How New Bloggers Can Get Traffic to their Blogs and Build Followers

It’s no doubt that bloggers emerge into the blogosphere daily!

How New Bloggers can get traffic to their Blogs and Build followers

Why won’t they? When they can’t afford to keep their passion to themselves?

Having your passion mixed up with those who have same passion is fun, cool and living.

Initially when you start a new blog, this question comes to your mind”How Do I Get Traffic to my Blog, my blog is still New”

If you are among this category, stay cool and follow the guide in this Post.

When you create a new Blog to share your passion you have taken the first right step because you would definitely be adding to the world.

Many people are interested in what you do and would love to take part in your passion but the big problem Is “it doesn’t happen overnight”

1. It takes time

2. It takes more time when you don’t know how to go about letting others know about your passion

3. It takes even more time when you don’t know the tips and tricks many bloggers in the game before you use to get their blog noticed in the crowd and pour out their passion to relevant audience.

Now how do you get people to notice your new blog and Build up followers or following?

When I started blogging newly back then (3 years ago to be precise) I never got to know most of these things am about to share with you right on this Post.

I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it (LoL)

Do you need to grow your Traffic and blog followers? Get it on this Post

Now these are the exact tips I now use to drive huge traffic to my blog TipsonBlogging and I expect you to replicate thesame techniques to boost your traffic and as well build up your followers too.

Goodness; these techniques work till date.

But hey;

Smart people take action, Yes when they read a post that could easily convert, they take action and put it to work immediately, that’s how its done.

I’ve always shared this but haven’t taken enough time to break It down to your understanding.

But I would be doing that right here on the Post; but promise me one thing

“Take Action”

I love action; why? They don’t stop at hearing, they do what they are told especially if it means alot.

How to Get Traffic to your New Blog and Build up Followers.

Who even knows about your Blog and its existence?

Notify them of your New Posts

I encourage new bloggers “Let people in your social networks e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.. know about your new post.

Social Media is becoming more popular than ever, there are related groups ever you can share what you love with others and they’d be happy you are in thesame category with them and would love to know how you are doing in your end.

When you tell each of them about your New Blog post they will definitely go over there and read what you have written

What about Forums?

Thesame goes to forums, there are many blogging forums online you can join and share what you love with those who are interested.

Forums let’s you add signatures to your profile, there you can leave your blog homepage url. This can help people find your blog as well as huge traffic for you.

Popular Forums you can join are;

  • Digital Forum
  • Warrior Forums
  • Wicked Fire etc.

These forums are meant for bloggers and contains category for almost any niche.

Join and start taking part. You can drive traffic and huge followers from there.

Take your Blog Offline

Sorry for the heading but it tells exactly; When I say take your blog offline I don’t mean to close down your blog.

Tell youreal-life friends about your Blog and what you do there.

What’s good about this?

They tend to know what you do online, they would take even more step to visit your blog, share it with lots others on their favorite social media networks and that way you get more readers. Just from your Real Life Friends and Relatives as well as families.

Tell Search Engines you are ready

So you  have thesame ego i had back then?

The Publish and Share Ego

This Method goes this way;

  • Write the Post
  • Publish the Post
  • Share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
  • Relax

This method works but stops at a time, it can’t be as effective as optimizing your posts for search engines.

You can get loads of targetted traffic from search engines like Google daily but you need to play by the rules.

What is Targeted Traffic you may be asking?

When a Google searcher searches for a keyword on google or any other search engine,  he will be provided with what he searched for and if you happen to have written an article relating to wbat he has searched for, he may eventually land on your blog. Thats a targeted traffic.

But before google can start displaying your articles on its search engine you need to play by the rules.

– Use the right keywords people would search for on Google in your blog posts.

Do not overstuff keywords, read the rules of SEO that every blogger needs to know and use properly.

– Take Advantage of blogger search description (If your blog is hosted on blogger), put your keyword there, make sure you edit your Permalinks and also put your keywords you want to rank for in it.

If you use WordPress, make use of yoast seo plugin and it would guide you in optimizing your posts.

That is the plugin I personally use for my blog and its working great

I don’t want to talk more about SEO here; you can read below articles to learn more about SEO

If you want to sleep while you get more traffic then do not ignore SEO, because google loves your blog enough to bring you huge amount of traffic (visitors) only if you play by its rules.

Imagine you search for the keyword “start a blog” and your blog happens to be on first position, you get substantial amount of traffic for that keyword alone.

Yea it happens that way, and those who got there played by the rules.

You can do thesame and expect results.

You Sleep and Wake on your Blog: Stop it

Let’s be serious about this;

You launched a new product and definitely you need buyers are you going to stay there right in your home and expect buyers to locate you? No!

So how do you go about letting buyers know about that product?

  • You stand up
  • You advertise that product
  • You make sales

But wait;

How do we apply above to your New Blog?

Let me now introduce you to the three magical words.

  • Read
  • Comment and
  • Share

What’s strange about this words?

You don’t share your posts this time but others post.

Read, comment and share other blogs post; don’t be too focused on your Blog alone

When you take time to promote others, you are on high way to getting more traffic because they will surely do thesame.

Blog Commenting should not be overlooked at all. Infact I use it only to drive a massive 4,175 page views daily ON my blog.

I have written a post on it recently and how you can use it to do thesame.

Write for Blogs

How New Bloggers can drive traffic to their Blogs and Build Followers

This is known as guest posting, guestposting helps you achieve three things

When writing guest posts you should go with the full aim of adding quality to the fellow blogger’s readers and not just for exposure, backlinks(a link to your blog). Adding quality already qualifies you for them.

You may also want to think twice before submitting those guest posts; give heed to questions like

  • Does the blog accept guest posts? If yes, what are the guidelines?
  • What kind of contents do the readers love?
  • Is the blog in the same niche with yours
  • Will you be available to attend to readers who leave comments on your guest post?

When you are done answering these questions, get to contact the blog owner for your guest post.

Guest Posts are not emails you pitch and expect to get accepted immediately, you need to make sure you have a good relationship with the blog owner: left comments on his or her previous posts, shared etc.. this way you already know how he or she blogs and have a better chance of getting approved.

You can’t do it Alone

You need to let other bloggers who are in the same field with you know you are thinking about them
How do you actually do this?

Link to their blogs in your Posts.

Everyone loves to be called by their own name, when you take the time to link to bloggers who operate in the same area of your passion, you are building relationship with them.

Whenever you link to them, notify them through email and let them know the link to where you linked to their contents. You could use this

“Hey [blogger name],

Trust you are doing good, wanted to let you know I linked to one of your posts [post url here]

Its a very wonderful post that blends well with my recent article.

Thanks for providing such reference on your blog.

Incaseyou may want to check out the article here it is [insert url here]

Remain Cool.

[Your Name]

You can always customize this text to make it more friendly.

They would be more than happy to tweet or share your article with their followers and also link to you in their upcoming Posts.

Let even more people know about you, you Brand

There is no limit to the amount of visitors you can have on your blog, you need to keep publicising about you, your brand.

Tell them more, Neil once shared a post on how it increases your brand mentions.

Take Part in Group Chats (Facebook Groups, Twitter Chats, etc.

Post Quality Articles Regularly ( This is very important) it boosts your alexa rankings too.

Quality doesn’t have to do with how lengthy your article is but how well it’s able to solve readers’ problems.

I definitely won’t advice you write short blog posts either because;

  • You may find it hard to Link to other Articles you have written.
  • Google may find it hard to understand what the post is all about

When you post once in a month you definitely don’t want visitors back on your blog because they wont come back after few weeks and see thesame article over and over again.

If you want repeat traffic, post regularly, It not only bring them back but as well boosts your Alexa Ranking and Domain Authority as well

Collect Emails

I wasn’t going to leave this out, Infact it is one of the best ways to grow a blog’s followers from scratch.

You can keep your readers engaged via email (personalized mails), they can get to receive your new posts on daily, weekly or daily basis by opting in to your newsletter.

Make use of optin forms from email marketing tools like Mailchimp, getresponse etc..

I would suggest you use Mailchimp for a start, its pretty easy to use and you can send your readers personalized messages, Newposts, offers etc.

Having the Form displayed on the sidebar does not guaranteea reader subscribing to u newsletter unless you have quality contents to offer them.

Another best way you can collect emails is by creating freebies to offer anyone who subscribes to your newsletter.

Mailchimp helps you achieve that automatically without stress.

Note: Do not flood subscribers mail on daily bases, you should configure mailchimp to send atleast once daily or weekly.

Building your email list again is one best way to get in touch with your blog readers, know what they like and offering to have it on your blog for them to read.

Wish you huge success 😄

These are just the tips you should follow in order to drive traffic to your Blog, get noticed in the blogosphere and as well build up followers.

If you have questions, leave them here and hit the share buttons  to share this with others, your contributions are most welcomed too.

Stay in touch am always around here and would be more than happy to help.

47 thoughts on “How New Bloggers Can Get Traffic to their Blogs and Build Followers”

  1. Hello Prosper, appreciations for the mention, I am happy for that. First of Bloggers fail to promote which is very bad; they rely on publish and pray techniques which is outdated. Another reason is guest posting is good; it exposes a blogger and attratcs audience to him or her. I do love your points, keep it coming…

  2. Great article man, all the tips outline here, are just the best things for new bloggers to do.

    I personally love commenting on and sharing other bloggers posts, it help me build strong relationships with them.

  3. Walla!!!! Am here again…. (Hehe)

    P.S: I come in peace…

    What an in-depth article this is. I should start by concurring to the words in your second paragraph. You said right Prosper, I personally couldn’t keep my passion to myself.

    That’s why I’ve been roaming the internet like evil spirit…… Searching. Hehe

    Like you also said, “It doesn’t happen overnight”. Yeah… Unless you’re Justin Bieber sha…

    As in, I’ve talked with some folks while I stumbled on other’s blog. I see the idea they’ve got. The way they take up their passion and hoping to turn it into profit… (Like the Adsense Slogan, hehe)

    But, Gosh! It gets annoying sometimes, mostly when you don’t start seeing positive results.

    Initially, when I started, I could toil all night working, hoping, praying that by dawn, things would just work out. But it never did come.

    Later, I got to understand that your passion, my passion could go six feet below if I don’t start catching people who are interested in what I do.

    It’s like no one even knew my blog…. (If Jesus Christ could weep in John 11:35, who am I not to weep). I wept bitterly.

    …….. Now fast forward to today……

    I believe I didn’t spend all those time toiling the web at night in coming up with article or ….. other stuff…. but I used most of those time to build myself. Cos that’s all that would matter – How built I am would define How Much Authority I would control.

    With my coldblooded aspiration and thanks to the like of you, I’ve started taking actions.

    You also talked about “Taking Your Blog Offline”

    I think that’s super duper crazy stuff….. (I mean makes sense, ***smiles***)

    Try making your blog customised T-Shirts for your friends… I’ll always suggest you give the T-Shirt to the ladies as a gift.

    Ladies have this natural gift in marketing, so when they put the T-shirt on, they remember you and also promote your blog.

    Hehe…. Be a good brother oooh. don’t go and be using girls up and down to promote your blog. Cos not all ladies think that’s cool…

    But ladies, endeavour to wear our T-Shirts, ah ah, what are friends for?

    Also, concerning Sharing my articles on Social Media.

    Ever since Google Plus Banned my account (though my account got restored after filling reconsideration request) I learnt my lesson. I’ve come to understand that Spam is an unforgivable sin on the internet.

    Aside from my phobia for getting myself or my link banned, Sometimes I get the feeling that my articles aren’t worth sharing!!!!

    Like seriously….

    Then I pinch myself (just small oooh) and ask myself why did I even write an article that won’t trigger shares in the first place?

    Then I turned my focus to contents that would be evergreen.

    I’ve been able to resolve some of these flaws with my conscience, am glad it’s paying off.

    Thanks for this… Learnt a thing or two. Most especially the collection of email. I’ve been ignoring that quite enough. It’s high time I test more of what the gods are testing – Traffic … (Hehe)

    • Hi @Philip!

      I much appreciate your coming once again and loved reading your comments, they are pretty contributions to my posts 😄.

      Your Idea of T-shirts sounds charming and definitely its gonna work out if done well!

      Really, Passion is what keeps bloggers going forward!

      Thanks for adding to the conversation once again!

      Hope you share with friends and have a good day!

  4. I agree with all of your tips here. I’ve read of the recommendation to spend 20% of your time writing your post and 80% on promotion. I don’t I spend this much time on advertising, but it might be this much if I didn’t use automation tools.

    Facebook blogging groups are good if you find ones that suits your niche. I make a lot of use of these.

    • Hi @Sue!

      You are welcome to my blog and glad you decided to leave comment.

      Automation tools does help keep the work lots easier. With the use of a tool like Buffer, advertising would be made easier.

      Thanks for your contribution and hope to see you next time!

      Hope you share with friends 😁

  5. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

    Firstly, I appreciate the mention proper.

    Secondly, iImust commend you for this very nice article about growing traffics for new blog. Had it been I knew a few things you stated above when i first started my blog, maybe it would have been so massive by now. You have really hit the points in this post.

    This is, in fact, a perfect solution to traffic for new and existing bloggers.

    • Hi ilyas,

      You are welcome and thanks for adding to the ongoing conversation, yes we missed most of these things when starting out.

      That’s why I’ve thought it good to share so upcoming bloggers can realize and practice to get even faster results.

      Thanks for dropping by, appreciate.

  6. Uniqueness is the key.

    If you can stay unique enough, you can get enough traffic.

    It is about pulling off using the listed strategies here. This is a great development on your writing style.

    Long and detailed. And, you nailed it.

    Keep sharing, Prosper.
    ~ Prince.

  7. Hi Prosper.

    Excellent tips you have here.

    If I were to add to it, I’d say that once you start blog commenting and sharing others’ blog posts regularly, ask them if they’d like to do a guest post on yours. Or maybe allow you to interview them so they can share their tips and stories with your readers. Of course, if they agree, make sure to add a link back to their blog.

    This helps both of you. Your guest will benefit from your readers clicking on his/her link and seeing what they have on their blog, potentially sharing what they read with others. You benefit from he/she sharing the post with their followers, who will visit, maybe leave a comment or two and share what they read with others. Both creating more followers to visit both blogs.

    Thanks for sharing these tips

    Have a good one…….Chris

  8. Hello Prosper.

    How are you doing today?

    Hope you’re doing great.

    You’ve leave an awesome and useful article for both newbies and intermediate bloggers.

    When first started a blog, people always scare of how to find readers and get traffic to their blog.

    I do agree, guest blogging is great ways for newbie to expose the new brand and engage more audience. It help to build online reputation and portfolio that are the essential factors for make money blogging.

    I’m not an active member on warrior forum, but am so active on verity forums. I love forum discussion as it great place for finding solution for blogging and online business.

    What’s more, forum bring more quality traffic and backlinks to my blog.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Again it’s a nice post.

    • Hi Kimsea,

      Welcome to my blog and glad you decided to leave a comment.

      Yea, forums are places I never got to know much about until I saw how well it could be used to get quality traffic to a blog.

      Thanks for your contribution

      hope you share with friends 😄

  9. Hey I am back! Sending an email definitely works as it encourages the fellow bloggers to read our article and if they like it they will definitely build a link and its not all about having a link back to our blog post, its about building up a relationship in the blogosphere. So yeah it works to drive traffic and more attention towards our blog.

    • Hi Ashutosh,

      Glad to have you back here, yea sending mails work great.

      It’s a more professional way of contacting them!

      Thanks for dropping by and adding to the conversation 😀

    • Hi Anyaogwu,

      Thanks for visiting and adding to the conversation.

      There’s one thing that still works “20% on writing, 80% on promotion”

      You can have few quality contents and still get traffic as far as those few articles are quality.

      Just promote It the right way, Sure you’d get traffic, but don’t stop at that, keep publishing more.

      Hope you understand, have a nice day buddy ☺

  10. Hi Prosper,

    I think traffic is one of the biggest hurdles for most new bloggers. Getting a blog set up is the easy part.

    The hard part is getting people to come by and read what you have to say. I know when I first started my blog, it was challenging to get people to read it. I felt like I was just writing to myself and that wasn’t very fun.

    While I still don’t get a ton of traffic, it’s nice to see that my traffic is slowly starting to grow. You’re definitely right, it doesn’t happen overnight.

    If bloggers take the time to implement the strategies that you share, there’s no doubt that they will see some traffic starting to come their way. As long as they don’t quit before they see the results.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, I am using a lot of these methods to drive traffic to my blog. At least I know what I am doing will work. As long as I give it time 🙂

    Congrats on all the hard work you’ve put into your blog in 3 years. I see from your Google Analytics image above, Google loves your blog.

    Have a great day 🙂


    • Hi @Susan!

      You are welcome to my blog and thanks for contributing.

      You are very right. Starting a Blog ls very easy. The audience are what really makes the blog but when you don’t see them then its very much tempting!

      You may want to quit 😄

      But when you follow tips that work, then definitely getting some decent traffic won’t be a problem as long as you are patient and working smart.

      Thanks for the contribution! Hope you share with your readers.

    • Hi Gozkybrain,

      You are welcome to my blog and thanks for adding to the conversation.

      They can apply thesame tips wisely and get results meanwhile I would be coming up with a Post soon regarding that!

      Have a nice day!

    • Hi Matthew,

      Digital Point Forum is a great Place to be, the members are active same as quora.

      I haven’t tried Afiliate Webmasters forum, but would definitely check it out!

      Thanks for your contribution

  11. Hi Prosper,
    You visited my blog today, and I am returning the blog love by visiting yours. See, I told you I was going to work harder at blog commenting :-).
    I like your post. You define terms like targeted traffic and easily let new bloggers know how they can achieve these things. I know many bloggers here. Clearly you are good at what you do. You have built quite an engaged to community.

    • Hi Janice,

      You are welcome to my blog and glad you decided to add to the conversation.

      Yea, was surprised as to how quickly you replied my comment 😮

      First I thougt it to be an Autoresponder Lol

      Not that possible though.

      Thanks for stopping by, hope you stay Cool 😁

    • Hi Paul,

      You are welcome to my blog and glad you decided to leave your comments.
      Do implement the tips and let me know if they work for you!

      Hope you share with friends and have a nice day!

  12. Those where quite outstanding facts and guidelines you dropped up there. I remember when I started blogging new. The one aspect I usually dislike viewing is my stat (page views) dashboard on blogger? LOL. Thanks for reaching out to new startups out their

    • Hi trillionclues,

      I was once like you, I mean we all started that way and as time goes on we begin to know those hidden tactics as to achieving what we want.

      Its my duty to share the exact tips I use to succeed in blogging with others.

      Thanks for comming and taking your time to read and leave a comment.

      Stay Cool buddy!

  13. Hmmmm.. Prosper.

    The vision am seeing enn. In a few years all these top bloggers in Nigeria will be overthrown by wisdom speakers such as you.

    My take on this post is that People no longer read emails! – I actually find it better to set up push notifications in that way anyone who subscribes must see your article.

    For beginners picking emails could be good but to an extent, visitors like the easy way and that easy way is the push. I have not noticed u using it but shoutmeloud attributes a portion of his visitors to it and I thinks it’s worth the try.

    P.S you can also do both of them together.

    • Hi Prince,

      Glad you are taking your time to read and comment here on this post.

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Thanks for the suggestion, I’d definitions try out push notifications.

      Have a nice day and stay cool!

  14. Wow! great and outstanding article. Not easy doing all these but as time goes on, you become accustom to it. Blogging needs hard work especially now that the competition is hot, you need to be very hard working to achieve success. Thanks for this post bro. eye opener.


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