101 List of Nigerian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

101 List of Nigerian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Looking for a list of Nigerian blogs that accept guest posts? here you are.

Guest blogging is the best way to promote your articles to the world without any fees. This also helps your blog to gain more quality backlinks as well as high ranking in search engines. This 101 list of Nigerian blogs that accept guest posts would walk you through achieve the below;

Advantages Of Guest Blogging?

  •     Organic & targeted traffic.
  •     Blog exposure.
  •     inbound links and backlinks.
  •     Get Featured for FREE!

On this post am going to be highlighting top Quality 101 list of Nigerian Blogs that accept guest posts based on their niches. Note that these blogs are high-quality blogs. So it’s required you submit articles that are of high quality in order to get accepted.

Below are the sites based on the niche and their submission guidelines

101 List of Nigerian Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Tutorial Blogs/Entrepreneurship/Blogging  that Accept Guest Posts

1. Tipsonblogging |  Guidelines for Submission

2. Zealmat Blog | Submit Post on Zealmat

3. Ogbongeblog | Submission Guidelines

4. LoudTips | Write for LoudTips

5. MobilityArena | Submission Guidelines

6. Kingsweb | Guidelines for Submission

7. Mazinoweb  | Submission Guidelines 

8. Maverickexcel | Write for Maverickexcel

9. Enterpriseboom | Submission Guidelines

10. Oscarleeblog | Guest Post Guidelines

11. Bloggingtipstoday | Write for Bloggingtipstoday

12. MMO.ng | write for mmo.ng

13. Netmediablog | Submission Guidelines

14. Naijaecash | Submission Guidelines

15. Health Fitness Resource | Write for them

16. Codedwebmaster | Submission Guidelines

17. Nairabrains | Submission Guidelines

18. Odafeblog | Submission Guidelines

19. InfoGuideNigeria | Articles Submission Guidelines

20. FigureTech | Submission Guidelines

21. Naijaonlinebiz | Submission Guidelines

22. OkonGeorge | Submission Guidelines

23. GistDeck | Submit Post 

24. MywapTutors | Contact for Guest Post

25. Practical Business Ideas  | Submission Guidelines

26. EntreprenuershipSecrets | Submission Guidelines

27. BuildaperfectBlog | Submit Post

Technology Reviews/Tips blog that Accept Guest Posts

28. WizyTechs | Submission Guidelines

29 Entclass | Submit Post

30. Mytechng | Submit Post

31. Prexblog | Submission Guidelines

32. Lordxdonval | Submission Guidelines

33. Naijatechviral | Submit Post

34. Cybernaira | Submission Guidelines

35. Techloy | Articles Submission Guidelines 

36. Mobilitaria | Guest Post Guidelines

37. Shelaf | Submission Guidelines

38. Naijatechguide | Submission Guidelines

39.  SchoolNaija | Submit Post

40. GoodiesTech | Submit Guest Post

41. SgLeet | Submit Guest Post

42. NairaGuideblog | Submission Guidelines

43. Brownteks | Submit Post

44. eTechgist | Submit Guest Post

45. Nerdy | Contact for Guest Post

46.WiFiCallingiPhone | Make Contribution

47. Proudlyblog | Contact for Guest Post

48. KapeTech | Submission Guidelines

49. GadgetsNG | Submit Guest Post

50. AndroidVillage | Submit Guest Post

51. BrowsingPhones | Contribute

52. Techlector | Write for Techlector

53. Mytechportal | Contribute

54. BestMobs | Contact for Guest Post

55. TechRez | Submission Guidelines

56. MissTechy | Contact for Guest Post

57. TechPoint | Submission Guidelines

58. Techcabal | Submission Guidelines

59. Oscarmini | Contribution Guidelines

Relationship/Inspirational/Motivational Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

60.  RelationshipEgo | Submit Story

61. Marriage.com | Submit Article

62. Harryscope | Submission Guidelines

63. Seasonedlifejournal | Contact for Submission

64. DeoluAkinyemi | Contact for Guest Post

65. CreamNaija | Contact for Guest Post

66. Inspire700 | Submission Guidelines

67. Newesabi | Guest Post Guidelines

68. Christapoet | Submit Post

69. Nuggets4nobles | Guest Submission Guidelines

70. InspiredbyGlory | Submission Guidelines

71. Awazie Ikechi | Guest Post Guidelines

72. Adaeze Writes | Contact for Guest Post

Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

73.  Healthable | Submission Guidelines

74. Healthblogng | Submission Guidelines

75. Doctorsquarters | Contribution Guidelines

76. Health Fitness Resource | Write for them

77. Soundhealth Doctor | Contribution Guidelines

78. HealthGurus | Contact for Guest Post

79. Zealheathclinic | Contact for Guest Post

News/Entertainment Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

80.  Ngtrends | Submit  Story

81. Naij | Submit Story

82. Peoplesgist | Submit Story

83. Ynaija | Submit Story

84. Naijastories | Submission Guidelines

85. Jaguda | Submit Post

86. Beautiful Nigeria | Submit Story 

87. BlogMall Nigeria | Submit Guest Post

88. Bossmeek | Submission Guidelines

89. TodaysNews | Contact for Guest Post

90. Nedusnewsboard | Contact for Guest Post

91. Joelwilliamsblog | Submit Story

92. StarGist | Submit Story

93. StellaNaija | Submit a Story

94. Casisblog | Contact for Guest Post

School/Education blogs that Accept Guest Posts

95.  Edugistz | Submission Guidelines

96. Studentcosmos | Guest Post Guidelines 

97. Naijaschoolnews | Contact for Guest Post

98.  Schoolxpress.org | Contact for Guest Post

Blogs at Random that Accept Guest Posts

99. PronoahTech | Submit Post

100. Withtomi | Contact for Guest Post

101. Fitnigeria | Contact for Guest Post 

Though I may have listed the Complete 101 Nigerian Blogs that accepts guest posts. But believe me, the search has not ended. There are still lots out there but I would have to stop here according to the Post title.

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Kindly make sure you share this post, and drop other blogs you think accept guest posts but were not listed here.


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  2. You have a huge resources here, at one point or the other we just need a new environment. Although, lots of guys have said guest posting for SEO is dead, it looks subjective if you look at critically. Again, it all boils down to the kind of link you are getting from the guest post.

    I doubt anyone would be willing to give out a do-follow link on a guest post.

  3. Thanks for listing DoctorsQuarters.com… You have inspired me and my colleagues to be efficient in our blogging committment.


  4. Nice one bro… Misstechy doesn’t accept guest post from males except females. And as for wizytechs his guest post is not free I just sent him a quality guest post and he is asking me to pay $50 before my post will be publish. I will just try mibilityarena.com and as for Naijatechguide he only accept sponsor post from top company and software developer. Anyway nice article. I will keep trying until one of this top blog accept my guest post.

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