How to Save 33% off Your Writesonic Subscription (2024)

It's clearly stated by the Writesonic team that they do not offer any coupon codes. So how can you save money on this awesome AI writing tool? You're in the right place.

Without wasting much time, this is all you have to do to save up to 33% off.

1. Sign up for a Writesonic account

2. Pick the business or unlimited plan

3. Select annual billing structure instead of monthly and guess what?

You'll instantly save 20% on unlimited plan, and 33% on the business plan as seen below;

So what are you still waiting for? Use the following link to sign up for a writesonic free account and get started.

Get Writesonic Free Account + Save up to 33%

AI copywriting tools make creating high quality content faster and easier. Why waste a lot of time creating content manually when you can use an AI writer and get things done as soon as possible?

This gets even better when you can actually save some money on your favorite AI content writing tool. 

In this post today we are going to show you one of the best ways to save up to 33% on your Writesonic subscription.

If this sounds like what you're looking for then lets jump to it right away..

How to Activate the Writesonic 33% off in 2024

It's easy to do this; just follow the below step by step instructions and you should be done and dusted in no time.  

Firstly, you need to create a free account.

Step 1: Click on this special link and you will be taken straight to the writesonic's official website landing page as seen below; 

writesonic promo code featured homepage image

Step 2: In order to get started with activation, you need to sign up for a free trial account first, so go ahead and click on the “Start Writing For Free” button and you will be taken to the registration page. 

Step 3: Enter your correct details such as full name, email address and password and hit continue. 

signup to writesonic

Enter a password you can remember as it will be used to access your account.

Step 4: You will be sent an email to confirm your account; it contains a verification link and looks something similar to the image below. 


All you have to do is click on the blue link you see in your email and you'll be taken directly to a page for you to click and signin to your writesonic account.

You should be in your dashboard in no time. 

Now it's time to activate the 33% off savings from writesonic

Follow the below steps carefully. 

Step 5: Check the lower left and you should see “change quality”. Simply click on the “Upgrade Now” button below it and you'll be taken to the writesonic plans page. 

All you have to do right now to activate is to pick the annual billing system and 33% discount will be applied to your purchase immediately as seen below. 

writesonic pricing plans

Simple as that, you've just activated the this huge 33% off discount  

As you see, you don't even need to enter any writesonic coupon as they are not offering any right now but you still save 33% on your subscription.

So what are you still waiting for?


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Why You Should Choose Writesonic in 2024?

Writesonic is a very powerful ai copywriting assistant and below are the top benefits that come with using this tool for high quality content creation, which definitely makes it one of the best in the market.

1. Create Content in 24+ Languages

Writesonic gives you an option to write in over 24 different languages. If you want to create content in languages other than english, writesonic is a perfect fit as it lets you write and translate in different languages ranging from French, spanish, italian etc. 

2. Conquer Writer's Block 

If you are a copywriter, freelancer, blogger, etc. who is struggling to get ideas for your business, with an ai writer such as writesonic you can now finally deal with this issue and create content seamlessly.  

You can now create copies easily and faster, get ideas for content creation and so much more. 

3. Over 80+ Powerful AI Writing Tools at your Disposal

Writesonic provides you with over 80 tools that you can use for content creation. 

They include but not limited to the following: 

Articles & Blog Post Tool

This tool consists of sub-tools that make it possible to create high quality articles for your blogs: These sub-tools help you get post topic ideas, blog intros, outlines for your articles, etc. 

All of this combined can generate you high quality blog articles in a matter of minutes.

Ecommerce Tool

If you want to create content and make more sales for your eCom store, this is the ai tool you need to create things such as product descriptions, titles, headlines, and more. You can as well use this to create amazon product descriptions. 

Marketing Tool

This tool is best for creating ad copies for Facebook, Linkedin, and Google Ads. You can use it to generate ads, ad titles and descriptions to get more clicks and drive traffic to your business website. 

If you are into Youtube marketing, writesonic can help you get lots of subscribers with tools such as the:

  • YouTube description (for creating youtube video descriptions) 
  • YouTube titles (for generating clicks getting titles)
  • youtube intros 
  • YouTube Ideas 
  • etc.

Website Copy Creation Tool

You can use this to create high converting landing page copies to capture visitors and turn them into customers.  Instead of doing this manually, the website copy tool saves you a lot of time.  

4. Generate Content Faster in Any Niche 

Instead of wasting precious hours creating content, why not employ an AI tool such as writesonic to 10x your content creation while you work on other import things in your business?

The articles generated are high quality, unique and plagiarism-free. You can pretty much create content in any niche, even if you're not familiar with it. 

5. Become a better copywriter in general 

Writesonic has a wide range of extra tools to help you become very good in copywriting of any kind. Some of these extra tools include

  • Quora Answers – generate answers to any question on quora
  • Review Responder 
  • Cold Emails  
  • Email subject lines
  • Company bios 
  • Personal bios
  • Keyword extractor for researching keywords
  • and more 

These extra tools will help you create copy in every area

So what are you waiting for?


How much is writesonic?

Writesonic Pricing 2024: Plans & Cost 

writesonic pricing plans

Writesonic offers the following three pricing plans. 

  • Free Trial
  • Short form
  • Long form 

Let's now go ahead and explain each these pricing plans, cost, and what features come along with them.

Free Trial Plan

The writesonic free trial plan is lets new users test the tool and if they like it they can decide to opt in for paid plan to create more content. 

If you want to test how good this ai writer is before upgrading, trial plan is the perfect fit for you as it's great for complete beginners to try writesonic for free. 

It costs $0 and gives you access to 2,500 words of premium quality content creation (6,250 for good) 

NOTE: Writesonic gives option to switch between premium, good, average and economy, however it's best to stick to premium for the best output. 

What features come with Writesonic free trial plan?

Here's list of what you get with free trial plan

  • Access to 70+ tools and templates
  • Create content in 24+ different languages
  • Export content to WordPress using 1 click wordpress export feature
  • AI article writer
  • Access to browser extensions
  • Access to google docs-like editor (sonic editor)
  • Integrate with Zapier

Try Writesonic for Free

Short form plan

This is the very first paid plan on writesonic and is best if you won't be needing too much content but something good enough for your business.

Great plan if you plan to write short content such as ad-copies, product descriptions, paragraphs, etc. 

How much does Short form plan cost?

  • Starts at $15 per month ($10/mo discounted price) for a single user and goes as high as $40 per month for 4 users ($26.67/mo discounted price)

The pricing depends on the number of users/seats and quality of words generated.   

What features come with Writesonic Short-form plan?

Here's list of what you get with short form plan

  • Access to 70+ AI Templates
  • Content creation in over 25 Languages
  • Landing Page Generator
  • 1-click Export to WordPress
  • Browser extensions
  • Integrate with Zapier

Long form plan

This is the best plan on writesonic as it gives you everything you need to create high quality and large number of content easily. 

It's great for bloggers, freelancers, agencies, etc who want to create a high number of content for their business ranging from blog posts and articles, stories, etc.

How much does Long form plan cost?

  • Starts at $19 per month ($13/mo discounted price) for a single user and goes as high as $999 per month for 10 users ($666/mo discounted price)

What features come with Writesonic Long-form plan?

Here's list of what you get with long form plan

  • You get everything in the short form plan plus extra access to:  
  • Lifetime access to new features and updates
  • Priority support 
  • AI article writer
  • Article rewriter
  • Writesonic's own Google Docs-like editor (Sonic Editor)
  • Bulk content generator

Don't forget, you can claim a 33% off discount when you pick the annual billing system. 

There is a more detailed article if you want a full break down of the pricing plans from Writesonic, check our Writesonic pricing article.

Final Thoughts  

Creating lots of high quality content with the use of artificial intelligence is the trend these days as it makes your work easier and 5-10x faster.

Writesonic obviously is one of the best ai writing tools out there and you're in luck for arriving at this post and claiming this huge savings off 33% before it expires. 

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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