High Bounce Rate = Less Traffic, Low Rankings: How to deal with it Completely using 4 Proven Methods.

If you are having a high bounce rate on your blog then it’s high time you put an end to it using just 4 methods am going to highlight on this Post.

We are going to be looking at;

1. What bounce rate Is
2. It’s effect on your blog.
3. Causes of high bounce rate and
4. How to Fix High Bounce Rate

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce Rate is the rate (usually in percentage) at which visitors come and leave your site.

When a visitor comes to your blog and leaves immediately, there’s always a reason for it. When you tend to get much bounce rate you should definitely look for a way to reduce it and that’s exactly what am going to share with you.

Normally visitors are suppose to arrive at your blog, check other posts you’ve written and to sum it up, stay longer on your blog.

As a rule of thumb, a bounce rate in the range of 26 to 40 percent is excellent. 41 to 55 percent is roughly average. 56 to 70 percent is higher than average, but may not be cause for alarm depending on the website.

Anything over 70 percent is disappointing for everything outside of blogs, news, events, etc. According to gorocketfuel

There are many reasons as to why visitors may come to your blog and instead of spending much time, they hit the back button and before you know it they are gone and not just gone, could be gone for Life.

What does this mean for your blog?

Effects of High Bounce Rate

Less Traffic

Having high bounce rate could kill up your blog traffic suddenly and am going to explain how.

When a visitor come to your blog and leaves immediately; he not only leaves but takes note of your url.

If you are lucky enough to prevent what keeps him from leaving the first time; he may decide to check again but if you happen not to notice I.e.

if you are not the type that monitors their blog regularly for possible problems to fix you might end up loosing that visitor to your competitors for good.

Thesame applies to every other visitor visiting your blog for the first time; when this keeps on repeating itself you would notice a reduction in the Amount of traffic you’d had on your blog.

This is when you begin to ask; where am I going wrong until you discover this Post.

Low Rankings SEO

You may be asking “how does this affect my rankings (SEO)?”

Usually when a Visitor comes to your blog and leaves within seconds of entering, it passes signal to Google that your blog does not provide what they are actually looking for.

Ex: you wrote a post on “building backlinks” and a Google searcher searches using your keyword “building backlinks”. You happen to be in the first position because of your search engine optimization.

He clicks on your result because you have not only optimized your post for SEO but also worked on your meta description to attract him or her to your own post.

Guess what Finally;

He lands on your post but unfortunately leaves immediately due to one reason or the other which would be talked about further on this Post.

This sends a strong signal to Google that your post is not worthy enough to be on the first position, that Searchers are actually leaving your blog within the twinkle of an eye.

And Viola, Google deems you not fit for that keyword you were ranking for and takes the extra step to drop you to the third Position.

The annoying Part;

You still did not notice this; Google searchers still searched for thesame keyword “building backlinks” your meta description still managed to help you get more clicks from google but the searchers still left your blog in few minutes.

Google receives thesame signal and push you to second page and finally you are no where to be found for that keyword anymore. So sad right?

All I could say so far; you are in the right place.

Just keep reading;

Now I won’t waste your time, not anymore. Was I wasting your time earlier? Nay! I’m only showing you the Facts about High Bounce Rates.

In few minutes am going to share the tips I use to reduce bounce rate on this blog and at the end of the post, you would replicate thesame steps to get fast and positive results.

Now you may be asking “Prosper won’t you take me to the Post right away?” Ofcourse yes, but you need to know the causes of High Bounce Rates right?

Let’s get to it;

What are the Causes of High Bounce Rate and How to Deal with them Completely.

1. Too Much Ads (You want to Earn alot wrongly)

I understand you want to earn from your blog but do you know it’s one major reasons why your visitors are leaving too early?

You don’t want to stay on a Blog that has more of Advertisements than posts; the mistake many bloggers make is flooding their blog with Ads not just ads but POP Ads.

Goodness; Readers should be put first than money when you sure give them what they so much look for on your blog, then you can make more money from your blog.


When they leave your blog at first glance, then it just won’t work.

Reduce the Number of Ads that shows when a user visits your site, give them reason to be on your blog, keep them warm, do not make your blog too busy with Ads instead offer them the contents first. Infact too much ads could make your blog load slow.

Most especially mobile visitors. The mobile is not as wide compared to desktop, so reduce the number of ads that Pop Up when a visitor lands.

The best way to know how your visitor reacts is to actually be in their shoes, think like a visitor, visit your blog using a mobile phone. How is your content? That is how your readers would definitely react.

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2. You Don’t give life to Older Posts

You may be wondering what does this mean? You have written a well curated post and there seems to be no links to other post.

This is what I call “the dry post” . You have taken enough time to write that killer blog post but unfortunately you happen not to link to your older posts as reference. This Is called Interlinking and you are not doing it.

What are Interlinks and How it helps reduce your Bounce Rate.

Interlinks are those links you give as reference to other posts you’ve written on your blog, this tells the reader he can read more about a particular topic on the linked post, this in turn

  1. Boos your Page Views
  2. Pass Link Juice
  3. Give life to Older posts the reader may have missed
  4. Keep the reader longer on your blog
  5. Reduce your Bounce Rate

Never overlook the power of interlinking in your articles, this keeps the reader updated and as well reduce your bounce rate.

3. Your Content is Boring (Use Bucket Brigades by Brian Dean to Fix it)

Oh am Sorry to say 😢; your Content is boring and readers would get away quickly but I have good news for you.

What is this goodnews?

You can put an end to boring content right now using bucket brigades. Bucket Brigades was first introduced by Brian Dean of Backlinko to keep Google searchers longer on your blog

but hey;

We are going to tweak that to reduce your blog’s bounce rate. Bucket Brigades are those call to action words used to grab a reader’s attention.

Forgive me; I have used it on you and that’s exactly why you are reading this Post up till now 😀.

Bucket Brigades are very powerful in that the readers never get to notice it until they’ve finished reading up the Post and gone (Lol) probably they don’t notice it.

They are words like 

  • There is a catch
  • How can you actually use this?
  • The best part
  • What I love Most about this tool
  • The Amazing Feature
  • There’s more to this
  • Something’s in for you
  • Etc.

These words works because they open up the reader’s mind to something very Important, they alert the reader of a new chapter or Idea.

However this should not be abused but should be used when necessary in your articles just as demonstrated in this post.

The Best Part;

When you use Bucket Brigades in your contents, it makes the reader want to read more which would eventually make him spend more time on your blog and inturn Reduce your Bounce Rate and as well boost reader engagement.

Guess what?

I saved the best for the last

4. You Left Out Related Posts

Oh my! You really left out Related Posts? You must have visited many blogs and find a related Posts beneath every of their posts. It’s not for beautification Lol.

Let me tell you something about Related Posts; When you fail to use Interlinking and Bucket brigades; related Posts could be your savior.

It tells the reader “there are more posts similar to the one you just finished reading, why not check em out?”

This means three things for your blog

  1. More Page Views
  2. More Time on your Blog
  3. More Traffic because at this moment the reader begins to think he can find all he’s looking for on your blog
  4. Finally, your Bounce Rate reduces as well

These tips definitely would reduce your bounce rate and you’d be glad you found it.

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  1. Hello Prosper,

    Good job man. You did caught me cos I read all leaving no piece untouched. I ate all you kept in stock and I’m thanking you for the meal as a comment.

    “Blogging is not for lazy folks. I mean, those who are lazy enough to engage with others.”

    As bloggers, less or no traffic discourages and kills the spirit to keep moving. I already learn the easy ways to make readers stick to my posts for a good amount of time.

    However, you broke the hidden nuts and unveiled the truth to us. Keep sharing and engaging. See you at my blog!


    • Hi Prince!

      Thanks for dropping by and adding to the conversation.

      Really, engagement should be taken seriously to maintain traffic!

      Thanks for coming and hope you share with friends.

  2. Hello Prosper,

    Interlinking, fewer pop-ups, putting up recommend posts or Also read kinda stuff in the articles really help lower the bounce rates. Adding videos and other attractive graphics do help to some extent as well. Most importantly, the content should be right to the point.

    Nice write-up.

    • Hi welcome @Atish
      Thanks for adding to the conversation and as well contributing.

      Videos helps alot in reducing bounce rates too.

      Have a nice day and hope you share with friends.

    • Hi Emmanuel,

      Congrats on that!
      Related Posts is a must-have on a blog, because it not only reduce bounce rate but increases page views as well!

      Thanks for coming, share with friends.

  3. Hi, your post is very well explained. I will begin to apply those tips and see what will happen to my bounce rate which is currently about 80%.

    Bright recently published a post on his blog; 2017 WAEC GCE Runz


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