5 Awesome Benefits Of Being An Original Blogger

Original Blogger

Are there any benefits associated with being an original Blogger?

Maybe! But I really think there is.

I was inspired to write this post about a week ago when I had a chat with an entertainment blogger on Facebook. It was like an argument on why every blogger must be original; it was during this argument he placed a question that kept me thinking all day.

He asked: “Is there any benefit of being an original blogger?

I paused for a while and told him I will get back to him.

But should I tell you one truth? You’re also asking yourself this question!

This post will represent a reply to that very question.

Well, I don’t intend to bore you with a long post; so I will make everything fast and detailed.

I passed the same question to some to bloggers and I should say, their responses births this post.

Being an original blogger is not just picking original ideas, it’s about finding original ways to communicate your messages.

Creating original contents can be stressful and time-consuming.

Some bloggers may say “what’s the point?”. But the truth is that there are exciting benefits of being an original blogger. But first;

Who is an Original Blogger?

According to Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging; an original blogger is a blogger who is unique, this could mean they have a variety of format and present the same information in a variety of ways.

This could also mean they are different from other bloggers in their niche.

Perhaps they support the opposite advice or write with a unique voice or with humor.

According to Janice, an original blogger is a unique blogger

What does it mean to be unique?

To be unique means to be special, unequal and different from anyone else

An original blogger has variety of ways to communicate their messages.

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You see I have professionals around, so we’ll make everything short, simple and beneficial.

Now let’s spin through the benefits of being an original blogger

You Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

Being an original blogger helps you stand out like a priest in the red light district.

Blogging in my voice help me write blog posts and guest posts that become memorable. Example; when folks read my guest posts they know it’s me before seeing the name attached to the post.

My writing style is memorable because I’m clear in writing how I speak, and I speak from my heart.

I’m not trying to be anyone else when I blog, but me.

Being original take clarity and confidence but the more you write for both practice and publishing you’ll find your writing voice and stand out like a lighthouse in the middle of a violent storm at sea

– Ryan Biddulph Of Blogging from Paradise

Now you see; It takes originality to stand out of the crowded blogo sphere.

You Grow your Audience and Reduce Bounce Rate

One of the awesome benefits of being an original blogger is that you’ll have an easier time growing your audience.

This is because your readers won’t get bored.

Also, due to your engaging content, they will stay on your site longer and will definitely reduce Bounce rate and as well grow your readership. – Janice Wald

We have heard from Janice and you now know being an original blogger helps grow your audience and reduces bounce rate.

But come to think of it; tell me why a visitor won’t keep jumping to your blog when it’s clear to them that they can’t find your kind of post elsewhere? … It’s a phrase!

You Become Popular

New bloggers nowadays desire to be popular on the web. One funny thing is that they forget to know that the key to being a popular blogger is tied to being original.

Once you have been able to stand out like a priest in the red light district and when you’ve been able to grow your audience and reduced bounce rate. Then, you’ll definitely become popular.

Don’t forget: your originality determines your level of popularity.

Also, know that being popular doesn’t mean you’re exceptionally gorgeous it’s mostly being friendly with everyone.

I consider myself popular because I am friends with lots of persons and I get along with everyone.

So long as you have new readers and still write original contents, it simply means you are open to getting new readers. That way you become popular.

You Gain more Knowledge

Do you know that you gain more knowledge creating your own contents?

I know some of you don’t, but that’s just the fact.

I have never dreamt of becoming a writer. Blogging has made me one.

Writing has a lot to do with knowledge. It’s certified.

Once you write steadily, it’s no longer termed as just writing. It becomes a practice and after that “KNOWLEDGE”

Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic is the watchword of every blogger. But some tend to see driving traffic to their blog so difficult; it’s not that difficult.

With original contents on your blog, everything happens like magic.

Although, creating original contents takes a lot of time that which sometimes you may not have, but it’s one of the sure ways of growing your blog traffic.

Originality increases your blog traffic by making your blog the only place to get some valuable ideas. So everyone comes for latest update.

One of the best ways to increase your blog traffic is by writing original content and also finding different ways to share a particular idea.

Now your Turn

Being an original blogger helps you stand out of the crowded blogo sphere, grow your readership and reduce bounce rate, boosts your popularity, grants you more knowledge and increases blog traffic.

What are other benefits of being an original blogger? Share them in the comment section

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32 thoughts on “5 Awesome Benefits Of Being An Original Blogger”

  1. Originality is the key no doubt

    However like we all know crafting original content can be time consuming and very stressful. So here is my take on your points (an addition)

    In my opinion there isnt any blogger out there (perhaps few) that creates contents from scratch except (of cause book writers and story tellers) otherwise there would be no need for research .

    Best practice uniquely identify a topic, have a great insight on the topic (only what about what you know and can defend especially for a niche blog ), do your research and present your post in your own words(a way your readers would understand)

    These entails originality and would definitely expand once reach and audience


  2. Hi Celestine!

    Thanks for the contribution

    Well, being an original Blogger dosn’t mean you do refer other sites to create contents its mostly about finding other original ways to communicate a particular message

    Great thoughts though!

    Thanks for the read

  3. Hey 2P Buddies – Pospi & Prosper,

    The tips here are quite good. However, being an original blogger will take some time transitioning from the nobody to somebody level in the blogging world. Blogging can be a soft work if you know how. The way you dissected your points are OK. More of this fall on me 🙂

    Great day guys!

  4. Hi,
    There is nothing more important than being original. It is easy to copy others though but that won’t last long. To stay in the limelight of everything one does you have to be original, and stay focus.
    Thanks for these awesome ideas.


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