7 Genuine Ways to Increase AdSense Revenue Really Fast

Need tips on how to increase AdSense revenue for your blog? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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One is setting up a blog and another is getting approved for Google AdSense and finally monetizing.

Unfortunately there’s been lot of complaints earlier by some publishers on having low cost per click.

If you are in this category, then you’d be learning all of the tips you can use to increase AdSense earnings of any blog be it a new blog or one that’s developed already however you should focus on practicing these tips, not just read and sit.

I once had a blog that’s getting as low as 0.01 per click. Believe me there are lots of publishers facing these as well.

If you’d follow the tips that would be highlighted right in this post, then you are sure to increase your AdSense earnings: talking about your cpc, ctr and lots more.

So what are these really cool tips that helps Increase AdSense revenue?

How to Increase Adsense Revenue for your Blog [Fast]

1. Increase AdSense Earnings by Targeting High Cost Per Click Keywords in your Contents.

Now when many people hear of the term, target high cpc keywords, they are confused as to how to start targeting.

Am going to explain this in details so you can understand fully well.

In the basis of AdSense, advertisers bid on some particular keywords to rank for on search engines, the more popular these keywords are, the more money they are likely to spend on it.

Note: Revenue share between Google AdSense & the Publisher is 32:68. When someone clicks, you earn roughly 68% of the click and Google gets the remaining 32%.

Ex: This keyword “Increase Adsense Earnings” cpc is around $6.74, when a user clicks on them, AdSense takes 32% while you being the publisher takes 68%.

increase adsense revenue

When you discover these keywords, all you need do is write contents around them

Some keywords can cost around $60 or higher per click, in order to discover these keywords you can make use of some keyword research tools such as longtail pro and semrush.

Free Offer: Get Semrush Pro for 1 Year [Free]

Find high cpc keywords with semrush

All you need do to find high paying keyword is take a seed keyword

Put into Semrush and hit search. When its done analyzing the keywords, you should click on the CPC and semrush would automatically filter high cpc keywords.

Example in this screenshot we can see “call center” cpc is around $30.60

high cpc increase adsense revnue

Following this method, you can find as many high cost per click keywords as possible.

When you find them, store in an excel spreadsheet or notepad.

Finally, Create Contents around them.

Try to write contents on Long Tail Keywords as they tend to get faster results on google search.

Since Google Adsense is a contextual ad network, they would display relevant ads based on the theme of your content.

Using above tip, you can easily increase adsense earnings on any blog you happen to create and monetize with AdSense.

Note: Make sure you always write contents for your niche, you can find lots of high cpc keywords using semrush, long tail pro or ahrefs.

#2. Link your Blog to Google Analytics and Allow Google Adsense track it’s Correct Page Views from Adsense Dashboard.

Lots of users complain of Adsense not showing the exact pageviews on their blog on the Adsense Dashboard, the only problem with this is that Google Adsense cannot determine accurately how many pageviews you get on your Blog.

If you haven’t linked your WordPress Blog to google analytics then you’re missing out.

Google AdSense always recommend themselves from the adsense dashboard, that you link your blog to their analytics tool so it could enable them track your views.

This as well provide you more tips that you can use in effectively monitoring your clicks which definitely results in more earning opportunities.

I strongly recommend Analytics wordpress plugin by Monster Insights. It’s one of the best plugins if you haven’t already linked your wordpress blog to google analytics.

If you are new to linking your wordpress blog to Google analytics, just install and activate this plugin and follow the instructions to setup in few minutes.

Apart from increasing adsense revenue, you have other awesome benefits when you link your blog to google analytics.

It’s the most recommended way to know your accurate pageviews and visitors on a blog.

When you’ve finally linked your blog to analytics, you should follow the tips “earning opportunities” featuring linking google adsense to your analytics account to enable them track your views correctly!

You can as well check your bounce rate, I would be talking about Google analytics on the upcoming posts.

#3. Make WordPress Blog Super fast to Increase adsense earnings quickly

I already shared the white hat tricks I use in making many of my wordpress blogs load superfast. Incase you missed it, you could still check my secret to superfast wordpress blog.

How Does Page Speed Affect Adsense Earnings?

As stated in the AdSense program publishers earning guidelines. A fast webpage helps in increasing user experience and as well reduce bounce rate and enhance engagement.

No visitor would love to spend their little minute on a webpage that takes loads of seconds to load.

Having a webpage that loads quickly would definitely help to increase your adsense revenue as users tend to spend more time surfing.

If you are facing low cpc and notice an increase in your blog bounce rate, then you should check out the post on reducing blog bounce rate using tips that work.

Users from Google search or social media networks who come to your posts, are in a haste, they want to get answers to their questions immediately and if your site takes loads of time to load, you’d be losing a lot of money.

Turbo Charge your Blog Speed and you should get results as soon as possible.

#4. Loiter your Blog with Ads, Get Smacked Really Fast

Google is Smart. Be Smart too!

I will teach you to be Rich, Sorry Smart this time!

Ever seen a blog with less than 3/4 ads per page? You actually thought they know nothing about Google AdSense right?

Then you are wrong. Google has policies, and only those who fully follow the guidelines get good results.

In context to this you need to know there are terms we call CTR when it comes to Google Adsense.

Confused? No Way!

CTR= Click Through Rate [Don’t Thank Me] Winks*

If you are really serious about your AdSense revenue, you should work more on CPC
and focus only on getting a decent CTR.

Getting thousands of impressions on your ads
won’t be of much help, but a blog with a really good CPC and a decent CTR can land
very high earnings.

Here is a Cool Way to Increase your CTR and Adsense Revenue

Use not less than 4 Ads on a Webpage, follow below infographic for guidelines

adsense infographicNever neglect the placement of your ads on a web page as it is directly
proportional to your AdSense earnings.

Need to Increase AdSense Earnings? Keep Reading

400+ Words to Go, Keep Reading!

#5. Amp to the Rescue, Enable Quickly!

Accelerated Mobile Pages have lots of benefits. Apart from Google declaring it as a ranking factor in its algorithm, It also plays a vital role in increasing your adsense revenue really Fast.

You’ve heard of Accelerated Mobile Pages. If you haven’t, Open this Page in a new tab to learn more.

Install and Configure AMP Plugin for WordPress.

You have Questions? I know, let’s Tackle it.

I noticed lots of users complaining of adsense not showing on their accelerated mobile pages, no more worries.

The reason is because you didn’t fully configure AMP for your blog.

How to Enable Adsense on AMP

There is the default AMP [Doesn’t Show Ads] and there is AMP Advanced for WordPress [Shows Ads] This is the one you should use.

#6. Block Low Paying Categories to Increase Adsense Revenue or Expect Little Results following the Guide Here.

Let me share with you this secret tip. There are high paying categories and there are low ones, as it is in every business.

You have advertisers who spend huge and those who don’t.

On research there are lots of advertisers on the ad sense network that gives you that low CPC, you need to block them from your site.

How to block low paying Google Adsense Advertisers/ Categories/

Login to your Adsense Account and Navigate to Allow Blocks

You need to paste some list of sites.

Click this Link, and you’d be taken to the full tutorial featuring the list of low paying google adsense advertisers list for 2017.

Simply copy those sites and paste In the box from your adsense dashboard.

When you’re done with this, you should expect a boost in your adsense earnings, as time goes on.

#7. The Smart Guy Technique

I love guys that are Smart.

If you’re done reading this tips and you decide to leave without practicing, then no one is to be put to blame.

What I have Learn So Far that’s made me Succeed

When I read I Practice. You should practice these tips right away and definitely you’d be making some success.

You need to Increase Adsense Earnings Right away? Many Do! However, only those who read and practice see great results.

Adsense is not the only way to make money from your blog, Try Affiliate Marketing too!

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