How to get a Dofollow backlink from Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube

If you are in this page it means you want to learn how to get backlink from nairaland, facebook,  google Plus and YouTube.

You want to increase your visibility in search result? One of the best ways to do so is getting backlinks from Authority Sites such as Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube.

Below is an update I made on my facebook timeline if anyone is interested in knowing how to get dofollow backlinks from Facebook, Google Plus, Nairaland and Youtube.

So I have decided to share the tutorial on how to get dofollow backlink from Facebook, Google Plus, Nairaland and Youtube.

Follow the Step by Step Guide to get dofollow backlinks from these Authority Sites.

How to get Dofollow Backlink from Facebook

Step 1: Make sure you are logged in to your Facebook Account and have created Pages.

Step 2.  Go to Facebook Static
HTML Page and click on Use APP as seen in the screenshot below

Step 3: From the new tab that opens, Click Add Static HTML you will be taken directly to another Tab.

Step 4: Now, from the Add Page Tab, Select your Desired Page and Click on Add Page Tab. Below is a screenshot of this step
Step 5: You would be taken to your Facebook page. all you need do in this step, is Click on the Setup Tab.

Delete the Default texts there and Paste the code below and replace!

< a href=”http://tipsonblogging.com“>Tipsonblogging</a>

Replace the text in Orange with your Link and Blog Title.

Click on Save and Publish as seen below!

Get dofollow backlink from facebook, google plus and youtube

To confirm, Simply go to your Facebook Page once again and Click on the welcome Tab! There is your dofollow backlink.


Coming Up Next: How to Check if a Link is Nofollow or Dofollow

That’s all about how to get dofollow backlink from Facebook


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How to get Dofollow Backlink from Google Plus

Google Plus also gives you Dofollow Backlink.

To get dofollow backlink from Google Plus follow the below easy steps!

Step 1: Go to your Google Plus Profile

Step 2: Click on About Me and Update your bio. While Adding your blog URL  as a reference. e.g in the screenshot below:

 Step 3: Click Ok and also make sure you Click Public to keep it visible for more Traffic too

This is how to Get Dofollow backlink from Google Plus.

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How to get dofollow backlink from Youtube

Procedures to achieve this are not hard at all! You just follow the simple steps below

Step 1: Visit youtube.com/features

Step 2: Click on Advanced and scroll to the last page where you see Associated Sites. 

Step 3: Enter your Blog URL and click Save.

Thats all. Yea! You just did it on Youtube too.

I saved the best for the Last below;

How to get dofollow backlink from Nairaland

Ever heard of Nairaland?

About Nairaland

Nairaland founded 2005 by a talented Entreprenuer Seun Osewa is a forum where members meet each other and share one thing or the other but little did you know that Nairaland can get you good backlink.

Just like any other Forum, there are different categories as to which you can get backlink from; you definitely don’t want to get a link from a category that doesn’t go inline with your blogging niche.

Getting a Backlink from Nairaland: The Right Way

This is the easiest so far with these 2 steps;

Make sure you are trying to get a link from the category that suites your blogging niche. E.G: If you blog on Entertainment, get a link from the Entertainment Category on Nairaland.

New Users should;

Step 1: Register for Nairaland

Step 2: You can either Submit a thread and include your Post Link or Leave a comment with your Link.

Click on the web icon and add “= with your blog url I.E: [url=https://tipsonblogging.com/get-dofollow-backlink]How to get dofollow backlink [/url]

Below is a screenshot that illustrates fully how to get backlink from Nairaland

How to get dofollow backlink from Nairaland

So this is all about how to get backlink from Nairaland, Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube.

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