signup and you will be taken to the sign up page as seen below;

beehiiv affiliate program sign up page

Step 2: Obviously you need to enter your information in the boxes.

Enter a password you can remember too (don't worry you can change this anytime).

Step 3: When you hit signup they'll take you to another page asking you to verify your email

I can't show a screenshot of that because I'm already signed up to the affiliate program.

Basically you want to check your email and click the verification link there.

Step 4:  Now when you're done verifying your email you will be redirected to your Beehiiv affiliate dashboard and the first thing you see is where to enter your paypal email.

They will need this to pay you.

Step 5: Welcome to your dashboard.

Here is how the affiliate dashboard looks like;

Beehiiv partner program dashboard

And yes, that's my affiliate account, as you can see I've got 2 clicks and zero commissions.

I'm not proud of it but I know that will change soon because I've just joined newly and got plans to promote it effectively. It's only a matter of time.

Let me quickly show you how I'm promoting or plan to promote Beehiiv software.

How I Effectively Promote Affiliate Products such as Beehiiv

I have been into affiliate marketing since 2018/2019. I think I became really good and was in my prime around 2019/2020.

Here are some of the strategies that have been working for me (if you want to learn from me of course) I don't like to give advice I prefer to be a role model.

Feel free to model what is working for me.

1. Reviews (Blog or YouTube)

One of the best ways I found out that worked a lot is doing reviews.

I post a review of the product on YouTube.

I also post on my blog.

It is helpful because when a product is popular or trending the first thing people do is go to places like Google and YouTube to see a review.

They want to learn if the product really works, how to use it, pros and cons, alternatives and stuff like that.

This is very effective and it accounted for like 90% of my affiliate commissions.

I like to use a blog more. YouTube is also good if you are good with videos (if you are not good, go and learn).

2. Comparisons

Reviews used to be my best promotional strategy especially when a product is new and trending.

Another really good way I have found out when I got fully into affiliate marketing is product comparisons and I have been using it.

I create articles comparing products but it has to be something people are searching.

I use Semrush magic tool to find these kind of keywords and their search volume.

For example: Beehiiv vs Substack keyword gets around 400 searches per month. I wrote an article on that and it is linked if you want to check it out.

I've also done one on Beehiiv vs Mailchimp as well that gets I think around 300+ searches per month and it ranked on page 1 immediately after it was indexed.

I even got 1 click already from that article according to Google search console.

In my next article I'll be doing one on Convertkit vs Beehiiv too because people are searching for it.

So create good comparisons that people are really searching for and when you rank you get traffic and earn commissions.

All you need to find these kind of comparison keywords is Semrush. Use the keyword magic tool and enter the product name and semrush will find you those variations and their search volume.

3. Free Trials, Pricing, Coupon, etc.

Aside reviews and comparisons you can create content on how to grab a free trial, coupon code and more.

This is one of the best ways that work for me.

Especially for my PiPiAds affiliate promotion.

pipiads affiliate program

I've earned over $2,600 from it alone just creating content.

and my Pipiads free trial article made up for like 60% of the sales.

I got the keyword from Semrush keyword magic tool and it was getting some good number of traffic and clicks from Google.

People click through and signup for a free trial of the tool.

That's pretty much it.

You can also create content on the coupon code if there is any.

When the article ranks you get clicks and earn commissions.

That's how I do it.

My top secret is to ensure these keywords are actually being searched for so I use SEMrush keyword magic tool.

Immediately when you enter the product keyword into the magic tool it shows you other variations of the keywords and their search volume such as review, free trial, coupon code, vs, and more.

So your main job is to create content, rank and make money.

Conclusion on the Beehiiv Partner Program


We've come to the end of the article on everything you need to become a Beehiiv affiliate

So what do you think about this program? Is it attractive? Have any questions? Please let me know in the comments section.

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