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Minea vs Pipiads 2024: Which is Better?

Are you confused between pipi ads and minea? Looking for a minea vs pipiads comparison to help you decide which Tiktok Adspy tool is better? Then you've landed in the right place at the right time.

Both tools will help you spy on competitors Tiktok ads and find winning products but which is better? which one should you pick?

We are going to compare them shortly.

Its no news that if you want to make the most of your eCommerce business, you need;

  • Hot selling, winning and trending products
  • High converting ads
  • What advertisers are doing in your niche and much more.

It's almost impossible to know all these.

This is where Tiktok ad spy tools such as minea and pipiads come in. They take the loads off your chest and show you exactly what is working on TikTok.

You can see what products are trending, the ads creatives, advertising strategies etc.

Minea and pipiads no doubt are powerful tools for spying on Tiktok ads but you can't invest in both.

You definitely have to choose one.

So which is it? Which one should you go with? It's the reason we've decided to write this detailed article.

If you're curious, we know the ins and outs of these tools. In fact, we've also written a pipiads review and an article on the best Tiktok ad spy tools for eCommerce marketers.

Here is also a full review on Minea

Check them out if you need more details.

In this minea vs pipiads unbiased comparison we are going to cover;

Features of the two tools


Pros and Cons


We are also going to show you our winner and why.

Plus we'll also show you how to claim a 20% off discount.

Sounds cool?

Then lets not waste time and jump to it.

Quick note: We get a small commission when you buy a subscription through our affiliate link at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

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Are you in a hurry? Want to make a decision? here is a quick summary for you.

“For strictly TikTok ad spy, Minea's tool is very limited. May be because it's still brand-new.

You only get access to one dashboard. There you can use filtering options to determine winning products by likes, comments, shares, countries etc.

This is very stressful and nothing is sure.

PipiAds on the other hand is built mainly for TikTok ad spy.

You have all the tools and features needed to successfully spy on competitors ads.

There is also access to about 4 separate tools such as:

  • Winning Product (for instantly getting access to daily winning products on TikTok)
  • TT ad search (you can use this to find top performing TikTok ads by a lot of filtering options)
  • Product search (for finding viral and trending products)
  • Advertiser (This is used to spy on advertisers' winning ads, audience, budget etc)

The other tool is Etsy (for those who run Etsy store and looking for what product is hot selling on the platform)

Pipiads also has a free plan to test the tool, Minea's free plan does not include TikTok ad spy.

Pipiads is a clear winner and at the moment, no other TikTok ad spy tool comes close.”

Lets get started with the comparison

Minea vs Pipiads [Unbiased Comparison]: Which Spy Tool is Better for TikTok Advertising?

Minea vs Pipi Ads (Overview)

What is Minea?

Minea is an all-in-one dropshipping tool. You can use it to research winning products and also spy on popular advertising networks. The networks included are Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

This is how the Minea dashboard looks like;

minea vs pipiads

What is Pipi Ads?

Pipiads is an adSpy tool that focuses only on TikTok advertising. It has all the tools you need to get the best out of your TikTok ads. You can use it to;

  • Find trending, viral and winning products on Tiktok
  • Discover advertisers' ads, audience and strategies etc.

This is how the Pipiads interface looks like; 

pipiads dashboard

Minea vs Pipiads: Features

What features come with these tools for spying on tiktok ads? Which one offers more? We'll take a look and compare both.

Minea Features

Minea Spy Tool comes with the following features

  • Discover hundreds of winning products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok
  • Find Ads creatives
  • Influencer marketing placements (for finding influencers)
  • Access to strategies of the best eCommerce brands
  • Identify targets by brands
  • Access to dozens of filters
  • Ad analysis
  • Chrome extension

Get started with Minea

PiPiAds Features

The following features come with PiPiads TikTok ad spy tool

  • Spy and run ads in many languages
  • Access to unlimited winning dropshipping products daily
  • Find viral products
  • Ad Library to choose from millions of TikTok ad examples
  • Ad analysis tool (Find competitiors' ads, creatives and audience
  • Etsy product research
  • Find ads for popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Filters

Try PipiAds FREE Trial Now

Minea vs PiPiAds: Tools

Both spy tools offer you tools to use to spy on your Tiktok ads competitors and find winning products. Lets take a look at these tools and how they work.

Minea Tiktok Spy Tools 

Minea does not have a lot of separate tools. It only has one dashboard where you can use filters to find winning products as seen below;

Minea tiktok spy tools

From this dashboard, you can play with the filters to find what product is winning by;

  • Countries
  • eCom type
  • Language
  • Shares and likes and much more.

Pipiads Tiktok Spy Tools

Pipiads offer five different tools that you can use for finding winning products and ads. As seen below and they include the following

pipiads tiktok spy tools

1. TT Ad Search

TT Ad search tool by Pipiads is what you use to find the top performing ads on Tiktok. You can filter these by impressions, comments, likes, number of days ad has been running, etc.

With this you can see the ads copies, landing pages, videos and more.

2. Product Search 

The second tool that you can use to find trending and viral products. You can filter by country, categories and much more.

3. Winning Product

This is the real deal. Winning products is a stand alone section in your PiPiAds dashboard. Here you get instant access to daily winning products.

You can filter by ad impressions, likes, comments etc.

4. Advertiser

Want to see advertisers' winning strategies like target audience, ad budget and more? Advertiser is the perfect tool. There are also a lot of filtering options here.

5. Etsy 

Etsy store tool allows you to see products that are high in demand on Etsy.

Pick one of these tools and work with it.

Minea vs PiPiAds: Pricing

How much does these Tiktok Adspy tools costs? Let's take a look at their plans and pricing as well as what features come with them.

Minea Pricing

Minea offers three pricing plans but you can only get Tiktok Ad spy in the premium plan.

Premium Plan

This is the most expensive plan from Minea. It costs 99€ per month (69.33€ per month if you pay yearly) and gives you access to the following things

  • 100,000 research credits
  • Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok ad spy
  • Influencer placements
  • Ad details and placements
  • Advanced filters
  • Chrome extension

Does Minea offer a refund?

Minea does not offer any refunds.

If you want to try Minea's TikTok ad spy, use the following button link.

Pipiads Pricing

Pipi ads offers four pricing plans and they include the following

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Vip
  • Pro

Lets expand on these packages and what features and limits come with each of them.

1. Free Plan

If you're looking to try pipiads Tiktok ads spy tool for free before upgrading to a paid plan this is the one. It costs nothing and gives you access to the following limts/features.

  • 10 searches per day
  • 12 ads per query
  • 0 ads details per day
  • 8 product details per day
  • 5 advertisers per query
  • 5 advertisers details per day
  • 10 winning product
  • 10 categories search per day
  • 1 user

If you need more details about the free plan, we've written a detailed post on pipiads free trial

2. Starter Plan

Starter is the first paid plan from pipiads and it costs $77 per day ($54 per month if you pay yearly). It gives you access to the following things

  • Unlimited searches per day
  • 200 ads per query
  • 50 ad details per day
  • 50 product details per day
  • 50 advertisers per query
  • 50 advertisers details per day
  • Unlimited winning product
  • Unlimited categories search per day
  • Unlimited downloads
  • CTA button
  • Filter by country and eCom platform
  • 1 user
  • Customer support

3. Vip Plan

VIP is the most popular plan from Pipiads. It costs $155 per month ($128 per month if you pay yearly).

This plan comes with everything in starter plan plus the following things

  • 2,000 ads per query
  • 200 ad details per day
  • 200 product details per day
  • 1,000 advertisers per query
  • 200 advertisers details per day

4. Pro Plan

This is the most expensive pricing package and it costs $263 per month ($181 per month if you pay yearly).

Pro comes with everything in the vip plan plus the following amazing features

  • 5 users
  • Exclude ads that other advertisers have viewed
  • Block advertisers
  • 5,000 ads per query
  • 1,000 ad details per day
  • 1,000 product details per day
  • 3,000 advertisers per query
  • 1,000 advertisers details per day

So what are you still waiting for?

Check our full pipiads pricing post if you want more details on the pricing packages.

Does Pipiads offer a refund?

Pipiads does not offer a refund on it's packages but you can get a 3-day trial for $1 on the plans. This will let you test the paid plan to determine it's worth before going for full package.

20% Off Pipiads Discount

Use the pipiads coupon code TIPSONBLOGGING on checkout to claim 20% discount. This applies to all pricing packages.

PipiAds vs Minea: Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of these awesome Tiktok ad spy tools? Let's check their pros and cons and how they compare against each other.

Minea Pros:

  • Offers spying in many advertising channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, and more. (PipiAds only offers TikTok Spy)
  • More affordable as TikTok adspy starts from only 99€ per month

Minea Cons:

  • Very limited spy tools for Tiktok (None)
  • TikTok ad Spy is not included in minea free trial plan so you can't use this tool for free
  • Takes experience to find winning products using filters

PipiAds Pros: 

  • Generous free trial to test the tool
  • Over 4+ tools for successful Tiktok spying
  • Winning products at the click of a button
  • Find trending and viral products
  • Instant access to advertisers' details, strategies and much more
  • $1 for 3 days to test the paid package before committing to it.

PipiAds Cons:

  • Expensive (but definitely worth it)

Who’s our pick? Minea or PipiAds?

So who is the winner here?

It's pretty obvious.

Even though both tools offer Tiktok Ad Spy there is a clear winner.

Minea is a good competitor and one of the best PiPiAds alternatives but it lacks important features and the tools you need.

In the other way round PiPiads offer you all the tools for a successful TikTok Ad campaign.

It gives you everything needed to make sales in your eCommerce business.

Our winner, OBVIOUSLY: PipiAds

Final Verdict on Pipi Ads vs Minea

One of the best ways to make decision online is by going through a detailed comparison.

It's why we've done a lot of research and even used these spy tools to help you decide which is better for TikTok.  Now you can decide fast and with ease between minea and pipiads

Minea will cost you less but Pipiads offer much value for money.

If you're looking for an all-in-one dropshipping ad spy tool then go for Minea

If what you want is a very powerful TikTok ad spy tool, then Pipi ads is your best choice.

So which one are you going to try among Minea vs Pipiads? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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