Drop your Blog for Review (Get Backlinks and Competitors Reports/Recommendations)

Drop your blog for review

I have decided to create a place here on the post where you drop your blog for review. Below are the reports am going to send to you after reviewing your blog.

1. Your Blog Competitors:

You will get detailed reports of the blog you are competing with.

2. Backlinks

Detailed of the amount of backlinks you have currently on your blog. This consist of Nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

3. Broken Links on your Blog

Broken link is not good for seo and user experience (your blog visitors). In the report you also get the links on your blog that are broken already so you can be given recommendations on how to go about it.

4. Recommendations

Yes! Recommendation; you get recommendations on how to improve your blog.

How Do I go about dropping my URL?

In the comment box just paste the below code; and drop your mail. I will tell you why the code later on this post.

<a href=”https://tipsonblogging.com“>Tipsonblogging.com</a>.

Replace the links in orange color with your blog.

This gives you a no-follow backlink from my blog here thereby increasing your ranking.

Drop your comment and I will reply you as soon as possible.
Make sure you also check your mail for the report i.e. Broken Links and Backlinks report. while recommendation and your blog competitors would be shared here as a reply!

Make Sure you share this with your fellow bloggers too so they can take part.

93 thoughts on “Drop your Blog for Review (Get Backlinks and Competitors Reports/Recommendations)”

    • Nice blog you’ve got up there but work more on getting backlinks that matter to your blog and it seems your blog logo is taking enough time to load.

      Find the attached document sent to your email for the competing domains and broken links report.

    • Hello there @cash!
      You need to work more on getting backlinks to your blog because you’ve got just few backlinks just yet.

      It seems your blog is a new one. So you’ve got no competitors yet.

      Work more on your blog
      Find attached in your mail your broken links report.

    • Hello there!

      Just checked out your blog. Nice theme up there, but seems you havent allowed some widgets such as popular posts, and your footer display on mobile.

      Check out the post on how to show blogger widgets in mobile view (you can use the search button in this blog for it).

      your blog Seems very new too… Work on getting more backlinks (relevant ones).

      Keep on the good work
      You’ve got no competitors yet as the blog is still new.

      Keep on building it.

    • You’ve got a nice blog.
      My recommendation is this: get more relevant backlinks to your blog.

      It’s also recomended you interlink your posts to keep visitors longer on your blog.

      Find the attached document containing your competitors right in your mail.

    • Hello there!
      Please try and get a custom domain
      You can search for the article using the search button on getting custom domain for blogspot blogs.

      Your blog has a simple and nice design. Do well to get a custom domain soon and start building backlinks to the right domain.

      Thanks for coming! Wish you success in your blogging walk.

    • Hello there!
      Please try and get a custom domain
      You can search for the article using the search button on getting custom domain for blogspot blogs.

      A good blog you’ve got up there but do enable mobile view for the template you are using. Seems you haven’t done that yet.

    • Cool blog you have there!
      My recommendations are these:

      Build more backlinks
      Correct the broken links in your blog
      Find Your competitors and broken links report in your mail because it’s been sent.

      So well to visit next time.

    • Hello there!
      Good blog you have there but try and get a more professional domain extension (Top Level Domain) if you really want to stand out.

      Once you’ve done that, work on getting more backlinks to rank well on search engines.

    • Hello anya! Glad you dropped your blog for review.

      I have checked your blog and it’s got cool design. But it seems new for now. You need to add more content to it. When you aďd more posts, there would be room for interlinking as well as building backlinks.

      So you have no broken links or competitors just yet. Keep on doing what you love.

      Wish you success!

    • Hello there @ Paul.

      You gat a cool blog design and good contents. But i will recommend you get a custom domain for your blog and start building backlinks right away.

      You also do not have any competiting domains or broken links at the moment. Make sure you always interlink your posts to enhance user engagement (keep visitors longer on your blog).

      See you at the Top soon.

    • Alright! would check your blog and get back to you as soon as possible!

      Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated!

    • Hy Wisdom, you have a nice blog . But a quick headsup; your homepage seems to be showing your Google Adsense Codes.
      Hope you fix that soon as it doesn’t look fitting for the eyes.

    • Welcome Mr. Amodu!

      Work on Building more backlinks. Also make sure you update your Blog’s Description that would be shown on Google.

      You can go to your Blogger Settings >> Click on Search and Update the description.

      Thanks for coming

    • Hi Andrew,

      Welcome to my blog.

      I checked out your blog and discovered you have more of copied contents!

      This can go a long way in affecting your SEO and might also get your blog banned and deleted.

      Write Articles yourself and stay calm!

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