How to Setup Akismet for your WordPress Blog and Say Goodbye to Spam Comments for Life

You have now decided to setup a wordpress blog but having problems moderating spam comments.  You would come online and notice you already have 47+ comments on your wordpress blog, not just comments but spam comments.

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I used to be  in your shoes  when I started my own wordpress blog,  but have long found a way to deal  with these comments and that  is exactly what am going to share with you on this post but before then let me  give you a walk through.

When I  started my blog  on wordpress I hardly recognizee spam comments and I believe you may  be facing this since you just started you wordpress blog. Now it brings us down to what spam comments really are;

Before setting up Akismet, you need to know the following

  • What are Spam Comments
  • How they Hurt your Blog and
  • How do you recognize them?

What are Spam Comments

Many Website owners have come to know the importance  of backlinks and are taking advantage of it  in a very wrong way by using  bot for comments, or hiring freelancers from market places like fiverr, seoclerks, etc.  All for  the purpose of getting backlinks to their websites.

How Spam Comments Hurt your Blog SEO

Spam comments do more than just pollute your blog posts; it can also hurt your site’s ability to rank, even if those comment links are nofollow links.

Spam comments tend to send links  to dangerous sites which could  make your  blog look suspicious or recognized as a site built for  the main purpose of sending links  to these spammy sites.

Google could in turn lower your rankings since it can not trust your blog. As a blog owner you should  not allow  spam comments on your blog  because you may suddenly notice a change of you rankings.

How  do your Recognize Spam Comments?

Spam Comments can come in different ways ways, its your duty to  recognize them when you come across them. Spam Comments could appear via the following ways;

They Appreciate You Alot!

These days spam comments are no longer left using the regular ways such as Nice Post, Great Article  etc. It’s  now  becoming lengthy and tricky.

What they do now, is make  you feel like they’ve read the post and leave a longer comment e.g. “Thanks for  this wonderful Post, I will bookmark it”, “I  was referred to this site and I will make sure I tell my dad about it”, (LOL) “Your site is superb  fast even on 2G Network etc..

Now take note of this;

Everyone love to be appreciated  for his hardwork so  spammers use this medium to leave comments that looks like you’re being appreciated and if you happen not  to recognize this, you approve the comment and give them access to leave more spam comments.

So whenever you notice a comment appreciating you;, try to check the URL  and name of  the commenter, and you’d quickly recognize  if he’s a spammer or not.

They come  with Strange Names and URLs

When you see a product or URL used as display name instead of a general  human name.  Example in the screenshot  below;

Setup Akismet for WordPress

They are guilty of  Misspellings or Grammatical Errors

Most  times  readers  make mistakes when leaving comments and its your  duty to correct these mistakes as it helps keep your brand professional but spammers are fond of leaving comments with many typo errors. This way how you recognize them is actually checking the Display Name and URL in the comment. This way you know quickly they are actually spammers.

I believe by now , you know what a real comment is and what a spam comment is.

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Now without wasting much of your time, in few minutes you are going to learn how to setup Akismet for your WordPress Blog and say goodbye to  spam comments for life.

How to Setup Akismet for WordPress Blog

You want to setup what you don’t know right? hell No! Now you may want to know what Akismet is all about.

What is Akismet According to

Setup Akismet for WordPress blog

Akismet is an advanced hosted anti-spam service aimed at thwarting the underbelly of the web. It efficiently processes and analyzes masses of data from millions of sites and communities in real time. To fight the latest and dirtiest tactics embraced by the world’s most proficient spammers, it learns and evolves every single second of every single day. Because you have better things to do”

Akismet is used by Millions of WordPress Users including Ttipsonblogging and is one of the most popular WordPress plugin out there.

Follow  the below steps carefully to setup  akismet for your wordpress blog.

Install and Activate Akismet

One problem I noticed  most people have is not  Installation and activation of Akismet but how to fully  set it up (configure to be precise), How to  get API key etc.. but it’s as easy as ABC and that is  exactly  what you are going to  learn right now in not less  than 5 minutes approximately.

Do the basic; install the plugin from your wordpress dashboard

  • Click on Plugins >> Add New Plugin
  • Search for Akismet
  • Install and Activate

Now after activating the plugin, you should see a notification asking you  to configure Akismet, click on it.

You will  be required to input an API key; you need to click on the “Get your API key” button as seen below

api key setup akismet for wordpressIn the new window that opens  next; click on Get your API key and enter your details to signup for a account.

Input your Email Address, Username, and Password in the necessary fields  and hit Signup!

After signup, you will be taken to  where you activate the plan that suits you, you can opt-in for the Basic Plan for  personal  blog (Free)  or Plus Plan for commercial sites ($5 per month).

Reduce the amount to 0 (zero) and Enter your name and Last Name then hit Continue.

Akismet would load and bring a prompt up similar to below, you need to click activate.

Now you are through with Setting up Akismet for your wordpress blog. Akismet will now  protect your blog from Spam.

You don’t really need to touch the settings now  because all is  set at default!

I believe now, you have been able to setup akismet for your wordpress blog and can now say goodbye to spam comments.

If you have questions, let me know  in your comments. Also  let me know  if you set it  up successfully and share with friend

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  1. I dropped Akismet when they started charging to use their service. I always thought it was pretty good, and I might pay for it some day. But I have 4 blogs and I’m not up for paying to use it on all of them.

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