3 Big Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular web development tools in existence, although it certainly isn’t alone in an increasingly crowded field. The platform is used by individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes and is uniquely multifaceted. If you’re yet to take the plunge with WordPress, here are some of the top reasons to give it a try.

#1 Ease of use

Perhaps the biggest advantage of all lies in WordPress’s sheer ease of use. It’s possible to build a fully-fledged website from the ground up without any knowledge of coding using just drag and drop tools. This, of course, makes WordPress uniquely accessible to businesses of varying sizes and aims. A low entry-level makes the platform extremely popular. Adding elements like images, video, blogs, and even eCommerce storefronts is simple and can be accomplished with minimal effort.

This makes it much easier for businesses to realize their plans without any technical knowledge, so the only limit is the scope of their imaginations. However, despite its simplicity, WordPress is uniquely scalable. It’s possible to add thousands of additional pages at the click of a button, including new elements to support a growing business. This scalability makes WordPress a popular choice amongst ambitious entrepreneurs focussed on growth.

#2 Great for SEO

Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) is the beating heart of any popular website. Optimization means tweaking your site so that it appears higher in Google search engine results. A higher ranking equates to more traffic, which means increased visibility and more sales. SEO is multifaceted and involves everything from the correct use of keywords and good backlinking to even more nuanced strategies like mobile optimization. WordPress is perfectly suited to SEO and makes the process simple; click here to take a look at how.

The platform is popular with Google and trusted (for its security and functionality), which leads sites to rank higher in search engine results. Better still, it integrates well with Google Analytics, allowing you to easily track your various SEO endeavors’ progress and success rates. This all makes for a much simpler, streamlined optimization process, and WordPress users already have a head start. In addition, the platform’s popularity with Google gives creators a firm foundation upon which they can build.

#3 Extremely robust

Cybersecurity is never far from the news nowadays, with several high-profile hacks reported recently. Therefore, a secure and robust website is a must for the peace of mind of both you and your customers. Fortunately, WordPress excels in this area. It’s exceptionally stable and continually updated with new patches. Just as the internet landscape continually changes, so WordPress adapts to stay safe, relevant, and robust. When new threats emerge, the platform updates to cope with them. This process of continual renewal makes it one of the most reliable platforms in the world.

Of course, developers also play a part in security. Installing safe plugins, downloading updates, and using HTTPS and SSL certification makes a big difference. Much like with SEO, WordPress makes implementing these features straightforward.


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  1. Hi Prosper,

    I agree fully with all reasons. WordPress dot org is the best platform for its global support community combined with limitless branding and monetizing potential. No other platform comes close.



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