Building a Successful Blog: The Ultimate Guide that Works

How do I build a Successful Blog? is one question new bloggers ask. Where can they get the answer to their question? Right on this post.

Here is the deal;

Right on this post, am going to share with you my blogging Journey; how I started Blogging and able to make my blog sucessful as time goes on. Then i will share important tips on blogging that you need to know In order to build a successful Blog.

My Blogging Journey

How to start a successful blog

1. Started with Passion for Internet Related Things i.e. I could browse the net with my mobile phone 24/7 without Rest

2. I Took Part in forums and interacted with threads and as well created threads too.

3. Decided to take it to the next level from creating threads to sharing my knowledge with others. Luckily I found a space (a Blog) a Blogspot Platform where I could create and share my knowledge

P.S: I Never knew it was a Blog

4. I created the space “the and shared something I love.

Out of Amazement, I thought someone needed to see what I had shared, I made it known to popular forums.

P.S: I still never knew I had started Blogging

This went on for sometime, surprisingly i managed to come across other Blogs with thesame and having “powered by blogger” attribution as well.

This was when I realized i was blogging: After I checked what they had on the blog, I met with each of the owners and asked few questions. I was willing to know more about blogging.

5. My Passion took me few steps further and I grew and learned many things.

This was Fast because of the Passion included and my readiness to Learn and Make Researches.

Most Crucial Part of my Blogging Journey

How to build a successful blog

I never knew money could be earned through blogging, and didn’t even have more time for money then because my main target was “sharing my knowledge with others”. I managed to get something better as time went on.

I never failed to ask questions when necessary.

Today; I have grown and my blog is helping me earn some cool money just “sharing my knowledge”


Am still learning and willing to learn even more to increase my knowledge, the more I learn the more the knowledge I have to share with others.

The only time a man stops learning is when he no longer breathes. So there’s no one that actually know it all.

That’s just some little story about my blogging Journey. How I started and how am doing now.

Now what’s Vital? What are the keypoints? You just read about my blogging Journey right? So what next? What do i have for you? All is answered below;

How to Build a Successful Blog? Must Have, The Do’s and Don’ts

How to start a successful blog

1. Presence of Passion

A Blogger starts blogging and is bound to be successful only if he started out of Passion. Now this brings us down to;

What is Passion?

Passion as the name sounds is what you have interest in. It could be that you are the type that loves playing football alot. You find joy whenever you play football. You can just do without it, thusit becomes an important part of you.

When you have passion for something, you would  never give up on it no matter what happens.

This passion is what is referred to as Niche. Example of Niches are Health Niche, Blogging Nice, Tech Niche and Iot s more.

If you need a more detailed guide on choosing a niche, then go through  ippei’s top blog niches to make money post.

Pro Tip;

Do not make the mistake of trying to have more than one niche because it makes managing difficult for you. You need to stick with that niche that you love.

2. Do not Neglect your Elders in the Blogosphere.

Now you may be asking, which set of people am I referring to?

Your elders in blogging, are those that are good and have enough knowledge in blogging that tends to make you grow as a new blogger who’s looking forward to build a Successful Blog.

3. Share What you Know

Blogging is sharing what you have that you think others may love and benefit from. You can’t just start a blog on Technology while you have little or no knowledge on it.

4. Put Money Aside at First

Put earning from your blog aside at First and you’d see how far you can go.

Because a time would surely come when you would feel like “oh my, I ought to be earning already”

When you think about this, you’ve started falling already as a result of this many quit Blogging.

Do not be in haste to make money especially if your blog is a new one.

5. No Readers? No worries

When you start a new blog, initially it may not get much traffic (Readers)

So at the moment that your blog is stil new there are only three things you should do;

How to Bring in Readers (Traffic)

1. Keep on Publishing Quality Contents:

don’t feel overtasked, quality Contents are those posts readers love and benefit from

2. Do Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, Forums etc.
Take Part in Blogging Related Facebook Groups, Follow other Bloggers on twitter.

If you promote your content in forums always make sure to have your blog URL as the signature and be active as well.

This show other users who you are and where you blog at.

3. Exercise some patience and let your smart promotions and contents do the magic for you!

4. Finally, never stop doing above #1 and #2. i.e. Quality Contents and Promotion

6. Making Money with your Blog?

As said above, with less traffic, you may not make much revenue, eventually, it will grow.

Once your blog grows to get something like 100 visitors a day, then you can grow fast from that point.

Now you could think of Making Money from your Blog through the Popular Google Adsense , Affilate Marketing , Advert Placement, Sponsored Posts etc.

Above are the must haves to Build a Successful Blog which every new blogger must know.

Just as the title implies; this guide still works up to 99%

Now I want you to share with friends and leave your comments If you felt the Post is helpful.

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  1. The Story Isn’t Over Yet Right? Or Is It?

    Cos, I Was Just Begining To Enjoy It.

    Your Journey Makes Sense, But I Believe This Story Ain’t Over Yet. I’ll Be Waiting To Hear The ‘Happy Ever After’ Part.

    In The Mean Time, Keep Up The Work Noah!

  2. “Thanks , For Sharing This Articles
    Keep sharing and have a great time blogging.
    Superb Idea.”
    really nice blog..
    again thank u…for sharing

  3. Hi Prosper,

    Your case is similar to mine. I opened a blog in 2014 without even knowing when and how until year 2015. It was while I attended a seminar organized by Innovation Business School on Blogging in 2015 and I tried using same e-mail address when I din’t know it is used already (by me).

    Boom! It appeared already existing, then, I got to know that I had one. You know the feeling, right? Yay, I’m now a blogger… hahahahaha.

    Passion, passion, passion.. we may continue to stress on this yet those who never want to understand the process won’t find it appealing. This is what had kept me thus far and it is a great vibe of motivation. If you love blogging, you can live blogging. My once cent, though.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    ~ Prince,

  4. Your Blogging Journey is really impressive and you’ve made it successful. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  5. Very inspiring and meaningful share. We can learn a lot of things from your blogging journey and thanks for sharing this gem. Eagerly waiting for 2nd part and a happy ending.

    Keep posting such awesome stuff.


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