How to Map Godaddy Domain to Blogspot in 3 Mins

Lately I shared a post on How to Get .com Domains for $1.17 Unlimitedly on Godaddy  which helped you save some money. One of our readers asked me to publish a post on how to link that domain to his blogspot blog. So I have decided to share it with everyone here.

Right on this post am going to teach you how to map any domain you buy from Godaddy to your Blogspot Blog within just 3mins (if not less than).

How to Link Godaddy Domain to Blogspot

I would be using this domain in tutoring you from beginning to the end of this Post.

Step 1:

The first step you are going to take is purchase a domain from Godaddy, you can check out the post on how to Purchase a Domain on Godaddy  for as low as $1.17 if you have not done so already. But if done, then skip this step.

Step 2:

Login to your Godaddy Account and Click on the My Profile and Select My Products

My Profile godaddy map to blogspotYou would be taken to where you have all the domains you have purchased.

Step #3:

Click on Domains and click Manage DNS which is next (to the right) of the domain you want to map to your blogspot blog.

Now you would be provided with the below data. This is where you are going to configure your domain and map it to blogspot.


Step #4

From your blogger blog go to settings tab, select Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog”


Step #5

Input the domain you just bought from godaddy starting with www e.g. as seen in the below screenshot then click save. You should have a result similar to below.

Up there you see the error response? This is because they are not able to verify your configuration just yet.

Keep reading;

Now you need those cname and destination  to be able to map your godaddy domain to blogger. Follow the below steps

Step #6

From the Godaddy Manage DNS you opened earlier click on the tab that has CNAME as www and click  the Pencil icon to edit as seen below

When it opens, copy the first cname record at the right hand of www i.e.

Delete the @ in your DNS Points to and paste the there and click save as seen below;

Step #7

You are going to add the second cname.

Click on Add and follow below;

  • In the field for Type, select CNAME
  • In Field for Host Copy the second CNAME from blogger and paste there
  • In field for  Points to copy the destination  from blogger and paste there. The destination is the one at the right hand side to the Second CNAME.
  • Now click Save. Check below screenshot so you don’t make mistakes.

Step #8

Now you need to add  A records to point to 4 google IPs. The IPs are below


Click on Add and follow below;

  1. In field for type, click and select A (not CNAME this time)
  2. In field for Host input @
  3. In field for Points to put the first google IP (  listed above
  4. Click Save. your result should look similar to the screenshot below. If yes, you are on track.

Now repeat the same steps for the remaining 3 google IPs above and save each of them.

Guess what?

You just did it!

Now from your blog, Click on Save and it should save successfully.

Click on edit again and tick the box for redirection so you can avoid redirection issues. Click Save.

Now check your blog and it should begin working fine with your godaddy domain.

A Moment below;

I bought this domain as at the same day of this tutorial, to share how to map godaddy domain to blogspot with you.

So make sure you buy me a coffee before leaving. Leave your comments.

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