My Profile godaddy map to blogspot

How to Map Godaddy Domain to Blogspot in 3 Mins

Lately I shared a post on How to Get .com Domains for $1.17 Unlimitedly on Godaddy  which helped you save…

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How to get free domain for blogger (.tk) and link to Blogger in just 5mins!

Hello there! On this post  I would be sharing with you how to get free domain for blogger i.e. .tk,…

Sevida 2.5 comment box

How to Fix Sevida 2.5 Comment Box

I recently shared a premium blogger theme with my readers but found out that many have been complaining of the…


How to Install a Customized template on your blogger blog

Before we talk about blogger let’s know the meaning of blog: A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog) is…

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How to get a free Domain for life with every hosting account on whogohost

How to get a free Domain for life with every hosting account on Whogohost

Many articles have been written on this blog ranging from setting up a free blog on blogger to starting a…

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How to create a Livescores site on Blogger

On Tipsonblogging today am going to be teaching you how you can create  Livescores site on blogger You may have been…


How to Know the font a Blog is using and how to apply it to your Blogger Blog

Incase you’ve been surfing the net and come across a blog that you so much love its font but having…

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How to use Google Fonts on a Blogger blog

The design of your blog really matter alot. On this post you are going to learn how to use google…

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