20+ Best Free Blog Sites and How to get Started with Each

So you are looking forward to starting your own blog for free in this year 2017?. I have compiled a list of 20+ best free blog sites which you can chose from to create your own blog for free.

Here’s the deal;

On this post, I will not only be listing the best free blog sites where you can visit and start your own blog. But also give you a hint on how to start with each of them. Keep Reading

The 20+ Best Free Blog Sites

1. Blogger.com

free blog sites

Blogger is owned by Google. It is one the most popular and best free blog sites millions of people are using today to create blogs. Most people owning a blog right now started on blogger.com because it hosts  you for free and gives unlimited bandwidth. On Blogger you don’t need to worry about paying for hostings annually, monthly and so on.

How Create a free Blog on Blogger

  1. Get a google account 
  2. Visit www.blogger.com and you can start creating your free blogsite, you can get this sevida 2.5 premium blogger template for free when done
  3. Read the Full tutorial on Starting a Blog on Blogger

2. WordPress.com


free blog sites

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). It  it is one of the most popular free blog sites where you can create your blog for free. Whether you are based on writing about personal stuffs, sharing information with family and friends. Or just creating a space on the web where people can reach you then wordpress is a one go for you. Its totally free.

How Create a free Blog on WordPress

  1. First of all go to WordPress.com
  2. Create an Account
  3. Then you will be taken to where you can select templates for your blog as well as creating showing steps to creating your blog

3. Tumblr


free blog sites

Tumblr has it all especially if you’re looking forward to starting a blog that would be dealing with images, gifs, TV Shows, Sharing Stories etc. It  is one of the best free blog sites. You can head in to Tumblr.com to create one free blog right away.

4. Simplesite.com


Free blog sites

Simplesite.com just as the name implies is a site that helps you start your own blog for free. Either for personal use or Business. It allows you create your blog, update your contents right from your Laptop or Smart phone. You need no knowledge of codings. The website builders are there to help you take your blog to the next level.

How to Create a Free Blog with Simple Site

  1. Head in to simplesite.com
  2. Click on the Start Here Button
  3. Register >> Select available templates and start creating your Blog

5. Webs.com


free blog sites

Webs.com is one of the best free drag and drop website builder. With it you can create a stunning blog. With the help of their website builders you don’t need to stress yourself that much trying to upload images, create posts, etc.

Webs,com is totally free as you can see from the screenshot above. All you need do is head in to webs.com. Register and start creating your blog for free.

6. Weebly


free blog sites

Weebly is one of the powerful free blog sites where you can create your blogs with little or no codings required at all. Just like webs.com. It’s got website builders that you can use to easily create your blog for free.

Have products to sell? weebly also help you start your own store where you can sell your products online. This makes selling easier.

To start a blog on weebly for free. Visit weebly.com and click o Signup to start your blogging journey.

7. Wix.com


free blog sites

With Wix you can create your own free blog. It is a Free websites builder where you can create your own blog with its easy drag and drop. Lots of designed templates you can chose from to beautify your blog. It is well mobile optimized and lots of other features. You can get started by visiting wix.com and click on Start Now from the homepage to start your own free blog.

8. Svbtle

free blog sites

This is more like any other Blogging Platform. But It’s got more simplicity in its dashboard. This means you can easily navigate through your dashboard.

One More thing;

It helps you curate ideas, develop those ideas slowly and finally put them into writing to publish to the world.

All you need to get started is to go to svbtle.com and Click Signup and you are few steps closer to creating your free blog on svbtle.

9. Penzu.com


free blog sites

Penzu is more of creating blogs than what is being likened to (Journal) because with penzu you can get your thoughts, emotions, your dreams published out there for people to read. You can actually start a blog with Penzu.com and get heard on the web.

Simply go to penzu.com and Signup

10. Zoho


Zoho is a free website builder that allows you setup your blog for free. Its  drag- and- drop builder makes it easy to build your online presence. Bring your ideas to life in minutes, without using any code.

It gives you all the tools you need to build a following for your work, interact with your community, and keep your audience engaged.

Sites is free to use, so you can try your ideas, without having to spend a penny.

Create a Blog on Zoho: Signup and start creating your own free blog. It is one of the free blog sites.

11. Webnode


free blog sites

Webnode is Ideal for personal web pages, blogs and picture galleries. It is one of the free blog sites that also allow you create yoour blog. Upload pictures, contents etc. And guess what? It being free does not mean they will place adverts on any of the pages of your blog.

It is a go ahead if you want to create your own free blog.

Simply  visit the website, Creae an Account to start your own blog for free with webnode.

12. Sitebuilder


free blog sitesSite builder is another free blog sites you can create your own blog for free. It is very simple to start here . Go to o their website Sitebuilder dot com and signup and you’re good to go start your own blog.

13. Thoughts.com

free blog sites

You can create a free blog on thoughts.com Share your thoughts and connect with like minded people. Thoughts.com lets you create an account with them for free and you get to access to their free Publishing Tools where you can create Posts, Upload Images, Add Videos etc. Simply head in to thoughts.com to create your free account and start blogging your passion

14. Square Space

free blog sites

You can create a beautiful blog with square space. This is on trial, which means after some specific period of time you would need to uprade to keep using the blog.

Just visit squarespace.com and Click Signup to get Started.

15. Siteblog

Siteblog is similar to website builder.com. You simply visit siteblog.com and click on signup. Pick a Template from more than 10,100 made templates to beautify your blog. Your new blog is ready to go live on the web. Its free

16. Jimdo

free blog sites

Create your blog for free in just a few clicks with Jimdo’s website builder. You can edit it at any time and optimize it for search engines without needing to know how to code. Head in to jimdo.com and Click on Signup.

17. Mozello

free blog sites

Mozello is one of the free blog sites. You can create a beautiful blog with mozello easily. With Mozello you can also create your online store faster and easier. Its very easy to create your blog with mozello, Just visit mozello.com, hit Create a Website and you are steps closer to starting your blog.

18. Bazzoa

Free blog sites

Creating a blog for free is easier than ever with bazzoa. No tech skills needed. Just choose a theme, change anything you want, add your images, videos, text, widgets and more to get online instantly. Simply visit bazzoa.com and hit Create New Account and you should be on your way. Its free

19. Emyspot.com

free blog sites

Emyspot helps you create a blog for free. You can build a blog that can be accessed from any device, the computer, tablet, and on mobile devices made simple for everyone. Head in to emyspot.com and Click Make a Website. Fill your correct information and you are done.

20. Yola

free blog sites

Yola helps you start No technical experience required! Make your free website with their easy drag & drop functionality. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Head in to yola.com and click on Start for Free to create your free blog.

21. Joomla

free blog sites

Joomla! CMS is a free, open source software created and maintained by an amazing community. With Joomla, you can create your free blog and get it online in minutes.

Simply head in to Joomla.com Click on Launch your Website button and you are good to go.

While these are awesome list of free blog sites. You can chose from anyone of your choice. But I highly recommend free blog sites such as Blogger and WordPress.com. They happen to be the best among the free blog sites in the world today. So make a choice and start your free blog today.

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