How to Constantly Get Social Signals with Zero Readers and improve your Ranking

Get social signals Want to get more social signals but your blog is still new? or have your blog running already and still have no readers yet? No more worries.
Am going to  be teaching you how you can get more social signals with Zero Readers i.e. with no readers at all but before then;

What are social signals and their Effect on your Blog?

Social Signals are the likes, shares, votes, pins, or views people place on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus LinkedIn or other social media sites that filter out to the various search engines.
Social Signals proves to be very important in the Google’s 200 Ranking Factors. The more social shares, likes,  +1’s etc.. the more google ranks a blog.
Now that you know the importance of Social Signals, how do you get and or boost them?

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How to constantly Get Social Signals with Zero Readers on your Blog

You’ve shared quality posts, you’ve shared to social media networks alot. It’s unfortunate you can’t like your own posts or +1 them that’s why am going to share with your how to get social signals with little or no Readers.
Should incase you have enough readers on your blog already, keep reading to learn how you can boost your social signals.
We are going to be using the Ultimate Link Building Tool called Linkcollider but before then; you need to know what it’s all about

About Linkcollider
LinkCollider is a website ranking tool that uses social media sites to improve SEO and increase website traffic.
With Linkcollider, professional blogs get social signals on autopilot i.e. with little effort on their part. In a moment am going to show you how to use this tool to get or boost your social signals with little or no effort.

How to get Social Signals using Linkcollider

Step 1. The First Step you are going to take is Signup with Linkcollider. Its free and Premium
Features of Free Plan
1. You Signup free
2. You add your post url (if you want to get social signals for the post alone) or your blog homepage (if you want social signals for the blog url itself)
3. You need to generate tokens by sharing or liking others’ posts
4. The more tokens you generate by liking or sharing others’ posts the more shares you also get.

Features of Premium Plan

1. You signup Free
2. You upgrade with $19.99
3. Get more social signals 20% faster unlike free plan
4. Autobacklinks for your websites every day for 30days etc.

I would suggest you go for the premium, it starts from $19.99 monthly and  would help alot in increasing your blog ranking with other amazing tools included.
Now that you have decided on which Plan to go with, it’s time to share with you on how you can get the social signals. Follow next steps below;
Step 2: Signup for Linkcollider
Step 3: Add your URL: Add your url by clicking on the Add Website Tab >> Include the Title, URL and Description
Step 4. In the field for Reward; Set how much tokens you will give to the other users of LinkCollider every time they gave you activity. (e.g. like, tweet, followers, subscribers, web traffic, etc.) you can start with 17 tokens for a start.
Step 5. Click on Submit and you are almost done.

Now that you have submitted the url, its time for you to to relax only if you opted in for premium plan while you get shares, likes, google+1’s etc… but incase you are still using the free plan and have not upgraded to premium, you need to collect more tokens.
You can get more tokens by clicking on the Collect Tokens Tab, from there, select what activity you would like to carryout e.g. Share, Likes, Google+1, to get tokens. You can also see the amount of tokens you have presently and as well buy tokens. You can as well buy tokens

Get social signals (tokens)As time goes on, linkcollider informs you the activities i.e. shares, likes, tweets, google+1’s etc.. you have gotten so far as seen below

The more tokens you collect, the more social signals you are likely to get.

This is how to get social signals with Zero Readers on your blog which in turns help you rank higher on Google.

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