How to Hack your Competitor’s Traffic and How to Avoid Being Hacked (4 Easy Steps)

Hack Competitor TrafficDo you need more traffic? You are going to learn how to hack your competitor’s traffic with 4 easy steps.
Traffic is the well being of a blog, if you’ve got a blog that receives little or no traffic then your earning potential is sure to become very low.

Unfortunately; if you happen to be among those that receives little or no traffic I’ve got good news for you today but you need to follow the steps carefully.
A hidden way to receive huge and recurring traffic to your blog is from your blog competitors; very small amount of people know about this (that’s why I call it hidden traffic source) but you will come to the knowledge of it today.

How to Hack your Competitor’s Traffic

1. Check for Benefit Driven Keywords in his Content.

What do I call benefit driven keywords? These are words your competitor use in his contents that seems to solve a problem but didn’t actually explain more on it.
For Example: He is writing a Topic on “How to Build Backlinks” and in his content he tends to mention something like “there are many ways to build backlinks which are through guest posts, commenting but I would just explain one in this post which is through guest posts
As seen above he is talking about building traffic and at the same time he’s only going to explain one in that article; all you need do in this aspect is create a post on the one he won’t be explaining because readers might want to know about that one too but unfortunately he is not sharing that on the post.

2. Take Advantage of Comments Section

You might be wondering; how does my interaction with a competitor’s blog help hack his traffic? In a moment am going to show you.
Keep Reading;
This step one is a must do if you want to hack your competitor’s traffic this is because you need to know about his blog, what kind of contents he publish, the reaction of his readers in comment section.
So the first step is very simple; you need to visit his blog regularly leave comments and as well interact with his readers’ comments. This way you tend to capture his readers’ attention i.e. questions and create a post around it.
Your competitors’ readers talk more about their needs on the comment section of a blog. They leave comments such as “Please am having problems with …….. can you write a Post on it” I would really appreciate.
It’s your turn to fulfill that commenter’s quest as soon as possible and link up with him or her.

3. Guest Posts

When you only leave comments and do not leave guest posts on your competitor’s blog; you can’t really drive traffic to your own blog because readers barely know you and your blog.
When you leave only comments they are aware of your presence but when you leave guest posts they know you more and tends to visit your own blog because of the helpful comments you’ve been leaving earlier.

4. Write More Quality Posts

This is the completion line of the hack; without this other steps are waste.
If you leave benefiting comments, quality guest posts on your competitor’s blog and do opposite on your own blog then you should consider all you’ve done a waste of time because they will visit your blog once and never come back.

But when you do above and as well fill your blog with more quality posts then you are on the highway to completing your hack.

The more quality posts, the more traffic from your competitor’s blog.
In summary
1. Check for words your competitors are mentioning in their content that they are not giving reference on and write a post around it
2. Check Competitor Comment section for Readers’ questions and solve it.
3. Leave Guest Posts on competitor’s blog to tell his readers more about you and your blog
4. Write more Quality Posts.
Above is how to hack a competitor’s traffic.
Now what next?

How to Avoid Being Hacked of your Blog Traffic

I would not guarantee you 100% of this but if you work smart on your blog then it can be 89% successful. Follow the below steps carefully and you should be able to retain your blog traffic

1. Take note of benefit driven keywords in your content (Opposite of above #1).

What you need to achieve this is to make sure you have enough posts on your blog that covers each keyword you mention. The best way to do this is to link to those posts so your readers can know you have a reference to it.
This way they would click on the link to read more about it which in turn help you avoid anyone hacking that keyword.

2. Check Comments Section

The same with #2 above but this time you need to check the comments section of your blog and see what readers are saying. If questions on a particular topic; then Make a Post on that topic as soon as possible. Doing this keeps your reader coming back and as well retain your traffic.

3. Allow more Guest Posts

Guest Posting is definitely one way to interact with other bloggers and you would not want to disallow it on your blog because it adds more quality posts to the already written ones and as well boost trust and readership. Remember you can’t do it all alone.
Guest Posts helps with enough articles for your blog which in turn get readers coming (more traffic).

4. Write More Quality Posts

Finally, write more quality posts on your blog to satisfy readers and keep them coming. When you have what your readers want, then its certain they won’t leave your blog for another due to low contents.
Now I’ve come to the end of the post today and over to you;
Is there any other way you hack a competitor’s traffic? Do let me know in your comments.

Also leave your contributions and share with others.

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  1. You Know There Is A Saying, “Do As You Want Others To Do Unto You.” Heheheh, That Is – Hack And Be Hacked.

    But I Think The Later Part Of Your Write Up Is Enough To Keep Your Traffic.

  2. It is a well informative post but proper here is a little advice and it is one i have personally observed in google search results. your content is well formated but contents that contain 2000 words and above rank well in google first page. plus the niche you are competing in is a pretty difficult one so i suggest a tool like ubbersuggest for LSI keywords


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