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Blogging is a process whereby, someone changes his or her passion into writing and bringing it to the public to read about his passion and or brand or services.
In recent time, many people on Facebook and WhatsApp have been asking when I shared my blog URL with them for steps to becoming a blogger, I often laugh at them because if they could understand what blogging is all about they won’t be asking for their steps let alone becoming so inquisitive about blogging. Although, becoming a blogger is a kind of passion, a kind of love, something you want to freely and willingly do without being force or expecting payment from anyone whereas it turns to become earnings in the future.
Prince Ator once said that he can not be a blogger if he does not have any alternative to making money.
Linda Ikeji one of the most richest and popular blogger in Nigeria once said that when she started blogging in 2006-2007 she didn’t know if she could ever get paid in blogging, but she was surprise that in that same 2007 others of her fellow bloggers have been earning from blogging yet she is still working for free.

She said thus: “When I started blogging, I never for one day thought that I could make money from blogging.
I didn’t start blogging with a mind that I could one day make real Cash from it.

As a matter of fact it never even crossed my mind. I never said to myself that,  OK let me start blogging now and maybe in five years time, I would earn money.
I never anticipated that it would ever happen at all.

In 2008, 2009, I was placing free ads on my blog, I was the one asking my blog readers to please give me their ads to place in my blog for them free of charge.

But today she is one of the highest paid blogger not only from google adsence but from advertising product and services on her blog. A contract with a single company to place advert on your blog or website is enough to start boasting that you are earning with your blog, but I repeatedly advice that you don’t start blogging with the aim of getting paid instead start with the aim of fulfilling your passion else you will end up being a miserable blogger who do not know his/her left and right in the game. The first thing you ever need to start earning with your blog is just a reliable and constant traffic to your blog.
Take for instance, when I started with my own blog as a newbie who learn most of the blogger features online, I was having on a faithful day 30 pageviews per day until I started growing my blog with offline Search Engine Optimization (SEO) till I started matching 300 pageviews per one day, now tell me how will somebody with this kind of traffic earn well.
Without too many distractions, let’s go to the main reason for this post.
In this post you are going to be learning how to start a blog in details.
Drive with passion into blogging.

Things to consider before Starting a blog

When I started my blog, I didn’t know what blogging is all about, I always jump from one niche to another, at first I started with later on I change to, guess what, I still change to which let me to getting my custom domain as which I use for entertainment. That was how I jump from one niche to another.Why all these happened was because I never understand what blogging is all about though I have a strong passion for it as I will always go online to learn how to code HTML and CSS as well but believe me I always love teaching others what I have learned that is always my ambition, and if I had known when I started blogging, I could have started with tutorial blog but ignorantly started entertainment which is not my passion in the first place but I enjoy posting latest news on it now.

So before you start a blog consider the following things first from my experience in blogging.

  1. Make research about the niche you want to write on. A niche can either be your blog category or class, i.e entertainment, technology, music, books, food, dressing etc.
  2. Choose a perfect niche that will not discourage you along the line. Don’t chose a name that after writing five post you will not be able to write anything about again such as a guy that starting blogging about technology after three post on technology which was copied and pasted he could not write anything on his blog again. Moving from one niche to another affect your google webmaster console if you have already set your search console therefore you should know what you want to write on so you key to your keywords in order to help google understand your site when crawled.
  3. Know that you will spend money on it. Starting a blog do not guarantee that you will start earning immediately. My friend once said he will not continue blogging if he can not start earning, he has been spending money yet have no earning and I told its normal and he started shouting. You will spend money on megabytes, spend money on maintaining a good device for browsing, spend money on both guest posting and even on advertising on Facebook if interested.

Steps to become a blogger

The following are steps to become a successful blogger.
Read and follow the instructions carefully.
Step 1: Creating a gmail account
Google is a universal mailing service that offers comparison services, ideal to work in different areas of technology.
Google stands as gateway to become a blogger in blogger interface and this is the only mail that can offer you free service into blogging in blogger blog platform.
To create a gmail account, logon to gmail website or click here.

Step 2: Logon to blogger website or click here 

Go to your browser and type in to your address bar “” then follow the steps on the below screen shot.

how to start a blog with blogger
Now, in the title column as seen in the screen shot type in your desired title eg “matent” then proceed to address and type in your desired address make sure you chose a unique URL eg don’t worry you can change it to a dot com later that is a custom domain.
Chose a template that best describe your desired niche and how you want it to be outlined in web view then click create to continue.
Now your blog is ready. You can now start discharging your knowledge of passion to the public.
Step three: Start Posting
Make sure your content are unique because you don’t know who your readers are but you just have to work hard in order to provide relevant content to your readers and try as much as possible to avoid copy and paste.
Starting a blog is a personal choice and a passion drive course, when starting a blog avoid distraction and concentrate on how to present relevant information to your readers so you don’t end up in a short run.


I help you to start a blog right? Don’t leave, drop a comment
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Thanks for reading!!!

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Awogor Matthew is an internet marketer and a writer. He’s the Founder of Reviewnetgato.

A blog that focuses more on writing custom review on product and services, Android apps, brands etc.

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