How to Find Expired Domains with High Authority without Spending a Dime (Ebook)

Want to find Expired Domains without spending a dime on purchasing any software? Then you are on the right post.

Right here you are going to find expired domains with authority without having to spend huge dollars on any online software but before then, you need to have knowledge of what expired domains are, their impact on your blog or the importance of buying them.

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What are Expired Domains?

Expired domains are the domains that were registered, due for renewal but the owners due to one reason or the other was unable to renew them, it lasts for longer months and since there was no one to renew it, got expired and ready for re-registration.

The amazing part;

These domains may have had a good backlink profile as well as domain authority that has an ability to rank well on search engines like google, bing, yandex etc.

What about you get them? What would be their importance? you may be asking:

Normally, when you want to start a blog, you need two thins to start

  1. A domain (The name people would use to find your business
  2. A Webhosting  (Where you host your images, blog posts, contents at a whole etc)

Choosing a suitable domain for your business or personal blog is one thing; another thing is growing that domain to one that makes you income (money).

When you register a domain newly, there are many things you’d need to make it appear on search engines such as SEO: I.E. Backlinks, etc.. which would definitely take you some years or months.

Professional bloggers don’t buy new domains for their Authority or Microniche blogs. Micro Niche blogs are those blogs that focuses mainly on one topic E.G: A blog about Ipads, Coupons.

I would be going deeply into what Microniche blogs are in the upcoming posts. But for now let me stick to the main purpose of this post.

Importance of Expired Domains

Link Juice

What is Link Juice?

A link juice simply refers to a high authority domain linking to a domain which definitely gives the domain more power and ability to rank well on search engines.

When you register a domain that has lots of link juice then be sure to rank well with it because you would not need to get much backlinks compared to a newly registered domain.

High Authority (Domain Age)

Want to Start that Authority Blog? or Micro-niche blog? you don’t have to buy a brand new domain as you would have to work hard to get it rank on first Page!

How about you get an expired domain that has a good Backlink profile or targeted traffic, has a good Domain Authority (The ability to rank is high) etc.


At the same rate of about $12-$14 Yes, you don’t have to pay huge.

When I choose to build a new authority site or niche site, I never do it on a brand new domain.

The problem with new domains is that you have to invest in building up their authority from an SEO perspective which costs significant time & money to do.

Instead I prefer to register an expired domain that already has authority to build the site on.

That gives me a huge head start and quite often building out a content rich site on a powerful expired domain is enough to crack the first page rankings without any additional work.

You just wouldn’t have that advantage with a brand new domain!

And the best bit?

Registering an expired domains costs exactly the same as registering a brand new virgin domain” – Matthewwoodward

But Getting Expired Domain names are very hard to do as you would have to pay a huge amount just to get one, but not anymore as you would be learning how to get them easily without spending a dime on any software.

I’ve spend quit sometime finding how to get expired domains easily without spending money and am going to teach you for just $20 in the ebook i would be sharing with you right on this post.

The Best Part;

I offer these service on fiverr for $15 but that would not be the case here because you are a loyal reader of this blog and so am giving you huge discount.

What you stand to enjoy when you buy the ebook

  • let me refer to the service I offer on fiverr for $15; You won’t have to spend always whenever you want to get expired domains because when you order from me you pay $15 per order.
  • You can easily check for expired domains right from your home
  • You can make extra income offering the service of finding expired domains on freelancing sites like Fiverr, SEOclerks, Upwork, for friends etc…

A Brief Overview of the Ebook

When you get the ebook you are going to learn;

  • How to obtain expired domains
  • What you need to know before registering them
  • Checking if those expired domains are of authority or not
  • If they are spam free
  • you will also know if they have been blocked from being indexed by google or
  • If its blocked from Google Adsense or not
  • What the domain looked like when it was still live
  • Lots more.

Once More: You do not need to register a New Domain for your Authority or Micro Niche blog. You need Expired Domains if you would not want to spend much time growing the blog’s authority from scratch.

How to get the ebook?

The ebook is instant download which means it would be automatically sent to your mail upon payment.

Payment Method is through PayPal or Debit Card (For Non-paypal users).

Get it while its still sold at $20 because you may not be provided with such amount as time goes on.

This ebook came as a result of my knowlege, hardwork and research put together. I would be glad you don’t replicate.

When you click on the Purchase button above, the page would load. All you need do then is hit checkout and pay with your paypal or credit/debit card.

Having difficulties paying?

You could just meet me via twitter @prosper_noah, send me the said amount and I forward the ebook to your mail right away!

What do you have to say about Expired Domains? Let me know in your comments.

Stay Cool!


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