How to Apply for UK/US Adsense (Most Comprehensive Guide)

Are you finding it difficult getting approved for your Country Adsense Account? Try US or UK Google Adsense. It’s very simple to get approved.

Today, I share with you how to apply for US and UK Google Adsense account (Most Comprehensive Guide). The same step I use in applying and getting approved.

Follow the below Steps carefully;
The procedures below should be taken in order to get your blogger blog approved for US and UK Google

1.For Blogspot users You must get a Custom Domain Name: At default everyo ne on the blogger platform started
with a domain which of course Google AdSense no longer approves, so
before you apply for a US AdSense, make sure you must have gotten a custom domain e.g,, and lots of other extension,
you can get domain names from and others…


When you get the domain name and have linked it to your blogger blog, you shouldn’t
immediately use it to apply for Google AdSense… wait for at-least 1month
2. You should have a good blog design and have your; About, Contact, Privacy Policy Page.

Checkout Below:

and also make sure no page is left broken, i.e. when you get a third party blogger template,
there are some links to pages that are mistakenly left untouched i.e. the ones you forgot to
edit. So make sure you edit all and leave none untouched!

Now that you are ready to apply, follow the next step below on the application process

1. Visit google adsense application page and click on Signup. Make sure you use an email you have not used to apply before.

2. From the next page, enter your blog or website URL starting with www e.g., Select Language (English).

3. You would be taken to the next step which is where you will fill your details such as the Country, Address, Phone number etc.

4. Select Country (United Kingdom or United States) this depends on the country you want to apply for. I would recommend United States for a Start. Click on the drop down and Select United States  or United Kingdom and enter your address.

Now in the field for address, city, zip code etc. follow the below.

This is where Non-US Residents get confused: which address to use or where to get address to use? No worries, am going to teach you where you can get a UK or US Address to use

Keep Reading;

Where to Get a US or Uk Address

You are going to use the service of shoptomydoor (Not for US Adsense Verification this time) but to get a US or UK Address.

About Shoptomydoor

Shoptomydoor is a website that offers service of shopping from the United States, United Kingdom or China. For Bloggers it is mainly used for verification of  PIN for UK and US Adsense but Nay! that’s not what we need at the moment, what we need is to get a US or UK Address from them (Free).
Shoptomydoor gives you a US or UK Address when you signup with them. Follow the below steps to get a US or UK address from shoptomydoor.
Fill in the necessary details and signup.
Step 2: You will be taken to your dashboard and Holla! you have your personal US Address shown, Click on the drop down to see your Uk Address too as seen in the screenshot below.
Apply for US/Uk Adsense

The last number to the right (77031) is your Zip Code to use. In field for city, you can input Houston as seen above, and space for State Input (Virginia).

In the field for phone number for US, you don’t need to worry just input Nigerian Code e.g. +234 8012345678 and finally click Signup!

You will be taken directly to your Adsense dashboard where you will be given some codes to put in the <head> tag of your blog. That is the code Google would use to review and fully approve your blog.

Below is how to do it;

You are going to parse the code for blogspot users.
Just Copy that code from AdSense, go to and parse the code. If you are new to adding google adsense verification code to blogger or wordpress Open this link in a new tab: How to easily Insert Adsense Verification code on Blogger and WordPress

If you have successfully parsed and pasted the Adsense Code then you are done.

Now go back to AdSense and check “I have pasted the code”.

Finally, Wait for the next message from Google AdSense (takes approximately 24hours). But incase you don’t get reply from Adsense within 24hours, do not lose hope wait and you would get a reply from them.

This is how to Apply for a US/UK Adsense Account.

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    1. Twitter:
      Nothing really but adsense may decide not to reply that mail since it’s already been disapproved or still awaiting Approval.

      That’s why it’s recommended you use a new email that has not been used to apply before.

  1. Prosper Pls after putting the ZIP CODE 77031 Adsense said This ZIP code does not appear to match the rest of this address

      1. I already changed the State to Texas and it was accepted but the verification code they said they have send to my number is what am yet to see till now. Any help?

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