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Beehiiv vs Mailchimp 2024: Which is Better for Newsletters?

If you are looking to setup an email newsletter and want to find out between Beehiiv vs Mailchimp which is a better fit, then you are in the right place.

I signed up to Beehiiv in January this year and used the platform to create newsletter.

Why Beehiiv Stands Out

Beehiiv offers you a comprehensive suite of tools that not only allows you to create an email newsletter but also come with a blog. I wrote an article and posted it to my blog, and was surprised to see it was indexed on Google the next day.

The SEO feature attached to the blog is incredibly powerful because it allows my newsletter blog content to be found on Google, bringing in more targeted visitors, and ultimately, more newsletter sign-ups for me in the long run.

The email delivery was impressive too – all my emails landed in the primary inbox.

My Experience with Mailchimp

Having used Mailchimp before for email marketing, I faced several issues, including account disabling and a lack of beginner-friendliness. From everything I read in discussion forums like Reddit, it seems Mailchimp isn't particularly suited for newsletter publishing.

What I Need from a Platform

Maybe, just maybe if you run an eCommerce business you'd want to check it out.

I don’t run an eCommerce business; my focus is on a simple platform for my small business that allows me to send email newsletters easily, set up important automations, connect with my email subscribers, and most importantly, avoid breaking the bank on hefty subscription fees.

After exploring Beehiiv, I found it worth the hype with everything they provided. Compared to Mailchimp, Beehiiv is much easier to use.

Key Requirements for Successful Newsletter Publishing

For successful newsletter publishing, you need powerful tools such as:

  • A platform that allows you to create and share content with your readers effortlessly
  • Growth tools to expand your audience quickly
  • Monetization models to make money with your newsletter subscribers

This is where Beehiiv and Mailchimp come into play. Both platforms allow you to manage your newsletter, but the question remains:

  • Which one should you use?
  • Which is best for beginners?
  • Which is cheaper yet offers quality?

Quick Summary: Mailchimp vs Beehiiv

Mailchimp is best for those in eCommerce or looking to send promotional emails. While it offers a generous free plan, it becomes very expensive as you add subscribers. Additionally, it lacks the growth tools necessary for newsletter publishers.

Beehiiv is heavily focused on newsletters, offering advanced tools to set up, grow, and monetize your newsletter. The most expensive plan (Scale) is only $99 per month, giving you full access to all the features needed for successful newsletter publishing. Plus, you can try the Beehiiv Scale plan for free for 30 days.

Conclusion: Beehiiv vs. Mailchimp

If you’re looking to publish a newsletter, Beehiiv is your best bet. If you need an email marketing tool, go for Mailchimp.

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Now let's get into the deets of todays article.

Beehiiv vs Mailchimp [Detailed Comparison]: Which is the Better Newsletter Platform?

First, we are going to take a look at an overview to see exactly what each platform is and what it offers.


Beehiiv: Best for Newsletters

Beehiiv is a trending newsletter platform launched in 2021 by “newsletter people” for newsletter people. It offers a suite of tools ranging from blogging to growth to monetization, all from a single dashboard.

Here is the dashboard of Beehiiv that shows a glance of everything you should expect when you are in.

beehiiv vs mailchimp: dashboard

You can also check my Beehiiv review if you want to learn more about Beehiiv

Mailchimp: Best for Email Marketing

Mailchimp is a highly popular all-in-one email marketing platform founded in 2001, known for helping small businesses manage and communicate with their customers.

Here is how the Mailchimp dashboard looks like so you can get a feel.

mailchimp dashboard

Beehiiv vs Mailchimp: Features

Winner: Beehiiv

Let's take a look at the benefits and features that come with these tools.

Beehiiv Features

Beehiiv Features

  • Website + Newsletter: Create an SEO-friendly blog and build your newsletter list.
  • Publishing Tools: Email text editor, automations, AI writing assistant.
  • Growth Tools: Referral programs, popups, subscribe forms, recommendations.
  • Monetization Models: Ad network, premium subscriptions, boosts.
  • Analytics Tools: Segmentation, polls, survey forms, and 3D analytics.

These features provide everything needed to launch, grow, and monetize your newsletter with ease.

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Mailchimp Features

  • Marketing Essentials: Campaign manager, email builder, email marketing, landing pages, websites.
  • Content Creation Tools: Templates, subject line helper, generative AI.
  • Audience Management Tools: Segmentation, surveys, sign-up forms.
  • Customer Automation Tools: Automations, integrations, webhooks.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Detailed insights for optimizing email marketing campaigns.

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Mailchimp vs Beehiiv: Pricing

Both Beehiiv and Mailchimp are powerful tools but how much do they cost?

Let's see the pricing plans they offer and what is included.

Mailchimp Pricing

Free Plan: Limited to 500 subscribers and 1,000 monthly email sends.

Essentials Plan: Starts at $6.50/month, limited to 500 subscribers, includes 5,000 monthly email sends, 3 user seats, prebuilt templates, limited analytics, landing pages, forms, email scheduling.

Standard Plan: Starts at $10/month, limited to 500 subscribers, includes 6,000 monthly email sends, personalized onboarding, custom templates, send time optimization, advanced segmentation.

Premium Plan: Starts at $175/month, limited to 10,000 subscribers, includes 150,000 monthly email sends, advanced tools, and unlimited features.

Explore Mailchimp 

Beehiiv Pricing

Beehiiv offers up to four pricing plans and they include:

  • Launch
  • Grow and
  • Scale
  • Enterprise

Let's expand on these pricing packages to see what they include.

Launch Plan: Free, includes up to 2,500 subscribers, unlimited email sends, web hosting, custom newsletters, campaign analytics.

Grow Plan: $49/month or $42/month annually, includes up to 10k subscribers, custom domains, premium subscriptions, audience polls, survey forms, multiple team members, API access.

Scale Plan: $99/month or $84/month annually, includes up to 100k subscribers, advanced web builder, advertising network, referral program, automations, 3D analytics, Beehiiv AI, A/B testing, priority support.

Enterprise Plan: Available on request, includes dedicated account manager, early feature access, dedicated IP address, advanced security.

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Beehiiv vs Mailchimp: Inbox Deliverability 

Who wants to waste time sending emails that don't reach inbox. So how do these platforms perform in terms of delivering your emails to inbox? Let's see.


Beehiiv was developed by “newsletter people,” ensuring high deliverability rates. My emails consistently reached the primary inbox.


Mailchimp generally performs well with deliverability, but some emails may land in promotions or spam folders. According to a recent study, Mailchimp reported a 73+% deliverability rate.

Mailchimp vs Beehiiv: Pros and Cons

Are there drawbacks? Advantages and disadvantages against each other? Let's see in the pros and cons.

Beehiiv Pros:

Beehiiv Pros:

  • Heavily focused on newsletters
  • Straightforward pricing structure
  • Affordable
  • Generous 30-day premium free trial
  • Beginner-friendly

Beehiiv Cons:

  • No customer support in the free plan
  • Room for improvement

Mailchimp Pros:

  • Option for pay-as-you-go
  • Full suite of email marketing tools
  • Popular platform
  • Free forever plan

Mailchimp Cons:

  • Not the best fit for Newsletters
  • Expensive and complex pricing structure
  • Unnecessary Limits

Who’s our Winner? Beehiiv or Mailchimp?

You've seen the comparison.

So who's the winner?

It's not hard to choose the best fit for your newsletter needs from the comparison so far.

Indeed, Mailchimp is a great platform but it is tailored mainly to email marketing.

Beehiiv is a hard core newsletter platform that provides everything you need to launch your newsletter, grow it and make money.

The winner?

None other than: Beehiiv

Final Verdict

Both Beehiiv and Mailchimp are powerful platforms but with different focuses. Mailchimp is great for email marketing, while Beehiiv is perfect for newsletters. Choose the platform that best fits your needs.

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If you’re looking to send emails to your customers regularly, Mailchimp is a great fit. If you want to publish newsletters, share content with your readers, and monetize your newsletter, Beehiiv is the best choice.

So does this Beehiiv vs Mailchimp comparison help you decide which platform is a better fit for your newsletters? Which one are you going to choose? Have any questions? Please let me know in the comments section.

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