How to develop an android app for free using mobile phone

How To Develop An Android App Without coding For Free Even Using Your Phone

Every serious minded person would like to develop something that could earn him some money or even make a greater…

target a particular country audience on your blog

Step-by-Step Guide to Target a Particular Country Audience on your Blog

Are you looking for how to target a specific or particular country audience for your blog? you can help google…

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How to get free domain for blogger (.tk) and link to Blogger in just 5mins!

Hello there! On this post ¬†I would be sharing with you how to get free domain for blogger i.e. .tk,…

Sevida 2.5 comment box

How to Fix Sevida 2.5 Comment Box

I recently shared a premium blogger theme with my readers but found out that many have been complaining of the…


How to Install a Customized template on your blogger blog

Before we talk about blogger let’s know the meaning of blog: A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is…

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Keyword density

Keyword Density (Detailed Guide to help you understand it Easily)

  Right here in the post you are going to learn what keyword density is and how it works in…

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Drop your blog for review

Drop your Blog for Review (Get Backlinks and Competitors Reports/Recommendations)

I have decided to create a place here on the post where you drop your blog for review. Below are…


How to get a Dofollow backlink from Facebook, Google Plus and Youtube

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you want to increase your visibility in search result? One of the best ways to do so is getting…