Seoclerks Review 2018: Plus $205 Affiliate Withdrawal Proof in February

Want to know more about seoclerks and how it works? you are on the right post, I would be giving a detailed seoclerks review right now.

i.e. how seoclerk works and also a bonus on how to make money with seoclerks.

Then I will show you my$205 Withdrawal proof  in February 2018  if you are looking looking to make money with seoclerks.

There are lots of freelancing sites like fiverr, Upwork, codeclerks etc. Incase you are new to the word Freelancing; It is the act of working online and getting paid. You simply display your skills I.E.. what you know how to do and get paid when anyone hires you to do that work.

What is seoclerks?

An SEO Marketplace

On launching of the website, it was all about SEO services, users and members can help you with seo services such as link building, social bookmark submissions, Onpage Search Engine Optimization of your blog or website and lots more.

But then, became an over all market place where you can offer services other than seo and get paid when any one orders your service and it gets completed.

How seoclerks works in summary

Seoclerks is a market place like fiverr where you do freelancing and minor jobs and in return get paid when you complete any of the job.

You can be a buyer and a seller at the same time

Just like fiverr and other freelancing sites, below are some minor jobs you can do on seoclerks.

  • Ebook Sales
  • Blog Reviews
  • Article Writing
  • Link building
  • Social Bookmarking submission and
  • Lots More.

Seoclerks Market Place: What’s it About?

At default, when you visit the seoclerks website, you are automatically redirected to its market where you see services by other members of seoclerks.

From here, you can see the services you like to order and when you are ready to buy, you order and get it done as soon as possible.

Seoclerks vs Fiverr

From my long stay on seoclerks, there are lots to be compared to fiverr ranging from the minimum amount you can order services. and others.

Services on seoclerks starting from $1

Buyers can order quality services on seoclerks from as low as $1 compared to fiverr’s minimum of $5.

Multiple Payment Methods

While Fiverr only offers few payment methods which includes

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Fiverr Balance

Seoclerks offers many payment options and they include

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Seoclerks balance
  • Bitcoin
  • Etc

Using these payment methods sellers can be assured of getting paid and buyers would have many options to choose from which definitely keeps the service going.

Services Seoclerks don’t Offer

It might be shocking to know that there are few services Seoclerks don’t offer anymore but were earlier.

Seoclerks Facebook Likes Services closed down

A user was asking in the seoclerks “what happened to Facebook and Instagram Likes”

Unfortunately seoclerks no longer offer services relating to facebook and instagram. Infact as a seller, you are not allowed to create a gig for facebook tasks.

The big WHY

Here was the perfect reply as to why seoclerks facebook likes services were shut down.

“Facebook is contacting many Marketplaces with a demand for removal of these fake likes and fake followers services. SEOClerks do not endorse or allow these kind of Facebook or Instagram services, and you can see within the Responsible Listing Guidelines more about the Prohibited Content.

My or Seoclerks Review: Legit or scam?

I’ve been on seoclerks for long now and have bought services and as well sold too.

From my experience so far i have gotten quality as a buyer and have also been paid many a time as a seller and would recommend it to anyone whether you are going there to buy or render services.

I have ranked a lot of keywords using seoclerks service and as well made money from it.

However here are some pros and cons:


  • Expect quality service from a well rated buyer
  • Services starting from $1
  • Lots of talented freelancers to help with your  website or blog’s growth


  • Google hates link sheme and buying of backlinks is supported on seoclerks
  • High quality services could cause you alot of money

Can you really earn money with seoclerks?

I Published a post lately on

How to Make Money with Payoneer Mastercard

SEOClerks was also included as one of the ways you can earn with your Payoneger mastercard.

Now am going to be showing you 4 ways you can earn cool cash from SEOClerks.

Making money online is becoming more easy with SEOClerks. But before I proceed with how to make the cash let me give a seller review of seoclerks.

 SEOClerks Seller Review

SEOClerks is a marketplace originally designed for SEO services. As part of their  continuing effort to expand and innovate, they changed. Since the inception of SEOClerks, they’ve expanded beyond SEO offering a Want to Buy and Want to Trade section where users can ask for anything. The platform is built by community suggestions that users want and need.

This means a lot for you!

Even if you know nothing about SEO you can still earn on seoclerks.

Writers are there making money too.

Below am going to show you how you can make money with seoclerks.

Getting Started with seoclerks

The first step is to Register with seoclerks,

after which you will have an account and receive a a message in your email that you have successfully signed up. You can then go on to confirming your email or login right away.

Now that you have signed up. Its time you make the cash

How to earn money with Seoclerks

Now that you have created an Account you are welcome to earning. There are different options you can use to earn as a member of seo clerks.

They are listed below.

Offering Services

Just as stated in the Bio section of seo clerks, they originally created the site for offering SEO Services but later changed to a site where you can buy, sell etc and make yourself some cool bucks. This is just like fiverr but if you would ask me which is more better. I would tell you its seoclerks.

Right from your SEOClerks Dashboard you can sell services, Articles, Ebooks, Blog Reviews, Tweets, Softwares etc. This is in best way very good for anyone who wants to make money with seoclerks using different ways.

SEOClerks is like a Market Place. Below are cool and attractive services offered by sellers:

seoclerks review

The best part;

Unlike fiverr where there is a minimum amount of services you can create (7 gigs) for beginners.  SEOClerks is not same. You can actually create as many Products or Services for sale as you want. There is no limitation.

There’s still more to this;

Many buyers are looking for services that they can afford. SEOClerks give you the option to sell a service at a low cost of $1. This is in the level 2 upwards though but getting there is not hard at all.

So the first way to make money with seoclerks as said above is offering services e.g. I will submit your site to Google Webmasters for $2.

To do this from your dashboard, just Click on Seller >> Sell as seen in the screenshot below

make money with seoclerks

As seen in the above screenshot, you can actually sell a service, Articles. If you have much followers on twitter you can make money by selling tweets. If you have an ebook you have written you can also sell. Other things you can sell are Blog reviews, softwares, etc.

So that is for the above method. But its highly recommended you deliver your service as soon as possible to attract recommendations by buyers.


Make money with seoclerks by Outsourcing

I use this method to earn alot on seoclerks. This is how it works. If you don’t have services to offer, no worries you can still earn on seoclerks.

Here is how;

Step 1. Go to SEOClerks.Com/Marketplace

Step 2: You would see alot of services there by sellers. Checkout a service you think people might love that the seller is rendering for low cost, e.g. $2

Step 3: Advertise that service and Charge More.

Here is an example of the above three steps.

Let’s take for example. I simply go to SEOClerks Market place and see a service where the seller states: I will Design your WordPress blog for $3. What I need do to outsource this is go to a forum or wherever this type of service is needed and state: I will Design your WordPress blog for $20.

See the increase in the original price? Continue Reading;

Step 4: This is the final and interesting part. Once you get anyone who needs such service. You get the offer from the original seller and pay him or her the said $3 while you receive your $20.

The seller completes the Job and give you report while you forward same to your client.

Cool isn’t it? Yes. If you follow this method continually, it’s certain you could earn huge figures daily from SEOClerks.

There are even more ways you can Make money with seo clerks unlimitedly. Don’t stop reading.

Make Money with SEOClerks as an Affiliate 


SEOClerks Affiliate Program

The Seoclerks Affiliate Program lets you earn forever from whoever you refer to SEOClerks.

If you refer a member to SEOClerks and that member makes a purchase today, tomorrow or 3 years from now you will get paid for it.

Below is my withdrawal proof as an affiliate.

seoclerks affiliate withdrawal

You will get paid 10% of EVERY Purchase they make and 100% if they purchase from you forever.

This in turn means if you are not able to meetup with the above 2 methods to make money with SEOClerks, there is still Hope. You can Earn while you Sleep forever on SEOClerks without Offering a Service or Outsourcing.

Here is how to earn as SEOClerks Affilate FAST

Step 1: Click here to signup, Get your Affiliate Link by navigating to Seller >> Order >> Affiliates 

Step 2: Shorten your Affiliate links using url shorteners such as, etc. . If you use wordpress, you can check out the post on how to cloak Affiliate Links with thirsty affiliates WordPress Plugin

Step 3: Promote your Link. I have already published an article featuring the ultimate tips to help you earn faster as an affiliate of any Program. Do well to check the article and follow the tips.

You are on your way to Earning unlimitedly on SEOClerks.

Payment Method

You get paid via Paypal or Payoneer

Checkout: No PayPal Access? Checkout 5 PayPal Alternatives for Bloggers and Internet Marketers

From my experience so far Seoclerks is worth it.

Give them a try right away.

I want to hear from you; following this seoclerks review I hope there won’t be problems.

If you have questions  leave them in the comments section and share with friends.

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21 Responses to “Seoclerks Review 2018: Plus $205 Affiliate Withdrawal Proof in February

  • Well I will say it is a very good thing to know that there’s a program like this I never thought I’d come across this kind of opportunity anyways thank you prosper Noah you are realy great. Slam getting straight outside fiverr now thank you for for this useful article.

    • Hi Yusuf,

      you are welcome and glad you decided to leave your comments.
      Sure SEOclerks is a good place to start earning money from doing what you know well!

      Have a nice day!

  • SEOclerks is really a great platform to showcase one’s potential and gain lost ground on some features not present/available on fiverr. Recently heard about them from iftiseo. But am still doubting the quality of Links they offer e.g comments Backlinks. What do you think Mr Prosper?

  • Hi Trillionclues,

    Comment backlinks back then used to be a great way to build high quality backlinks but not likely anymore.

    I won’t rely on it to get any blog to #1 page on google.

    Instead I build relationship with other bloggers via comments. Its way cool that way!

    You can checkout this post by matthewwoodward on his opinion on Blog Comments Backlinks.

    Stay Cool and have a nice day!
    Remember to share with friends.

  • Hi Prosper,

    Truth be told: if you want to make more money online, having diverse streams of income is good and seo clerks is not left aside. I’d try this out following the right process.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Prince.

    • Hi prince,

      Sure check it out and let me know if it works good for you!

      Do have a nice day and thanks for taking the time to read, comment and share with friends.

  • Thanks Bro, This is an informative article

    • Hi Muhammed,

      You are welcome to my blog and thanks for adding to the conversation.

      Glad you loved the article. I would be giving $5 coupon for free you can use to test out seoclerks services soon.

      Do share with friends and have a nice day buddy!

      PS: Do well to get used to the blog and the readers.

  • I love how you broke everything down. You have shared for free, what others would have charged numerously for. I really learnt a lot from this. Keep the flag flying.

    • Hi Lucazzy,

      You are welcome to my blog
      Thanks for taking your time to read the post and drop a comment.

      Glad you found it helpful, do share with friends and have a nice day!

  • Inspiring i wish i can start earning soon. So i can start using my payoneer card

  • This is another eye opener tip you’ve left here dear. Its definitely going to be very helpful especially for Niche Bloggers like me

  • Hey Prosper,

    How do you think SEOClerks compare tk to the Freelancer and Fiverr.

    I have heard a lot about SEOClerks but never used it.

    Thanks for the detailed review, I’ll try it now.

    – Shafi

  • Very nce bolg its rely helpfull

  • Hello prosper thanks for sharing this I just registered on SEOclerks but am having problem with the verification process the drivers license and likes I’d like to ask if you can help with any tip

  • Good service just have to be careful what you buying. Of course for 5 Dollars u can’t expect miracles, but they is some gigs even under 5 very useful. The main thing is to avoid hard and timeless manual job and get some one to do for you berry cheap. Example instead of losing 2 h of manual job u can get someone to do for u
    For 5 .Just have to know what you after.
    I use many gigs to my blogs and for 2 months I get to MOZ DA 23 but as I said I know what I need.
    So to give a go I give you 5 dollars free coupon on SEO CLERK to test the service

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