How to Never Run Out of Articles to Write on Your Blog using these Powerful SEO Strategies

Do you run out of topic ideas to write on your blog? Then let’s put an end to it.

But before then, I’d like to say it’s really been a while I updated you here.

I’ll always update you from time to time.

and on this post today am going to share with you a secret strategy that when you follow, you’ll never run out of topic ideas for your blog.

and this strategy is so simple, It’s something I discovered long time ago in my SEO Journey while turning SEO to money..

Literally as you know… SEO’s been putting food on my table and it’s my #1 source of income online.

In fact 99% of my income online come from ranking blogs.

Now I no longer work my ass off because my blogs are ranking and pulling me income every month…

So I’ve mastered this stuff and it’s time I share some of my strategies with you.


Anyway, back to today’s post on how to never run out of topics to write on your blog.

Let’s get started.

Just so you know, we are going to be using SEO for this.

Really simple and easy stuff..

Unlike others, you won’t be hearing anything like hanging out in forums, or taking part in niche related Facebook groups and those stressful kinda things..

I don’t like to stress myself, I work smartly.

and if you really want to succeed in blogging you have to work smartly.

How to Never Run Out of Topic Ideas

As said earlier on, this strategy works really well for me and I could come up with lots of article ideas within few minutes without having to stress my brain doing a lot of research, hopping in groups or forums and the likes.

Let’s get started step by step;

Now here’s why you’re going to love this;

  1. Not only will you never run out of blog post ideas ever again, but you’ll start getting lots of SEO traffic too
  2. The posts will be very targeted, which means your audience are actually searching for them and they’ll love you for coming up with something they’ve been searching for instead of you just posting random articles that nobody will ever get to read.



In summary, with this strategy you’ll be able to learn exactly what kind of articles your audience are searching for in your niche.

Say If I’m in the blogging niche, I’ll be able to see what my audience wants to read, then I can write the articles on those topics instead of just writing whatever comes to my mind.

HINT: Writing whatever comes to your mind is a very useless & risky blogging strategy that will never make you money, don’t do it, unless you’ve got a good audience already.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to it.

Follow below step by step carefully;

I’ll share two strategies.

Strategy 1 – Using Keywords Every Where Chrome Extension

This is one of my strategies;

Keywordseverywhere is one very useful SEO tool I’ve been using since last year.

All you need to do is just install it to your chrome on PC and then;

  1. Head over to
  2. Input a keyword in your niche, if you’re in the make money online niche, you can put a seed keyword like “Make Money Online”
  3. Hit enter and watch out at your right hand side for where you have “People Also Search For”

Now keywordseverywhere will go ahead to show you what your audience are searching for in the make money online niche.

For example; below is what I got after entering “make money online”

blog post ideasThose are what people who want to make money online are typing into Google Search every day and those are exactly the topics you should write on .

Just pick any of the keywords and write articles on them.

I could just pick out one keyword from above “Trusted Online Money Making Sites”

Then compose a very detailed article on maybe: 5 Trusted Online Money Making Sites  or Trusted Online Money Making Sites in 2020 or Trusted Online Money Making Sites for Complete Beginners

That’s it.

Very Easy stuff.

When done with that I could take another keyword from there and compose an article as well.. before you know, I’ve written up to 10-20 cool articles.

and I’d even go on to write up to 100 articles in a short period of time without having to worry about topics.

With this strategy you will never run out of Ideas.

and the amazing thing is that; these articles don’t just come out of my head or random topics.

They are what my target audience are looking for.

Can you now see how simple and easy this is?

Now let’s repeat this for another niche; the health niche.

Again, make sure keywordseverywhere is installed and active..

  1. Head over to
  2. Input a keyword in the health niche, think of any keyword that comes to your head, you can put a seed keyword like “Weight Loss”
  3. Hit enter and watch out at your right hand side for where you have “People Also Search For”

Now keywordseverywhere will go ahead to show you what your audience are searching for in the health niche.

Below is what I got after entering “weight loss” and checking my People Also Search For.

Now you see a lot articles ideas:

All you just need to do is pick and write on them.

I could pick the keyword from the above: “weight loss friendly foods”

Then compose an article maybe on Top 5 Weight Loss Friendly Foods 

That’s it.

You’ll get to understand this as you practice.

To really make good use of this, you should try and know some top categories in your niche.

For example: If you’re in the health niche, you should know some categories like Weight Loss, Diabetes, Diet, etc… it’ll help you a lot.

If you know those, you can just put pop them into google and keywordseverywhere will do the rest for you.

If you’re in the make money online niche, you should get familiar with the top categories like affiliate marketing, cpa marketing, paid surveys, digital products, dropshipping, ecommerce, facebook ads etc… just  pop any of them into Google and keywordseverywhere will do the rest for you…

If you’re in the blogging niche, you should get familiar with the top categories like wordpress plugins, content marketing, etc..

Now you understand this?

Basically all you just need to do is pop your seed keyword into google and keywordseverywhere will automatically show you the keywords your audience are typing on google so that you can come up with blog posts…

Do you now agree with me that is so easy? You can literally come up with 10 or even 20 article ideas in a single day.

Time for Strategy 2.

Strategy 2 – Using SEMrush

This is the best strategy for me because it’s super fast and easier.

All I need is just my competitor’s blog.

Here’s how you can do it;

Step 1. Go to google and type in a seed keyword e.g. I’m in the blogging niche, so I’ll type: Blogging Tips 

Whatever blogs appear in the top 10 search results are your competitors, they are in the same niche as yours (Copy like 3 of the blogs to notepad)

In my case, I picked,, and  (If you see your competitor you should know immediately)

Now, the strategy is to get one of your competitors domain e.g. and explore them to get what keywords they are ranking for..

If your competitor is ranking for a particular keyword and that keyword is giving them traffic then it means that people are searching for it. I.e. your audience are looking to read on that topic.

When you know what they are searching for, your work now is to write on that topic too and make yours even better.

Hold on a bit; I’ll show you;

Step 2: Now I’ll head over to and then enter into the domain overview tool.. or just go to this URL: (replace the domain with your own competitor’s domain)

SEMrush will show me all the keywords they are ranking for that is sending them traffic.

Scroll down to Top Organic Keywords, as seen below; I can see some keywords already.

But you need to click “view details” in order to see the rest of the keywords (About 4,000+)

Now you can see all the keywords that’s sending them traffic.

All of those keywords are what your audience are typing into Google and expecting to read articles on.

Now you have everything at your disposal, go ahead pick some of them and start composing your articles.


You can repeat this same step in any niche;

You’ll no longer struggle or run out of topic ideas for your blog ever again if you follow any of the strategy above.

This is how to come up with hundreds of blog post ideas and it’s very targeted.

In return, your visitors will love you because you give them what they want, they’ll subscribe to your email list and you make more money off your blog.

Blogging is about giving your audience exactly what they are searching for and NOT giving what you think they are searching for.

It’s how you build authority through blogging, gain respect as well as loyal followers (by giving your audience what they want, they’ll get to see you as an authority and love you).

The more people search for keywords in your niche and see your blog appear on google always for what they are looking for, they click, read your detailed articles, they start to give you that respect and see you as an authority.

That’s when you can say “Buy this product, buy that product and they’ll go ahead to buy without hesitation…

So it’s very easy to build authority (just give them what they want).

Put this into use as from today and you’ll see good results.

Meanwhile a lot of people have been seeing my blogs on google and have been asking me via email; Prosper how do you do this? Do you have have any course on ranking on google and getting traffic?

Yes, I do.

and my best course is the Keyword Ranking Beast, if you haven’t gotten it, go ahead to get it so you can learn exactly how I rank my Blogs on Google Step by Step and Make Money, it’ll show you exactly how to get easy to rank keywords that a lot of your audience are searching for, how to write your articles and place those keywords in the right places so that you can start ranking as soon as possible and getting traffic + other advanced strategies like getting backlinks etc.. (it’s my hidden secret to blogging success because I rank blogs whenever I want and get traffic which obviously turns into money for me… and this course turned hundreds of bloggers you see today into experts) so if you want to learn how I do it myself then your best bet would be to invest in my course and learn everything, simple.

Anyway, hope you love the strategies I shared with you today.

I’ll try to get regular once again on this blog and make more posts soon.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Thanks, Noah for sharing this information I was really running out of ideas for like past few weeks but now you have provided so many ways that I can use to get more and more ideas..


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