Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon: Tutorial to get Webhosting at $0.01 Today Easily

If you need to start a brand new blog or website then the hostgator 1 cent coupon would definitely help you save a whole lot of money for Hosting.

This is like a free trial to use the hostgator webhosting for almost free the first month.

On this post I’d be sharing with you how you can get this wonderful coupon and supercharge your new blog really quick with easy money.

But before then let me give you a back history of hostgator.

What is Hostgator Webhosting Companyhostgator affiliate program

Ever heard of Hostgator? If you are a blogger then its certain you have heard of Hostgator Webhosting, but incase you don’t.

Hostgator, Founded 2002 is a top webhosting Provider known for its quality webhosting services. Its recommended by most website owners and popular bloggers.

According to web owners hostgator remains one of the best and top leading webhosting company on the internet.

So what’s in it for you?

Just like you’ve been hearing of Godaddy’s Coupon codes and deals being released monthly, hostgator has decided to let you give their webhosting a trial for 1 month.

This is very ideal for anyone starting their new blog. He or she can save a whole lot of money for the first month as hostgator seem to be one of the best hosting provider out there.

They are issuing a 1 cent hosting to new customers who decided to try out the hosting.

The Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon for Hosting How does it Work?

This is a very simple stuff for new customers who decide to host their website or blog on hostgator. Using a special link in this article you are guaranteed a $0.01 webhosting.

You simply follow the tutorial in this post and you grab the great deal for hosting.

But before then:

Here are what you need to know about this coupon:

Must Know about this Deal

  • This is for new customers
  • You are charged the normal hosting price after the first Month which is $10.95/Mo
  • Includes all packages [No Restrictions]
  •  New Domain Registration is not included in this coupon [Only Hosting]

Now that you’ve taken note of the above, you may want to start right away and below will show you exactly how to signup and start your dream blog or website really quick.

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How to Properly Use this Coupon for Hosting your New Website or Blog

Follow the step by step method to activate this coupon easily and Fast. In no time after following the tutorial your hosting at $0.01 would be up and ready.

Let’s Begin

Step 1: Use the Special Link Below

Click here to visit the hostgator 1 cent hosting link/page. You can as well use the Promo Code: TOBPENNYHOSTING on Checkout.

You will be welcomed to the page immediately. Now you should click Start Your Site Button as seen in the screenshot below.


In the next page you need to fill your details completey.

Step 2: Registering for the Hostgator Hosting

But before then;

Make sure you see the first field on Domain  Name. If you don’t have a domain name already then you will need to register a new domain.

As seen in above mentioned: Registering a new domain name is not included in the 1 cent coupon. You will pay extra for domain name.


If you have a domain already which I guess you do, then you need to click the second tab and input your domain name.

Step 3: Additional Services

These additional services will only make you spend more. Uncheck all and  move on.

After this you don’t need to put in any coupon code as the link above serves as coupon already. Just click on the 1 Cent Link  and you’d be taken right to the offer straight away.

Without Applying a Coupon Code.

Step 4: Terms and Conditions

Every webhosting company wants you to agree to their terms and conditions and hostgator is not an exception.

After filling all of the details into each box, you need to check the box for “I agree” and you are almost there.

Step 6: Payments and Confirmation

You’re provided with two options for payment.

  1. Your Debit or Credit Card
  2. PayPal

This is up to you to decide which best suits you and click on Check Out Button and Yeaa!

You finally have a hostgator hosting costing just $0.01.

Congrats on your new blog.

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I believe with the help of the hostgator 1 cent coupon you are able to start your new blog or website at a very cheap or affordable price.

Loved the Deal? Let’s Roll On!

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