How to Receive your UK and US Adsense Earnings

If you are a blogger from another country other than UK or United States and operating any of the above two country’s Adsense account then this post is for you because on this post am going to be explaining how you can receive your US or UK Adsense earnings.If your Adsense has been verified then the next thing on your mind is how to receive your earnings, and it is through Payoneer Account.

Payoneer Mastercard lets you receive payments globally making it look as if you own a bank in the United States, you can read more about Payoneer Mastercard here and how to apply for one.

If you followed the Article on Payoneer Mastercard or have received yours its time to link it to your UK or US Adsense Account by following the below steps:

How to Receive your UK & US Adsense Earnings

Follow the below Steps carefully to achieve this

Firstly, you would have to login to your Adsense Account and click on Payments >> Add Bank Account and you would be asked to add your Bank Account details in the US Or United Kingdom. Now this is where your Payoneer Account would come in which is highlighted below

Where to Locate your Payoneer Account Details

  1. Login to your Payoneer Account and Click on Global Payments as seen in the screenshot below
    How to receive your US and UK Adsense earnings
  2. From the next window you should see your Payoneer Bank Account Details that can be used to receive earnings from your Adsense Account. Kindly note that this account Details is not only for your Adsense Account but can also be used to receive earnings worldwide as if you are operating a US Bank Account!
  3. Also note that depending on the Country’s Adsense you are using, It is required to submit the right Account Details. Normally Payoneer offers you three Currencies to use i.e. US Dollars, GBP (Pounds) for UK Adsense and Euro for Germany Adsense. So it’s left for you to choose the one that suites your Adsense Account. Note down those details as you would be needing them to Verify your Adsense Payment Account.

Adding it to your Adsense Payment Method

  1. Login to your Adsense Account and Click on Payments >> feel the form correctly as similar to the one below and click Save. 
    Bank account must be located in United Kingdom and in British Pound currency.
  2. Now Adsense would send a deposit to that Account in three days time which you would use to verify your Payment Account, So do well to check your Payoneer Account for any charges!
  3. When you have received the deposit, return to your Adsense Account and select the exact amount deposited to your Payoneer Account and Click on Verify and thats all.

Happy Earning!

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  1. Ok, thanks much, i followed the process very well but after a day i got verification failed. I dont really know whats the problem, help, it a UK adsense

  2. Hello
    I would like to congratulate you on this article.I have a us email and yet to apply for adsense.
    I feared that it would need me to have a usa bank to verify.But I will try with my payoneer account.

    • Hi Dex,

      Thanks for visiting and adding to the conversation, really a US/UK Adsense doesn’t necessarily need us email. You can use any Country’s Email.

      Am glad the post helped you.
      Have a nice day

  3. Good information. I’m happy to have come across this post. I’ll be giving your tips a trial. Thanks.
    Recently my domain name got expired. I had challenges with funding my payment card. By the time the card was ready, Godaddy had deleted the domain from my account. Thi happened a week ago.
    Any idea on what I should do to get the domain back or alternative option I could use to get my blog up again without losing SE ranking?
    I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

  4. Having difficulties adding my payment account cause what i have is Uk AdSense and my payoneer is Us. And when i want to add it they are asking of branch sort code which I can’t find anywhere.

  5. Thank for the guide on how to apply for AdSense. I got a mail yesterday saying the process to verify my account has started and that I will receive a pin at the address I used to process the AdSense approval. Pls how do I go about it as I have no one in US. Thank you.

  6. hi bro, great writeup but i seem to have a little challenge. I have been using payoneer for a while now and its associated with my US Adsense. recently i opened a US domiciliary acct with Gtbank and i want to change the payment method to receive payment to my Dom acct. i have searched for Gtbank routing number but to no avail. please do you have an idea if migrating from payoneer to domiciliary with US Adsense is possible?.


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