Blogging is made easy using these 7 Best Free Blogging Tools

Welcome to tipsonblogging again.

Looking for more ways to make your blogging journey easier? Then you need these 7 best free blogging tools to achieve it

Have you been in a situation where you feel blogging is hard to do or just too complex to handle? Some thoughts could be;

“Writing is Hard and takes time, Proof Reading after writing is another task”

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There’s just one reason why you have those thoughts. This is because you do not have the right blogging tools or think all best blogging tools out there are premium that you need to spend huge amount of dollars on.

I used to be in your shoes… but not anymore.

In a few moment, I would be sharing with you this blogging tools that if used, could make blogging very easy as compared to before.

Luckily for you these tools are free..

I recommend you start using these tools today to make blogging easy for you.

The 7 Best Free Blogging Tools that makes Blogging Much Easier.

#1 Grammarly

Best Free Blogging tools

Ever heard of grammarly, the name already gives a hint of what it’s all about.

How about you having a virtual assistant that watches your writing incase of mispellings or word repetition?

Grammarly can be your Virtual Assistant to help keep your writing free from grammatical Errors.

You can write error-free blog posts with Grammarly as it tends to catch typos and mistakes and at the same time provide you suggestions to make the writing better.

Signup for grammarly free

#2 Dropbox

Best Free Blogging tools

You’ve written enough contents, saved images, uploaded videos, Plugins, Themes and lots more on your Blog.

Little did you know that all those could suddenly vanish in a twinkle of an eye without a Copy of them all.

This is a kind of mess that none would want to get into, but what if it happens suddenly?

That’s why you need Dropbox, with Dropbox you can save a backup of your blog’s content. You can save files up to 2GB counting.

No one can guarantee you 100% security of your blog, which when things go wrong and you happen to lost files, Drop Box is always there to Assist.

So what?

Signup for a Dropbox Account and start saving your files, Its fast and simple.

#3 Thirsty Affiliates

Best Free Blogging tools

Who does affiliate Marketing? I do, you do so what’s up?

How do you tend to manage your affiliate links? You don’t need to always have to login to your affiliate dashboard to get your affiliate link.

The thirsty affiliates WordPress plugin let’s you manage your affiliate links easily.

What’s good about this tool?

Initially; affiliate links look  somewhat like: or

How do you manage to remember all this when you have a plugin that could give you something you can easily insert in blog posts or anywhere in one click?

Thirsty Affiliates WordPress plugin helps you customize your affiliate link there by giving you something more professional. Instead of the regular, you can get something like

There is more to this plugin;

In the visual composer of your blog posts you could easily insert your affiliate links just clicking on the plugin icon.

Incase you need detailed guide on how to setup and use thirsty affiliates WordPress plugin,
Check out this post

#4 Canva

Best Free Blogging tools

Adding lots of visuals to your Blog Posts make it more engaging to readers. Most people ask of the software I use in designing most of my images here on Tipsonblogging and to answer your question it’s Canva.

Canva is used by millions of Blogs to create images, infographics etc.. that stand out. There are times when you need unique images for your Blog posts, you can’t just pick images from google to use when you can actually use Canva to create lovely images.

Go for Canva It’s free and makes your images unique and appealing.

#5 Payoneer

Best Free Blogging tools

You are blogger and I believe you’ve heard of Payoneer if not on this Blog then another.

How do you get paid online easily? It’s through Payoneer; it’s become accepted almost every where in the world.

There are two popular method to receiving your earnings online which is PayPal and Payoneer but unluckily for some countries you are not allowed to send or receive just yet, but payoneer is to the rescue.

With Payoneer you can receive your blog earnings from popular advertising networks and withdraw through your Local ATM Machine. Payoneer is free, checkout the Step-by-step guide to apply for One

#6 Hootsuite

Best Free Blogging tools

Scheduling your posts for posting on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.. helps keep your readers engaged the more.

With hootsuite you can drive more value from your social media activities: manage campaigns, engage with customers and collaborate internally, all from one secure web and in one place.

You can create an account with hootsuite and start engaging with your readers on social media today!


#7 Instamojo

Best Free Blogging tools

“Make Money from Selling Digital Products”

I used that term to give you a hint about Instamojo. If you sell ebook or courses on your blog then you can sell and receive your payments using Instamojo.

Designers use this to sell their designs, photographers are selling their photos & anything that can be delivered online using instamojo.

It takes just one click to setup. Simply Create an Account on Instamojo and start selling your digital products right away.

Instamojo takes care of the delivery, payment and others.

These are the 7 best free blogging tools you need to make your blogging journey much more easier.

If you are looking for an seo tool i personally use, then checkout my seoclerks review here and find out for yourself.

Now you shouldn’t just read and ignore but take action and start using them on your blog right away and see results.

Now, Your turn;

Is there any of the tools you’ve been using already? Share your experience so far.

Which of them are you going to start using right away?

Let me know which of these tools is your favorite.

Remember the share buttons, share to others on Facebook, Twitter etc

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