How to Get your first Book Published Online

How to get your first book published online

Have you ever had the thought of getting your book published online? Are you a writer and what to get heard online? Having your books online is one great way to get much audience to read your book which is called ebooks. An ebook is the electronic version of your …

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The Only Guide you need to Start Your Own Blog

Sometime last month I promised my readers I’ll be sharing my blogging tips I know as my own little way of giving back. I’ve also been getting several emails and WhatsApp texts from numerous people asking me to provide them with a clue. On how to go about starting their …

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Top 4 Most Battery Draining Apps In Android Smartphones

Android is really a piece of beauty to behold and use, but the users are always being faced with the problem of battery use. However, you could conserve your battery life and save extra battery juice if you limit the things you do with your Android smartphone. But truth be …

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Make Money with Payoneer MasterCard

Did you just receive your Payoneer MasterCard? Do you want to make money with your Payoneer MasterCard? Go no further from this post! Also Read: Payoneer Mastercard for Receiving Payments online Congrats on receiving your Payoneer MasterCard.  I see you have received your MasterCard and you are looking for ways …

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Why you Should not apply for more than 1 Payoneer Mastercard

Have you ever considered Why you Should not apply for more than 1 Payoneer MasterCard? Payoneer Mastercard allows you receive payments online in your country  thereby making it look as if you have a bank in the United States of America. This is just short summary of what a Payoneer Mastercard is …

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