How to Build edu and gov backlinks through Commenting

Building backlinks to your blog gives your blog more authority and as well increase your ranking on  search engines. Edu and gov websites impact highly on your blog’s ranking.

But there is a catch and what is it?

Finding Edu and Gov websites to leave comments on is hard work which in turn means you can’t find edu and gov websites to comment on and build backlinks easily.

But on this post, am going to share a tactic with you that you can use to find edu and gov websites and not just find but the ones that accept comments and that is why you should keep reading.

At the end of this post you should be able to build edu and gov backlinks on autopilot through commenting.

What we are going to cover on this post

1. How to find .edu and gov websites that accept comments

2. How to leave thoughtful comments

3. How to make google index those comments fast

You are going to need the service of Dropmylink (don’t worry its free)

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Dropmylink is a backlink building helper that allows you build backlinks on autopilot. With Dropmylink its much easier to build backlinks to your  sites.

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You can as well read on to do it yourself, I will show you exactly how to build edu backlinks using dropmylink.

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How to build Edu and Gov backlinks through commenting using Dropmylink

Step 1.’

Visit www.Dropmylink.com

Step 2.

Click on Signup for Free Account and Confirm your email

Step 3.
Login to your Account

Step 4.

Click on ‘TLD’ and choose your Choice: .Edu or .Gov Now input a keyword in the search box e.g. Top Schools

Step 5.
From the First Category drop down select ‘Blog Comments

From second drop down select ‘WordPress (no comments) 1.

Step 6.
Click on Search

This would take you to Google search results showing .edu or .gov websites with published posts that have wordpress as their Blogging platform and also allow comments

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Now focus on below Tip;

Focus on the Search Description to see the one that has something similar to ‘No comments posted yet, leave a comment’.

Click on it and Leave a thoughtful comment.

In the field for Website; Make sure you leave your blog or website url there.


Do not Spam and Do not develop the habit of wanting to leave links in the Comment box E.g. <a href=’blog.com‘>BLOG.COM </a>

This would make you look like a spammer.

At default the Commenter’s Name on WordPress Posts leads to his/her Blog URL.

Many of these edu and gov websites do not setup comments for approval so you can have your comment published right away without having to be approved first.

Once again; Leave thoughtful Comments.

The more comments, the more backlinks.

Bonus Tip;

To make Google index the Comment fast, you can copy the url of that post and submit it to google here;


Check the Recaptcha

Finally click on submit and you are done.

Note: Submitting the links to google does not guarantee 100% that google would index them, but you can get them indexed within an hour using onehourindexing.co Service

This is how to build .edu and gov backlinks through commenting.

Need to get alert when you have new backlinks to your site? check the post on 4 Powerful Tools for Getting Alerts of New Backlinks to your Website.

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    • Hi Stephen!

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  • Prosper, whats up… man we need to talk.. Like you doing something wonderful that needs to be heard off… how you springing up on many top searches?

    • Hi Jim,

      You are welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      The secret is that i do what search engines love and in return they reward me.

      Here are my tips

      – Write posts your readers love
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      Lastly focus on improving your Domain Authority it determines your ability to rank.

      Have a nice day and stay cool

  • I’m one of your regular readers prosper Noah. This post has some beneficial information for me, and I did this technique to get some quality do follow backlinks. This method works very well for me. All the reader of this, please test this approach get some good and quality backlinks. Thanks a lot for sharing Noah.

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    • HI Grace,

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  • Hi Noah
    Luvly article! but dropmylink actually bring old outdated posts for commenting!

    • Hey Richard,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for your opinion, I haven’t noticed that!

      Guess it has to do with the keyword you inputed. I used it recently and they bring up new posts.

      Thanks for the notification, do have a nice day!

  • If you are happy with your traffic and your readers you don’t need to, however if you want to monetize that would be mozrank and pagerank mostly.


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    Hello, Thanks for sharing. I also provide White Hat Link Building Service and probably try your method. See if it works or not.

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    Is dropmylink still safe for backlink building this 2019

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  • The boss prosper noah,I will try this method,because I have been searching for a post like things,thanks and keep on the good work,but hope it will not lead to google sandboxing my site?

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