Blog Commenting Technique: The No Nonsense Guide, that actually Converts

Blog Commenting

If you found yourself on this page it means You want to learn how to do blog commenting for traffic,  SEO,  and building relationship.

Here on tipsonblogging i want to show you exactly how this is done.

If you are looking for a way to improve in blog commenting which definitely exposes your blog to new audience,as well as increasing your subscribers and Page views then here is the last bustop where you can learn all what you need to be successful in it.

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There are many ways you can improve in blog commenting but finding the ways that actually works still remain the important thing but before we dive into this you need to understand some few things.

What is Blog Commenting and its Importance?

Now let me answer this question with a question. What is a blog without a community of readers?

A blog do not only need readers but readers who interact with the contents; with their Questions, Answers, Contributions and lots more.

How to Build A Blog Following Without Looking Desperate

If you own a blog that publishes lots of quality articles on a regular basis, then you’ll love it

  • When Readers appreciate your hardwork
  • When they ask questions
  • When they contribute to a post

It encourages the author to keep posting more quality contents that you love.

What are some Blog Commenting Examples?

You’ve probably visited lots of blogs and have seen different opinions in the comment section.

Some comments ranging from

  • Thanks for sharing this article”
  • Loved the Post”
  • Great Post etc”

Reasoning from above, you see there are actually different types of comments but which of them actually converts?

How to do Blog Commenting

You are looking for ways to comment the right way on blogs that in turn converts. When we say convert; there are different meanings starting from

  • Commenting for Traffic Conversion
  • Commenting to Build Relationship with the Authors and his Readers
  • Commenting for SEO I.E: to rank higher on Serps (Search Engine Results Page)


Whether you are commenting for the purpose of any of above listed, I’ve got you covered, you are going to learn the best ways to comment so you can achieve what you so desire.

NB: When Commenting, our best tip and advice is to build relationship

How to do Blog Commenting for Traffic

Just as mentioned above, we have different reasons for commenting on blogs and the first or one of them is Commenting for traffic.

Are your aims going to be for Traffic? Well, there are very few ways that works for commenting with the sole aim of driving traffic

Look for Blogs in your Niche.

Its always advisable you comment on the ones on your niche because it helps you get more targeted traffic and exposure, contributing to what you are interested in.

In fact you won’t be over stressed as you already know about the niche, however the most important thing is that the blog you would be commenting on in this aspect has to be

  • Active I.E: Publishes regularly and
  • Have some decent amount of traffic and followers.

How do you know a blog with followers and Traffic?

Probably the one that get tons of comments and is popular in it’s field.

Must Know when commenting for traffic

Comment Relevancy

When commenting for Traffic do make sure you comment relevancy!

Don’t just pop in and leave a comment like some spammer.

The only way you are going to leave a comment that does not get you into the spam box is when you read the post and leave your opinions.

CommentLuv Enabled Blogs: Added Advantage

When leaving comments for traffic, you should also take note of blogs with commentLuv integration.

commentluv enabled blogs

CommentLuv helps you display your most recent blog post in your comments. It should not be abused though!

Am going to show you how you can get to know blogs with commentLuv enabled feature.

Keep Reading;

How to Do Blog Commenting to Build Relationship with the Authors and his Readers

This is the most recommended, however it is very possible to drive huge traffic from this also.

Building Relationship with a blog’s author and readers is one best ways to build your blog as you would be adding quality to their own blogs through your comments.

In order to build a relationship with commenting you need three important things

A Gravatar

A Gravatar let’s you display your image whenever you leave a comment on a wordpress blog and as well make you look professional.

Donna Gravatar

I personally do not recommend you leave a comment with the default white author image.

When you use a Gravatar it shows the blog author who you really look like and creates the first impression. That is your first step.

Leave In-dept Comments.

I suppose you already know where am driving at; yes! Do not leave the one line comments.

E.g. “Nice Post”, ” Great Article”, “thanks for sharing ” etc.

While these comments may look nice, the truth is they are far from nice.

They actually make you look like that old spammer wanting to get Backlinks to his site.

Those type of comments go well with any article on a blog and so gives an impression that you didn’t read the post.

So you need to read the post, leave your opinions via contributing in the comments.

Below is a perfect example of an in-dept comment by Chris Deewaard.

Indept comments

Help their readers too in your comments and you are going to build  relationship within few days!

Let them Know you are Talking to them in your Comment

Spammers do not waste time in personalizing comments, so make sure you mention the Author’s name in your comments.

Add a Hi [Name] to grab his or her attention

Make sure you visit the Blogs regularly so you can appear active.

I always advise you subscribe to newsletter so you can get alert of new Posts.

When you do this, you easily build relationship with the authors and readers.

Even when they don’t happen to reply to your comments at times, you should not stop commenting as it helps you with more backlinks, exposure, etc.

Here is a detailed and Perfect post  by Chris Deeward on why you should keep commenting on blogs even though they don’t reply to comments.

Blog Commenting in SEO: Do comments really help you rank?

Commenting regularly can help you build some backlinks however not so high quality backlinks but when done on blogs with high Domain Authority and good Trust Flow could spike up your rankings a little.

Firstly, Case Study by an SEO friend Anderson

Anderson built 20-50 indexed blog comments a day using for a local search term.

After two weeks, the term went from out of the top 200 to position #20.

Another couple of orders, and it was up to #11 after a month.
Finally, he added 10 PR home page links to push it to #3.  (So cheating a bit, but the point is still valid.  :))

Bottom line:  You CAN move your site using just comment backlinks.

I don’t recommend this approach, simply because it is susceptible to algorithm changes by Google.  However, it shows that comments are still wildly effective for ranking.

Secondly Here is a secret of blog commenting in seo that helps your blog a lot.

Rank for Your Name in Search Engines Plus Organic Traffic

Before I reveal this secret, let me tell ya a little quick discovery.

I recently came across a blogging friend Andrew M. Warner of content ranked, well he’s become a regular commenter on my blog, In fact I see him on every blog I visit.

So? what about him?

AndrewWell, you won’t believe he leaves comments too but guess;

He doesn’t leave a link to his website in any of his comments?

Well I had to reveal his little secret to you; I just hope he doesn’t scold me when he gets to see this post LOL.

So the little secret is that it helps him rank for his name on search engines and probably lands some organic traffic to his blog.

The one great thing about him is that he leaves in-dept comments that gets you impressed and the only way you can get in touch with him is to actually copy his name and pop Into Google search.

Which definitely lands him;

  • More Organic Traffic
  • High click through rate
  • Etc

Such type of blog comments can help you increase your rankings.

Few Blog Commenting Tips to help you Comment Effectively on Blogs

When you plan on doing blog commenting for any purpose there are few tips to help you succeed

  • Make sure you try to always read the post, so you can have  what to say in the comment section
  • Do not try to leave links in the comments field, wordpress already provide you with a field where you can put your blog homepage url
  • Go for the sole aim of adding quality and value to the blog and not look like who’s only there for the traffic and backlinks.

How to Find Blog Commenting Sites using 2 Ways

Many Sites allow comments but you really cant stop with few that you’ve come across, you need to comment on as many as possible to increase your visibility and chance of success.

But how do you find so many of them?

By Following Blog Commenters

Its very simple:

  • Visit the blog
  • Leave your comments
  • Click through the other comments you met there
  • Leave more comments

This lands you on other great blogs where you can find commenting opportunities.

Using a Tool

You may need a tool to help you easily filter which blogs accept comments and so am recommending DropmyLink.

DML would help you find sites to comment on easily without having to use search strings. Though search strings work too. But dropmylink would save you sometime.

How to Find Blog Commenting sites with DropmyLink.

– First you need to signup with dropmylink
– Activate your account by verifying your email and then follow below image

Drop my link comment tutorial

In the field for keyword above, Enter your keyword. Probably the topic you would like to comment on E.G: “blog Commenting”

When you hit search, you’d be provided in the search results with blog posts that allow comments in the “topic” as seen in the below screenshot.

no comments yet dml

So all you need do is click through any one that interests you and you’d leave a comment on.

That’s it with finding blog commenting sites with DropmyLink.

Blog Commenting for backlinks definitely have some good impact on your blog’s rankings if done on authority sites however you should know that all your comments may not be indexed by google especially if done on blogs that don’t get crawled by google quickly.

That’s why I recommend One Hour Indexing for indexing all of your backlinks within an hour or less, you can try omega index as well for indexing your links.

Wrapping Up

I definitely recommend you comment on blogs to build relationship with the readers and blog author, doing this alone would help pull other possible benefits.

I have come to the end of the post, and believe you now know all about blog commenting and its benefits.

Over to you

Have you been taking blog commenting serious? Would you start practicing after this post? Let me know what you think in the comment box.

Have any other tips on how to do blog commenting which converts?  Share them below too.

Meanwhile do pass on the information by sharing with others.

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  1. Hi Proper,

    Thank you for this wonderful exposure to the benefits of blog commenting. I must said, have learn new things by reading the entire post.

    My question now is; what if one is into school news blogging like mine, how do on find a good comments opportunities that can help one rank. Since most of the post are information obtain from school websites and reliable source and are always almost the same with your competitors.

  2. This post is damn too long for me to read because I’m a dyslexia person. However, I must commend the writer for bringing out this fantastic and well articulated write up in quest to help others in their blogging activities.

    In contrast, you can learn how to add matched contents to your blog to skyrocket and boost your earnings to at least 60%, particularly when carrying out the above procedure.

    So, thanks for you guidelines and when am done carrying out the guides, and if it works, I will be very happy but I know it will.

  3. Thanks for this usual tips.
    No be today u don dey do am.

    Your blog exposed me a lot when it comes to blogging.
    I have been practices your EBook on how u pull up huge traffic in a day through blog commenting and it has been of help.

    I have trying to get some blog in my niche but I couldn’t this give me a lot of headache, I was like am I the only one engaged in biography and history niche. LOL, I know it plenty.smiles.

    With the help of dropmylink that u dropped I think it will be very useful for me.

    Thanks once Again

  4. Thanks Prosper

    Indeed any niche blogger who ignores blog commenting is missing out on a lot of SEO opportunities.

    Take for instance, I ran an audit on my webmaster tool, guess what I found out?

    Just by commenting on your blog, I have got a relatively strong backlink to my blog

    So blog commenting isn’t something one should miss

    I shall also follow your guideline to enhance my blog commenting skills

    Once again thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for sharing this article.

    I was lazy at blog commenting but now discovered that it converts

    Most of the time, I set my routine to be “Blog Commenting” throughout the day and it has helped improve my Alexa ranking.

  6. Yes blog commenting is really an SEO strategy everyone should embrace

    I recently ran an audit on my webmasters tool, guess what I found?

    I got a backlink simply by commenting on your blog (with perfect link juice)

    So in my opinion I think blog commenting is really working…

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi Prosper – You have nicely explained blog commenting techniques. I have recently realised that it really converts. I also feel commenting for building relationships should be the primary goal.

  8. Hey Prosper,

    Thanks so much for mentioning me in this post. Really appreciate it.

    Blog commenting is something that’s an art that not a lot of people take seriously. They don’t see it as a powerful tool to really help you get noticed. And like you said, that’s exactly what I did and continue to do.

    And because I leave thoughtful comments it gets people curious and they eventually visit my site.

    My thing is that it’s all about the quality of the comment and not how many sites you can comment on.

    Really great post here and I hope people need your words and use it to leave more thoughtful comments in the future.

    – Andrew

  9. Awesome tips Noah on commenting one’s way to more connections, friends and blog traffic.

    First time around here – and this is the first post I’ve read.

    I’ve used DropMyLink as well to find more blogs related to the niche topics I write about. It’s a great tool.

    Question: How many hours (per day / week) do you spend connecting with others through their blog comments section?

    • Hi Phil,

      Thanks for stopping by my blog.
      Concerning your question, I make sure to leave atleast 20-30 comments daily!
      I would recommend you put up schedule though!

      Have a great week

  10. Hey Buddy,

    Well explained. First time has gone through an article which is promoting blog commenting in such detail.

    This is one of the crucial parts of Blogging. If any of your comments belong to a page which is number 1 in search engine ranking, then by default your blog is also going to enjoy a small share of that page’s traffic.

    Yes, I completely agree with you that building relationship with a blog’s author and readers is one best way to build your blog as you would be adding quality to their own blogs through your comments.

    I want to add one more point that, If we build up more trust and gain credibility by consistently communicating with our readers and once we get their attention and build trust, this will help us drive more traffic to our website.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

    Anjali Desai

  11. Hello Prosper,

    This is really a great post. You have defined all the points related to blog commenting. Also, how to get traffic from blog commenting even that is being presented nicely.
    So, Thank you for sharing this.

  12. Blog commenting does not have any value left, like Neil Patel said blog commenting may bring you some additional visitors but it can not influence ranking. A thoughtful comment though can bring in some decent visitors.

  13. Hey prosper, I really liked this post and going to implement these things to rank higher.
    BUt, many people say that web 2.0 is necessary to rank much more higher in google. Can, you please briefly explan about it and ways to build web 2.0

  14. Hi Prosper,
    Thank you for the awesome tips. I have been shying away from commenting using my name. I always thought I have to brand all my anchor texts. This made me to avoid commenting because I did not want to appear like a spammer. I also hate dropping a link anyhow. But with these tips, I’m creating a list of blogs to comment on right away.

    Thank you


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