Done optimizing Post yet no Appearance on Search Engines

If you landed successfully on this post. Then it is certain you asked this or something similar to this:“What will I do after using keywords and power words in my post title and even body and yet I don’t see my posts on search engines?”

Right on this post am going to show you step-by-step. How you can actually boost your post to Google Top results and clear your question.

Here is the ONE (sub tips) steps to help you rank your posts on Google after optimizing

You need Backlinks

Whenever you hear of the word “Backlinks” you need not be afraidor feel strssed because it is one of Google’s ranking factor. You need it to get your Blog to the Top. I recently shared a post on getting backlinks from Authority  sites and am still going to make it more clear to you in this post.

Below’s an explanation of your question;

1. You’ve done a great job doing the above two i,e, Optimizing your posts for search engines but it does not mean your post would immediately appear on the first page of google or second page.

(a) What you need do in this case is Get backlinks

Here’s how to do it;

  • Put the keyword you are trying to rank for on google search e.g. “Power Words Technique”
  • Check who is ranking First position for that keyword. Of course there would be many ranking for that keyword  but you should go with the one on first position.

– Replicate his Backlinks:

One best tool you can use, to know who is linking to a particular post is Ahrefs  I would be throwing more light on this tool in my next post.

Now, when I say replicate his backlinks, I mean to get links from all the sites that is linking to that particular post. This won’t be that easy  because it consumes lot of time but it worth it.

Here’s how to Replicate a competitor’s backlink

Step 1. Find the pages linking to that particular post

Step 2: Reach out to the author of that page and ping out your post to them and make known to them; how adding your post could be of relevance in their article.

  • Go ahead and get even more Backlinks. After you must have succeeded in replicating his backlinks, to out rank him or her you should take more steps forward to get as many more backlinks as there are.

When you do this; google boosts your position, that is when the Power Words Technique comes in. According to the Power words Technique, the more clicks you get on your results using power words, the more google ranks you (It tells google that your content is what google searchers are looking for.

To make Google more happy,  you should try as much as possible to keep those users on your page for long. why? this is because when google searchers land on your page and leave immediately. It gives signal to google that your page is not a good fit for that keyword. This would make google drop you like one who’s committed a crime.

So after you’ve taken the first step to optimizing your posts, the next step would be to generate backlinks to get found on google.

Following the above Tip, you are on your way to Ranking Top (10) on Google for any of your blog post.

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