Originality.ai Free Trial 2024: Try AI Detector for Free with 50 Credits

Are you on a hunt for Originality.ai free trial? Want to know if they even have anything like that to test their AI detector tool for absolutely free? You're in the right place at the right time. 

There's good news and bad news; 

The good news:

OriginalityAI rarely state it on their homepage but they have a free trial that gives you 50 free credits. As seen below;

50 credits from originalityai

The bad news:

You won't be able to check a lot of content for AI and plagiarism because you get only 50 credits. 

However it will help you decide if the tool is worth paying for. 

Are you fine with getting free 50 credits for testing purpose? Cool. 

So how can you activate the Originality.ai free trial? It's easy.

Install their chrome extension and you automatically get 50 credits to use for AI detection.

Quick note: We get a small commission when you buy OriginalityAI through our affiliate link at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! 

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Click here to try Originality.ai for Free via Chrome extension

Need more details on this free trial account such as it's limits and other stuff? Then keep reading. 

In this article we'll expand more on;

  • How to get free 50 credits for testing Originality.ai step-by-step 
  • Features and benefits of this tool 
  • Pricing and more

We'll also do a live AI content checking with examples to confirm its accuracy.    

Sounds cool?

Without wasting time let's jump to it. 

How to Activate Originality.ai Free Trial in 2024 

In order to do this you have to download the originality ai chrome extension which gives you access to 50 credits. 

Follow the below step by step instructions to activate the free trial and start detecting AI generated content immediately. 

Step 1: Visit this special link and it will take you directly to the OriginalityAI chrome extension page. It looks something like this image below; 

originality.ai free trial landing page

As seen above, they let you get free trial to test if the tool is worth it. If you are happy with the results you get, there is option to buy more credits. 

Quick note: When you are ready to buy, ensure you check our Originality.ai coupon code article to get 25% discount on credits.  

Step 2: This step is quite obvious. Click on the “Available in the Chrome Web Store” button. This will redirect you to the chrome extension page where you can install it. As seen below: 

24 credits for originalityai free account

You see the above screenshot? You will get 24 credits they say, but it was actually 50 credits the last time we tried it. 

Click on the Add to Chrome button and it should install on your chrome.  

Step 3: Click on the Originality.ai logo from your extensions.  You should be able to sign up for free account.

Here's how it looks like. 

originalityai trial sign up

Enter your correct details such as name, email and a password you can remember.  Agree to terms and conditions and hit NEXT. 

and boooom, you'll instantly get 50 credits. 

50 credits from originalityai

That's it. You've just activated your originality.ai free account. 

You can now go ahead to enjoy it. 

Wondering how to use the chrome extension?

Here's how;

  1. Highlight a particular page or copy whose content you want to detect for AI and plagiarism  
  2. Right click on it
  3. Click “Scan with OriginalityAI checker”

Looks like this. 

A screenshot of originality ai chrome extension

Let's assume you want to check an article in Google Docs for AI, all you have to do is select and right click that content. 

Hit scan with Originality and you'll get your results right away. 

That's pretty much it. 

Let's try to scan an article written by ChatGPT and see the outcome that OriginalityAI gives us. 

We'll tell ChatGPT to create a short article on the topic “Top 5 Ways to Lose Weight”

The content ChatGPT generated for us: 

chatgpt vs originality ai scanner

Now we'll highlight everything and scan it. 

The result after scanning with Originality.ai:

result of ai content checking with originalityai

As you can see, AI content detected is 96% 

This shows the content was written using an AI tool. 


Now let's do another try. 

We'll copy a section of this content you're currently reading right now to detect if it's original or AI. 

Of course, it's original content but let's see what Originality.ai gives us. 

The content we want to scan:

originalityai article

The result from Originality checker after scanning:

result from origjnality checker

The accuracy is out of this world.  

So what are you still waiting for? Click the button link below to try Originality.ai free trial 

Limits of the Free Trial Account

Since this is free account there are some things you can't do and they include the following:

  • You can't check content for plagiarism: This feature shows you if the content was copied. You'll also be able to see the URL of the website that was plagiarized
  • No full website scanning: You will not be able to scan a full website for AI content and plagiarism. This is a feature that helps if you are looking to scan a website to detect if the content was written using AI writing  tools. 
  • You can't add team members

If you want to be able to enjoy all of this, then you have to buy credits and login via the website.  

Features of Originality Checker 

What features and benefits come with this powerful AI content detector? Let's check and explain everything for you to understand better. 

Originality.ai provides 2 important tools for successfully detecting content written by AI writing assistants such as ChatGPT, JasperAI, Writecream, etc. 

They include the following;

1. AI Content Scan

This section allows you to paste content from any place or upload your document in Docs. It also gives you the option to scan only for AI or for Plagiarism.

You can do both but it uses more credits. 

To use this is easy. 

  • Copy the content, could be a blog post or an essay, etc.;
  • Paste in the content scanner box.
  • Select if you want to scan for AI and Plagiarism or only AI 
  • Hit “Scan now” button. 

In seconds, it will return the results.

You'll see a percentage of how much content is AI and original. 

If the content was copied, Originality.ai will display the page URL for you too. 

2. Full Website Scan 

Just as the name sounds, you can scan a whole website for AI and Plagiarism. You can scan up to 1,000 pages on the website.

This one uses a lot of credit. 

It helps if you buy websites and want to confirm if the posts were written using an article generator. 

The other features include:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Fact checker (This helps you publish on factually correct content on your website)
  • Readability (Check your content for readability)
  • The ability to invite team members

Originality AI Pricing 

It has a two pricing packages and they include Pay-as-you-go and base subscription 

Lets expand on these two plans so you can know which one to choose when buying a subscription.

1. Pay As You Go Plan

The first pricing plan from Originality AI which costs a $30 one-time price and gives you access to the following things:

  • 3,000 credits (1 credit scans 100 words for AI checking and plagiarism and 10 words for fact checking)
  • AI scan
  • Plagiarism scan
  • Readability scan
  • 30-day scan history
  • Shareable reports

This 3,000 credits expire in 2 years.

This is a good plan because it's one-time but you won't get to enjoy the complete features offered by Originality.ai

2. Base Subscription Plan

Base plan costs $14.95 per month and gives you access to the following things:

  • 2,000 credits
  • All features in Pay-As-You-Go Plan
  • Automated fact checker
  • Unlimited scan history
  • File upload
  • API
  • Full site scans
  • Scan from URL
  • Team management
  • Tag scans
  • Access to future updates

This is the perfect plan if you plan to take AI content detection to the next level. It is what we recommend because you can get access to everything you need for your business.

You can buy additional credits from $0.01/credit

Why Use Originality.ai for AI Content Detection in 2024?

What are the benefits when you actually use Originality AI checker tool?

Here are the top benefits. 

1. Produce Original Content 

If you are looking to create only original content then it helps to have an AI content detector such as Originality.ai 

It not only checks for AI content but also has a plagiarism tool that detects if content was copied or not. 

With this you're sure all the content you're publishing is free from plagiarism and written by a human.  

2. Save Money

Until now, businesses have been wasting a lot of money hiring writers.

The problem is that most of these writers do not actually deliver what you paid for. They go ahead to use AI writing tools and come up with garbage content that may never rank on Google or get hit by an update later. 

In the end you end up only wasting your money. 

With OriginalityAI you can now save money and find out if content was written using an AI tool.

When you discover this, you can terminate your contract with that writer and save yourself the stress and future damage. 

3.  Team function for unlimited content 

OriginalityAI comes with a feature that allows you add unlimited team members to help with AI content detection. 

Now you can create content on a large scale while you work on other important aspects of your business. 

Invite members and they will be able to check content for plagiarism and AI

You definitely save a lot of time. 

Conclusion on Originality.ai Free Account 

Let's be honest with ourselves. There is nothing absolutely wrong with using AI writing tools for content creation however there should be a limit. 

“Everybody wants to create content with AI but no one wants to read them”

AI content writing tools should only serve as assistants not necessarily replace us. 

This is why AI content detectors like OriginalityAI are on the rise. 

If you want to try the tool for free before committing to a paid plan you've arrived at the right place. 

Go ahead, try the tool and if you like it you can purchase some credits. 

Are you going to activate the Originality.ai free trial right away? Do you have any questions? Please let us know in the comment section. 

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