Writesonic VS ChatGPT Comparison 2024: Which One Should You Use?

Looking for a detailed Writesonic vs ChatGPT comparison? Want to find out which of the AI tools is better for content creation? Then you're definitely in the right place.

We are going to share everything we know about these two AI tools

ChatGPT used to be the only tool people could rely on to create accurate and factual content using AI but that has changed. 

Since the inception of ChatGPT, many other AI tools have been introduced and Writesonic is one of big guys in the AI content generation industry.

In this article, we will compare between the Writesonic AI writer and ChatGPT to help you decide which tool is superior. 

Also, we will look at the one that saves you money and time or helps you get more done but for a certain fee.

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In a hurry? Want to make a decision fast? here is a quick verdict:

“For content writing – winner is writesonic

For personal assistant and VA – ChatGPT.

Writesonic goes all the way to do what chatGPT does in a more refined way. It can serve as a personal assistant using Chatsonic chatbot and as a content writing tool at a large scale with its suite of writing tools.

Overall, Writesonic wins the battle for the best AI content creation tool when compared to ChatGPT”

Let's jump into the ultimate comparison.

Writesonic vs ChatGPT: Ultimate Unbiased Comparison (Who is Superior?)

First we'll see the overview of both tools to know what they are best for.

Writesonic vs ChatGPT: Overview

What is Writesonic?

Writesonic is an AI powered tool for creators who are looking to write high quality content for their blogs or social media at large. 

Writesonic offers a suite of tools just about anything that has to do with writing creatively. One which is more noticeable is the Chatsonic chat bot which is now compared with ChatGPT. Aside that, you have other tools such as:

  • Botsonic
  • Photosonic
  • Audiosonic (newly added)
  • And more products.

But what we want to talk about in this article is the writing aspects of Writesonic and compare it to ChatGPT also known as openai.

Writesonic is there if you want to write long form content and other copies from product descriptions to social media caption generation.

If you want to learn more then read our detailed Writesonic review for more details about this powerful AI writing tool.

Features and Benefits of Writesonic

Writesonic has quite some powerful and super amazing features that could help your business grow. Let’s take a look at some of them here

Article and BLog post writing

From blog post idea generation to article writing, Writesonic helps you to write high quality and factual articles according to your chosen keyword and titles.

Also, you can write emails, long form content, blog intros, blog summaries and captivating copies. With writsonic story mode, you’d also be able to write eBooks with fine lines and finishing and get it published 

Ad Copywritng and Marketing tools

You can create Ad copy for your facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram and Google Ads. 

The copies generated with this feature of Writesonic are of high-quality. So you can expect for your ads to perform well by using writesonic to create Ad copies for your products.

Likewise, you can use this feature for Linkedin title and content description writing, it works well and with less fluff.

With writsonic, you can also optimize your blog posts for SEO using the meta descriptions writing tool. 

All you have to do is feed it the required information needed and it will craft several descriptions that you can immediately use for your blog posts.

Blog posts can be moved over to wordpress in bulk via API integration, this saves you time from copy and pasting your content bit by bit.

Product Descriptions writing

Running an ecommerce website with a huge number of products in different categories can sometimes be tiring to write descriptions for each product. 

With this writesonic feature, you can generate powerful and persuasive product descriptions in minutes.

There is more, writesonic can also write features and benefits of your products and they follow the standard guidelines of amazon for writing product descriptions.

General Content Generation

For the students and the professors, you can use Writesonic to write your academic papers and pass them. However this feature comes with constraints. 

Since this is for educational purposes, you want to make sure the information you are crafting is correct.

For you to achieve accurate and high quality content for your projects or assignment, it is advised to use the Business plan by switching to the use of GPT-4.

Writesonic offers GPT-4 in this plan, so when using it you can expect it to generate only factually correct information.

If you are using writesonic for medical assignments, you may want to manually cross check your work to make sure every bit of information is correct. 

Keyword Research Before Writing

Yeah, that’s right, you can see the search volume of keywords using writesonic before you can start writing your long or short form articles.

Writesonic will use the keyword you chose to generate high quality articles for your blog post and sprinkle them across the content where necessary.

What is amazing is that it places the keywords in the content naturally so it doesn't look too much like AI generated content.

Pros and Cons of Writesonic

What are the pros and cons of writesonic? Let's find out what they are and how they can affect your decision making.

Saves you time: Using writesonic will buy you more time to spend on other important tasks in your business.

Accurate output:  While using writesonic, you can expect to get high quality outputs

Clear Navigation: When you first log into your Writesonic dashboard, what you see will amaze you. All the tools and tabs are nicely arranged so you can navigate easily.

The Pricing of Writesonic

Writesonic has four main plans namely:

  • Free
  • Unlimited
  • Business
  • Enterprise

Each plan comes with an added feature and limit upgrades as the tiers moves up. Likewise the pricing differs.

Free Plan:

The writesonic free plan is for free trials and is capped at 10,000 words per month. So whatever you are doing with the free plan, you can not exceed the limits and the limits reset monthly.

You are also limited to basic features like the usage of only GPT-3.5 which is limited to datasets dated back from 2021.

But the free plan is great if you are just looking to try out the tool

We've also written a detailed article on the Writesonic free trial if you're looking for more details.


The unlimited plan starts from 16$ per month if you are to subscribe annually (30% discount applied). But for monthly subscriptions, you pay 20$ with no discounts.

This plan is good for small teams and individuals just getting started with the usage of AI to generate content and it is also limited to GPT-3.5. 

However, you can generate unlimited amounts of words monthly either using the Long form content tool or Chatsonic ai chatbot.

This plan includes everything in the free plan and the following features:

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Generate unlimited words monthly
  • Sonic Editor (Google Docs like Editor)
  • Complete Article Rewriter

Business Plan:

This plan is meant for individuals, professors/students and big businesses looking to generate high quality and huge content monthly. This plan starts from 19$ per month on a 33% discount for annual subscriptions only.

This plan includes every feature from the Unlimited plan but this time comes with the option to switch from GPT-3.5 to GPT-4 33k. 

This means, if you are looking to write factually correct content or thesis, this is the plan you should settle for. 

You can also request custom additions to this plan and have more words allocated to you if you get to finish your current monthly allocations.

These features include:

  • Everything in unlimited plan
  • Large number of words
  • Unlock GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K
  • Factual and Personalized Article Writer
  • (AI Article Writer 5.0; Uses GPT-4 32K)
  • 5 Brand Voices
  • Higher quality image generation + Upscaling feature ($33/month and above)

Enterprise Plan:

This plan is meant for agencies and enterprises looking to use writesonic to generate larger amounts of content than usual. This plan comes with everything custom and you get your own AI model trained by a team of experts to meet your requirements. You’d have to contact the sales team to discuss pricing.

This plan comes with everything from Business plan including the following features

  • Everything in business plan
  • SSO/SAML Login
  • More Words/user/month
  • More number of users
  • Custom AI model training
  • Invoicing options
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Training sessions
  • Premium support
  • Custom API Development

If you want more details on the plans and packages, then go through our Writesonic pricing article.

So what are you still waiting for? Use the link below to try writesonic for free.

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Now, we have seen all that Writesonic has to offer, let's take a look at ChatGPT and see how they both compare to one another.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a personal chat assistant that assists you to answer questions, generate content, give guidelines and more. 

ChatGPT is more of an AI conversational model that uses deep learning models that generates and processes high end texts. It has been trained with so many datasets until the year 2021.

However, with the new ChatGPT-4, you can connect to the internet and have it mine information from available datasets online. It can also be trained to act according to the way you want it to respond.

Features and Benefits of ChatGPT

What are the features of ChatGPT and how helpful can they be?

Personal Assistant

A personal assistant is someone who helps with decision making and carries out some of the needed tasks in the office to help you save time and focus on other things. 

You can think of ChatGPT in that manner. ChatGPT can be trained to respond based on a certain topic or industry.

If you want it to respond as your writer to write content in the health niche, it can do so. As a conversational AI chat Model, you can expect to give desired responses.

Other things you can use ChatGPT as your personal assistant to do includes;

  • Content calendar
  • Hotel Booking ideas
  • Money management.

It is simplifies most of the complex tasks that even a person or two can’t handle

Content research

ChatGPT can help you unblock your creative or writer block by suggesting for you some other approaches to solve a problem or complete a task. Instead of putting some work behind you, it is okay to ask ChatGPT to help you out.

Customer Support services

As a product owner who has a large customer base, you can expect lots of customers to complain about your product or services. 

Here is what you can do, train ChatGPT to learn about your product and its possible problems customers are likely to face. 

Once there is a complaint, instead of writing for several minutes use ChatGPT to generate responses. 

All you need to do is double check the response before sending because it can sometimes miss the point and generate a wrong response. The use of powerful prompts can also save you time.

Pros and Cons of ChatGPT

Free to use: ChatGPT is Free to use and has unlimited words with the GPT-3.5 version which can be used to create lots of content and get responses.

Accurate answers: It can generate accurate answers without placing too much emphasis on the subject matter.

ChatGPT Pricing

At the time of writing this ChatGPT vs Writesonic article, ChatGPT costs 20$ per month and this gives you access to ChatGPT-4. 

With the subscription, you can connect ChatGPT to the internet and use it to its full potential. Likewise setting some default information for ChatGPT to remember.

Here are some added features in the pro plan

  • Access to GPT-4, our most capable model
  • Faster response speed
  • Exclusive access to features like Plugins and Advanced Data Analysis

Differences between Writesonic and ChatGPT

Now comes the interesting part of this article. What are the key differences between Writesonic vs ChatGPT? We will find out shortly and this by testing out prompts on both free plans of these AI tools.

Information Accuracy

First we will test the accuracy of information processed by writesonic and chatgpt compared. Who will give the most accurate information to the prompt giving? 

For this, we are using Chatsonic which is a tool similar to ChatGPT that is inside writesonic.

The prompt: 

Chatsonic Response:


ChatGPT Response

Writesonic vs Chatgpt response

Writesonic made the whole thing fast and concise to read. However, both AIs are limited to information in the basic plans. 

For you to get connected to the internet, you’d have to upgrade to the pro plan for ChatGPT and Business Plan for writesonic.

The verdict here is fair, no tool is ahead at this point.

Lets see how they both fair against content detectors

AI Content Detection Test

It is fair to say you want to achieve a level of content that resonates with humans when read and not the bot sounding sentences. 

So let's get to see between chatgpt and writesonic, who dominates this aspect.

The prompt:

Writesonic Output:

AI Detection test results:


ChatGPT Output;

AI Detection Result:

Well for this result, ChatGPT is the winner with 48%


Lets see how readable content generated by both AI tools can be and the simplicity too. For this test, we are using the hemingway editor.

Chatsonic Readability Test

ChatGPT Readability test result

Chatgpt readability test compared to writesonic

The winner is ChatGPT for the readability test. It is best to say both tools can get better with their output. Also, with the use of proper prompts, you’d be able to get good grades.

Final Thoughts on Writesonic vs ChatGPT

Both Writesonic and ChatGPT offer powerful AI-driven content generation capabilities, each with its own strengths:

Writesonic is ideal for businesses and content creators looking to generate a wide range of content, from blog posts to product descriptions. It provides accurate outputs, saves time, and offers clear navigation. Its pricing options cater to different needs, with a free plan for trial, and higher-tier plans for more advanced features.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, serves as a versatile personal chat assistant, capable of generating content, providing guidance, and simplifying complex tasks.

It's free to use and offers unlimited words with the GPT-3.5 version, making it a cost-effective option for various content needs. The pro plan grants access to ChatGPT-4, with added features like faster response speed and advanced data analysis.

In terms of information accuracy, both tools perform well within the limits of their basic plans. However, for internet connectivity and enhanced capabilities, you'd need to upgrade to the respective pro or business plans.

For content detection and readability, ChatGPT outperforms Writesonic, making it a suitable choice for those seeking content that resonates more naturally with readers.

Ultimately, the choice between Writesonic and ChatGPT depends on your specific content needs and budget. Both tools offer valuable AI-driven content generation, but ChatGPT shines in terms of cost-effectiveness for many users.

So what do you think about our Writesonic vs ChatGPT comparison? Does it help you make an informed decision? Have any questions? Please let us know in the comments section.

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